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19 Topics To Talk About With A Girl That Actually Creates Conversation

Starting a conversation with a girl can be tricky and quite nerve wrecking for most men, especially for those with low self esteem and confidence.

And then on top of that, trying to figure out which topics to talk about with a girl can add an additional layer of worry and stress!

topics to talk about with a girl

If you find it hard to strike up a conversation with a girl, then this article is definitely for you.

And it will hopefully help you to get over that hurdle of having a fluid conversation with any girl.

If you struggle to converse with females or any sex which you find attractive, then I’m here to tell you that you will need to go outside of your comfort zone because the art of conversation with the sex of your preference does need practice!

Finding or coming up with topics to talk about with a girl can be tough initially, but once you know what to talk about and how to talk to women, it’ll be much easier to connect with females.

No one wants to freeze mid conversation and run out of things to say, so the list below containing a few interesting topics to talk about with a girl will definitely help you!

How To Start Talking With A Girl From The Get Go

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If you are an introvert, shy, or a quiet guy by nature then finding things to talk about with a girl is naturally very difficult.

You might be a deep thinker, but coagulation or talking is just not your thing.

It’s important to start a conversation on the correct note or right foot .

And it’s equally important to be able to keep the conversing going!

But at the same time, women can sense desperation from men which can come in the form of a forced conversation.

I’ve seen it countless times, where men become border line creepy in their attempt to get women to like them and this is obviously never going to work out well for any dude.

The secret is always to try and be yourself, and spark conversations in an indirect manner.

Indirect conversation can usually take the form of various off the cuff topics ranging from something as simple as complimenting her dress and asking her where she purchased it.

Another great indirect conversation starter would be to comment on something interesting happening in the present moment around both of you.

It could be the beautiful architecture of the buildings, the flowers in the garden and how they make you feel or it could be something as simple as the book you are holding in your hand.

Most interesting conversations start with something personal, which usually makes it much easier to connect with the girl you are conversing with.

If you don’t start connecting the right from the get go, you will quickly lose her attention and hence she won’t be interested in you.

This applies to most conversations whether it’s male or female, but in this case you are trying to get to know her and impress her so their is added pressure to make it work.

Be interesting and be yourself. This usually works!

If you are still a bit confused about starting a conversation with a girl, then check out this video below!

There are actually endless topics to talk about with a girl, and if you use your imagination you could come up with 100s and 100s of topics.

However, the whole point of this article is just to get you started with the basics.

A list of a few topics to talk about with a girl that can save the day for you.

From there on, you can start creating y our own topics.

19 Interesting Topics To Talk About with A Girl

Anyway, now that you know how to get the conversation started, let’s get to some interesting topics of conversation you can have with a with a girl that’ll keep the conversation going that much longer.

Please note that it naturally helps if you are an interesting bloke or have life experiences which you have been through. Because this will only make you naturally more attractive and confident without even trying to be.

Once you have a few topics up your sleeve, add a little charm and some friendliness to the conversation and you will go a long way in connecting with her on a romantic level!

Below are 19 simple topics to talk about with a girl.

We got you covered!

1. Life Experiences

Life experiences are always divided into either good, memorable experiences or more forgettable, negative ones. Either way, they are experiences which impact our lives.

Life experiences can range from so many different things in life.

Work experiences, travel experiences, weird and interesting things you have done in life.

Think about the hard or horrible jobs you have done, crazy holidays you have been on, or even interesting people you have met.

Everyone can relate to some sort of life experience.

2. Travel

People that travel a lot and like exploring new places are attracted to each other. It’s quite simple.

When you are a huge travel fan and meet someone alike, you can literally talk about travelling and everything related to it for hours on end.

Travelling and the experiences you gain from it teaches you valuable life lessons, which is a great conversation topic.

Especially if you both have have had similar experiences and been to the same places as each other.

Its pretty cool if you’ve both been to a tropical island Thailand, isn’t it now?

3. Personal Passions

Sharing your personal passions such as your love for art, music, food etc is a good way to take a conversation to another level and show her another side of you that she might not have known existed.

You might have a few personal passions in common, and then can take the conversation to a deeper, more meaningful level.

4. Nature

People who spend a lot of time around trees, forests and nature usually connect with other people on this level too because the peace it brings to your soul is something you both either experience or don’t.

If you are both lovers of nature, you will have lots to talk about and share experiences for hours.

Just bring up any topics that relate to nature, such as hiking, camping, picnics etc.

Soon you’ll know if it’s a good or topic or if it’s time to move onto something else!

5. Food & Drink

Not a hard one this!

If you are out with a girl at a bar or restaurant, then it’s as simple as asking whether she enjoys her food. Or what type of food she likes etc.

The same can be said about drinks.

It’s also a good idea of looking a bit further down the road and seeing if you and her could be a good fit.

I mean, if you are someone that enjoys quite a fair amount of alcohol and some delicious BBQ steak and she is a vegan who drinks minimal amounts of alcohol, you might be in for a hard time creating a spark.

6. The Craziest Thing She Has Ever Done

Always a great topic to talk about with a girl, as it can then lead to talking about any plans of doing some crazy stuff!

We all have different definitions of what “crazy” is, so you can really spend a lot of time on this topic.

7. Languages & Culture

If you have travelled extensively then you will most likely have a common knowledge on different cultures, religions and how people from different parts of the world operate.

Sharing these life lessons you have learn’t will show her that you are susceptible to change, and not just content with being as you are right now.

It’s also a great topic that requires a bit of intellectual thinking, and not just as simple as talking about the food on your plate!

topics to talk about with a girl

8. Mind Body Connection

Mental and physical well-being is a great point of conversation and debate.

