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How To Know Whether You Will Actually Look Good With A Shaved Head?

Knowing whether you’ll look good with a shaved head is ALWAYS the big question on everyone’s mind before they pull the trigger and shave their heads.

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Everyone wants to know what they will look like after it’s all gone.

Usually negative thoughts such as “will I look good?” and “what will others think of my new look?” creep into our minds.

That’s the biggest reason why everyone is always very hesitant in making this decision, and usually take their time before they shave it off.

Some people take years before grabbing the clippers and getting rid of their last bit of hair, whilst others think about doing it their whole life, but never end up doing it!

In reality, of course, you are never really going know what you are going to look like!

How could you?

But the mere fact that you are thinking about shaving it off means you have already pictured, or tried to imagine, what you are going to look like with a bald head.

To be honest, and from my personal experience, it’s a total waste of time and energy going through that whole process of wondering or imagining your future self as a bald man.

We have seen this so many times in our Bald Nation Community where guys who have been holding onto their hair for years finally shave it off. They feel completely liberated and free once it’s all done.

But taking the step to actually shaving their balding heads is the biggest hurdle there is.

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How To Know Whether You Will Actually Look Good With A Shaved Head?

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If you currently know that you are balding, and have started thinking about shaving your head, then this article is for you.

We all want to know how we look once we get rid of our hair.

It’s only natural.

Let me take you through the 3 stages in this ever common trend that I like to call The Fear Of Not Knowing My Future Bald Look.

Stage 1: You Are Imagining Your Future Bald Look

If you are at the stage where you are wondering and imagining what your future self will look like as a Bald Brother, then you are at that stage where you are most likely hanging onto your last it of hair.

Everyone that has shaved their heads remembers this stage very well.

You spend countless hours thinking about what you will look it.

It consumes your mind.

It takes up so much time.

What I imagined vs what I actually look like is actually quite similar.

The only difference is that I like the bald look a lot more than I had imagined I would.

Hell, I actually love it!

I can truly say that I like the bald look a lot more than I did like my thinning hair.

I look back at this stage and all I can do is laugh, because in hindsight I realized I worried about nothing at all.

So if you are here, then stress not! Millions of others have been here too.

Stage 2: Time To Pull The Trigger

This stage usually comes after much contemplation.

You have been overthinking the whole decision making process for months or years.

Should I keep it?

Should I shave it right now?

What will everyone think of my new shaved head?

These thoughts keep repeating themselves… these negative, non-constructive thoughts.

They are all made up in your head. These things really don’t exist!


You wake up one morning.

You look in the mirror and tell yourself you’ve had enough.

Its time to pull the trigger and shave it all off.

Stage 3: What Your Actually Bald Head Looks Like

So If you have come to this stage then you most probably have shaved it off by now.

Well done!

I salute you for taking the first step in becoming a Bald Brother.

You probably looking in the mirror thinking, “I like this look, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be”.

This stage is the confirmation phase.

Confirming to yourself that your new bald look is a reality, and that you look pretty good!

3 Things You Will Know Once It’s All All Shaved Off

You will realize a few things after taking the plunge into embracing the baldness.

Below are three things I find are really common amongst newly bald men.

1. You Will Look Better Than Thought You Did

Almost all men I have spoken to after shaving their heads admit to loving their new bald look.

Think about it.

What looks better: a bunch of bald spots and thinning hair, or a shaved, shiny head?

I think we all know the answer!

2. You Will Ask Yourself Why You Didn’t Do It Earlier

Basically all bald men ask themselves this question: “Why didn’t I do it earlier?”

Some men think about shaving their heads their whole lives and never ever pull the trigger. That’s just crazy!

Hindsight is always a perfect science and an easy way to look at things.

So If you are reading this now and have just thought about shaving it all off, then we suggest you proceed earlier rather than later, as you will save yourself a ton of money, emotional energy and time!

3. You Will Never Go Back To Growing Your Hair Again

Well, 90% of us won’t!

Either because we can’t (genes are telling you it’s gone for good) or because the new bald look just suits us better and we have totally fallen in love with this new look.

I personally think it’s the latter.


If you have read this post, you either fall into one of two categories.

You have been holding onto your hair for some time and are thinking about shaving it off, or you have been in this thought process for a very long time and can’t make up your own mind about whether to pull the trigger or not!

As you may be aware, we will always suggest just going for it and shaving it all off.

I was in limbo for a long time, and I know it can be a tough decision to make, but in hindsight it was the best decision I made!

Stay classy and stay bald!


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