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How To Deal With A Receding Hairline Like A Boss

So, you have noticed that you are developing a receding hairline and wondering how the hell you can continue living a normal life! Right? In this article we will show you how to deal with a receding hairline like a boss!

receding hairline

Well, let’s start off by telling you that you are not alone.

More than 35% of men will experience some sort of male pattern baldness at some point in their life, and a receding hairline is one of the most common cases!

When one notices that your hair is starting to disappear, it can be a very shitty feeling.

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Fear often overtakes you, and you are left wondering how you are going to be able to even be attractive at all without your full head of hair.

But stress no more, because in this article I am going to lay down the law on how you should look at your receding hairline and kick it in the ass!

Receding Hairline

How To Deal With A Receding Hairline

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I remember the first time I noticed my hair was beginning to recede.

It’s a horrible feeling, as you know that once your hair begins to disappear, there’s no turning back.

After trying out every single type of product out there that promises to either help your hairline grow back or make the receding stop, I finally gave up completely and decided to get rid of it all.

I took the long, tough path and ended up exactly where every single balding guy will end up.

No matter how hard you try, if you are losing your hair now, then one day it will all be gone.

This is just a fact.

But it doesn’t need to be a negative.

Actually, it can quite the opposite!

What Is A Receding Hairline?

Most of you already know what a basic receding hairline is.

It’s pretty much where your hairline starts to slowly disappear, exposing more of your scalp or forehead.

Unfortunately once hair starts to recede, there’s no stopping it.

And eventually the receding gets to a point where your baldness is clearly exposed for all to see.

Receding Hairline Stages
Here’s a few examples of the various stages of receding hairlines!

So How Should We Approach Our Hair Loss?

My number one piece of advice which I give to every single balding guy is this: shave it off right away!

It sounds a bit extreme, but ask any guy with a 100% shaved head and he’ll tell you how it’s been the best thing he ever did and how he wished he did it sooner.

Not only will you feel completely liberated, but your quality of life will actually be better than before.

4 Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Head Right Now

Like I said before, if you see that you are slowly going bald, then it’s best to just get rid of it now already.

Below are 4 reasons why I think every balding guy should shave his head!

#1: No One Can Say Shit Anymore

By taking the plunge and razoring your head, your mates literally cannot ever say anything about you going bald anymore.

Why is this?

Because by shaving your head you immediately own the look, get rid of any bald spots, and it takes away any power your mates have!

#2: You Can Reinvent Yourself Quicker

When you take the next step and shave your head, you immediately sport a brand new look.

A new identity almost.

So the sooner you do this, the sooner you can work on your new look and own it.

Within weeks, people would have completely forgotten that you ever had any hair on your head!

#3: The Longer You Wait, The Harder It Might Get

As time goes by and you keep putting off going full on bald, it will become more and more difficult to make the tough decision of shaving your head.

#4: It’s Less Noticeable Early On

If you can see a little bit of baldness coming your way, then chances are most people can’t even see that just yet. We tend to always notice things on our bodies before anyone else.

So by shaving your head early on, people might not even know that you ever were bald. And slowly everyone will just know you as the shaved head guy.

So if you are ready to take the plunge, then check out this guide on how to shave your head!

Howe To Care For A Shaved Head?

Right, so you are already shaving your head but you need to know how to actually take care of it.

It’s pretty simple, really.

We like to make sure we have a few things in our bathroom at all times.

This way our scalps are super healthy, 12 months a year.

First off, you really NEED to have a really good quality moisturizer.

By applying a cream to your scalp & face, you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and soft.

The Bald Boss moisturizer was designed for bald people in particular, and it definitely ensures a healthy looking head!

It’s vegan, leaves no shine and is made the UK.

Next, you need to apply sunscreen if you are heading outside.

Even in winter, a sunburn can and does happen. So make sure you are aware of this.

And lastly, don’t forget to clean your scalp!

Yes you don’t have anymore hair, but it does still get dirty!

But What If I Really Don’t Want To Shave It Off?

If the fear is simply too great for you to take the plunge and shave off your hair, then you could start by adjusting your hairstyle in a way that’ll help.

I tried so many different products, and none of them ever worked.

So I will never recommend any products.

But as for hairstyles, you could try out a few different ones.

Below are a few you could try out!

#1: Receding Hairline Shaved Haircut

For those of you with a noticeable receding hairline, this look might just work for you.

If your hair has a little bit of length, then you can use this hairstyle to your advantage.

The fade cut and wavy locks ensure your receding hairline isn’t as visible.

#2: Spikes


Spikes are a really good way to style your thinning hair.

They ensure that the scalp is far less visible, and you can really get creative with how you want your hair to look.

Just get yourself some good hairstyling product and you can get this hairstyle working for you within minutes!

#3: Scruffy Short Hair

If you are not ready for a shaved head or a buzz cut just yet, then this look could work for you.

The length is kept the same all over, and it works well in hiding your baldness.

And by using some hairstyling product, you can have the hair look a bit scruffy, which works well in hiding the scalp.


In our honest opinion, there’s one thing you definitely should consider when trying to deal with your receding hairline, and that’s shaving it off.

This will save you time, energy and all the emotions that come with stressing about losing your hair.

It’s the best long term option, and you’ll thank us for it once it’s done!


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