You could discuss various types of exercise routines that you both enjoy. These might range from yoga to mixed martial arts and hiking. Or even mental exercises such as meditation and breathing exercises.

Discussing how these make you feel both physically and mentally are great points of conversation.

You could agree, debate and even learn something from each other.

9. Animals

Do you both like animals?

We can learn a lot from animals. Non judgement and the conditional love for the owners are two traits that spring to mind.

Having a love for animals and how they make you feel will take your conversation into the early hours of morning!

10. Talk About Her

Ask her about her youth, childhood, where she grew up, went to school, college and what fond memories she has from her childhood.

If you find out that she is interested in literature as an example, then go off an a tangent and ask her everything you can think of about literature.

This way you quickly get to know her.

11. Her Future Aspirations & Plans

This doesn’t have to be serious at all.

But it can be as basic as talking about maybe one day having kids, living in the countryside or in the city. Having a few dogs!

Anything really.

12. Talk About Whats She’s Been Up To Lately

The purpose of going on a date is to get to know someone on a personal level.

Asking her what she has been doing lately will show if she is a good match for you or not.

And it also shows that you are interested in her life.

If you are running out of date ideas, make sure to check out this list of the best date ideas for couples!

13. What She Does For Work/Career

Showing interest in her career is a big yes.

Most women love it when you question them on their career, especially because of how women were treated in the past when it came to similar work opportunities as men.

It also obviously shows lots of interest in her to which she will no doubt enjoy.

If you have a highly perceived career or job, be careful not to come off too arrogant about your job! It can be tough, but just read the situation.

14. What Her Favourite Netflix Shows Are

We all watch Netflix these days.

It is pretty much the standard form of consuming any TV shows or films.

On top of that, Netflix has really interesting shows and documentaries on them which you both might enjoy.

I even find myself often discussing Netflix with friends and family. So it is definitely an easy conversation topic.

15. Compliment Her

Sneaking in a friendly compliment into the conversation is a good idea.

There is obviously a fine line that you shouldn’t overstep here.

If there is something you like about her, like her hair or dress then feel free to compliment her on that.

Whatever it is, take the chance to let her know!

16. Ask her About Her family

Engage with her and ask about her family, whether she has any brothers or sisters.

You will quickly find out if she is close to her family or not.

If she is close to and has a good relationship with her family, she will really appreciate showing interest in knowing where her background.

17. Annoyances

We all have a few pet peeves that just grind us too much!

Find out what bugs her? What really annoys her more than anything?

Not only is this a good topic to talk about with a girl, but you can also take note for future dates and make sure you don’t do any of the mentioned things!

18. Hobbies

Hobbies make up a big part of anyone’s life.

Our hobbies are always things which we enjoy and have a passion about, so it’s such an easy conversation topic that keeps the talking going.

Getting someone to talk about their hobbies is a quick way to get them to open up a bit and feel more comfortable.

19. Deeper Topics

Life existence and how we evolved on planet earth or did we just appear here after the big bang theory happened?

Showing her that you think about deeper topics other than what the weather forecast is for the rest of week will most likely spark interest from her and get her engaged!

Who doesn’t find quantum entanglement an interesting topic?

Unless she doesn’t have an interest.

Then you can always get back to weather forecast for the week ahead! (Just kidding)

What You Shouldn’t Be Asking Her?

I think some topics that should be a no no are quite obvious.

But in general, talking about politics & religion on early dates can be a serious turn off for everyone.

Even we still see how these topics cause trouble amongst people we know.

Save these topics for the future when you are in a committed relationship!

What’s The Hard Part Of Talking To Girls Then?

I guess the hard part is just starting the conversation.

Yes its also understandable if you gobsmacked by a beautiful girl and she leaves you speechless!

Other than that, its not higher grade science and it basically boils down to having the confidence and self esteem to making meaningful and stimulating conversation with women.

Give Her Your Attention

You need to remind yourself that you are not the only one in the conversation.

It takes two to tango!

Women love to be asked questions.

Firstly it creates interest in them secondly you can learn a lot about them by just asking and engaging in simple questions about their life.

topics to talk about with a girl

Why Do Some Men Struggle To Talk To Women Then?

Here are a few reason men struggle to talk to women.

1. Lack Of Self Confidence Or Self Esteem

The main cause.

You have either been burnt badly before or you are insecure about something on your part. This could be a physical or emotional insecurity that you never dealt.

The problem is not the girl you are speaking to. The problem is you.

Deal with your issues and get to the bottom of them!

2. Haven’t Got Much To Talk About

You are just one of those guys thats spent the last few years in limbo.

Not going anywhere, stuck at your nine to five job making the same small talk with your work colleagues and working for the weekends then you might just not have anything meaningful to talk about.

Yet again, the problem is you. Once you have identified this, you can make an improved change to yourself.

Being more interesting will get you a lot more attention.

You will also be able to ask a lot more questions because you will be more knowledgeable.

3. Lack Of Awareness

Be aware of who you are talking to and where you are.

You are not with your guy friends, nor are you with your family members.

Quite often guys can start going on a tangent about stuff they really should be keeping to themselves, or for their conversations with their guy friends.

When you are in doubt, make. the conversation more about her. Ask her questions, listen and respond.

Final Words

There quite a few topics to talk about with a girl that we just gave you, so you’ll be no short on conversation ideas.

The main thing to remember is to just be yourself and be working on improving yourself.

If you keep improving yourself, you’ll end up being more interesting with more things to talk about, and very soon making conversation with females will be a walk in the park.