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When To Shave Your Head If Going Bald? How About Right Now?

Thinking about when to shave your head if going bald? This article will explore that a little, and I’ll give you some advice based on my own experience!

No guy ever wants to go bald and be forced into shaving his head.

That’s just the plain truth.

But unfortunately nature has a different plan for us balding men, and we are often faced with the decision of choosing between wearing caps and combovers versus shaving it bare and becoming a new man.

So if you already know deep down inside that baldness is slowly catching you, then this article is going to be just what you need!

I was exactly the same as all of you.

I started experiencing small signs of baldness at around 20 or 21 years of age, and as the years went by I kept adjusting and fixing my hair to make sure I still looked good.

And it worked!

Rarely could you tell I was going bald, and no one ever actually noticed.

But the thing is, I knew where I was headed and didn’t want to have to slowly but surely walk around with half of my hair missing.

So I decided fuck it, let’s start shaving!

First I grabbed the number 2 clipper size, then the number 1, then I just got fed up and grabbed the shaving cream and razor.

And guess what?

I feel better now than ever!

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When To Shave Your Head If Going Bald

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Putting off shaving your head if going bald is really the worst decision you can make.

when to shave your head if going bald

It sucks having to worry about hiding your bald spots on a daily basis, knowing that eventually you are going to lose it regardless.

Timeline of Baldness

Most guys experience roughly the same sort of timeline when it comes to going bald.

After high school, you notice you are slowly starting to thin a little in one or two areas.

No big deal. It’s barely noticeable!

A few years go by, and the thinning has led to one or two actual bald patches. You need to start using hair products and make sure your hair is styled correctly in order to hide your baldness.

Still going OK, but you are slowly heading into the bald abyss.

Another year or two goes by, and now it’s pretty much noticeable.

You don’t even dare jump into the pool in front of people, because you will come out with your head looking like a baby bird.

Then, after many years of stress and torture, you decide you grab the clippers and go number 2.

Then number 1.

And then finally: you grab the razor and say enough is enough!

You look at and ask yourself why the hell did you endure those many years of worrying about your damn hair.

I’m sure this sounds familiar, right?

when to shave your head if going bald

So The Main Question: When To Shave Your Head If Going Bald?

There really isn’t a 100% right answer to this question.

It depends.

It depends on you.

The type of person you are.

And how far down the baldness journey you are.

As I said before, once you actually take the plunge into shaving your head properly, you will most definitely regret not doing it sooner.

It’s the best feeling in the world, trust me.

It took me a a good few years to eventually end up as a completely bald, egg head man.

But looking back, I should have just cut my hair super short at the first signs of baldness.

And then razored it off when my bald spots became visible for all to see.

So if you are a fellow balding legend, then here’s my bit of advice:

Just shave it off sooner than later. You might hate your look at first, but you will thank me down the road!

How To Shave Your Head

I actually struggled shaving my head by myself in the beginning.

My girlfriend had to always help me with a few blind spots at the back of my head.

But after about a month or so I finally figured out how to actually give myself a clean, safe shave all by myself.

There are ultimately 10 steps when it comes to shaving your head.

And if you follow these steps, then you will have a healthy head everyday!

Below’s a quick summary of how to shave your head.

  1. Trim your hair if needed
  2. Soften your hair with warm water
  3. Apply shaving gel
  4. Make sure your blades are good to go
  5. Let’s get shaving brothers!
  6. Rinse razor blade often
  7. Feel your scalp for missed spots
  8. Rinse off and dry up
  9. Moisturize & sunscreen
  10. Enjoy being a badass

For a more in depth guide on how to shave your head and look good, check out this guide!

How To Actually Look Good Bald

Looking good bald isn’t actually as difficult as most men think.

For us here at The Bald Brothers, we have found that in order to look good bald you need to focus on a few areas.

when to shave your head if going bald

Firstly, shaving your head the right way and making sure you look after it.

Secondly, use your baldness as a valid reason to start working out and get in crazy good shape. A bald man that’s in shape always looks better, no matter what.

And lastly, adjusting your mindset to suit your new look.


If you are thinking about when you should shave your head, then hopefully this article helped you a little bit.

As I said before, most of us balding men want to try and hold onto our hair for as long as possible, but we know the end result already.

So save yourself the few years of agony and pain, and just become a bald legend right now.

You definitely will not regret it!


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