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7 Best Shaving Cream For Your Head To Look & Feel Super Smooth

Want to know what’s the best shaving cream for your head? In this article we list our personal top 7 shaving creams that every bald guy should be using!

Best Shaving Cream For Your Head!!
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If you are reading this article, I assume you have taken the plunge and shaved your head, and are now looking for a decent shaving cream to add to your artillery.

I salute you for embracing your baldness and taking the step to shave your head.

Well done!

As mentioned in our latest article where we discussed the top 10 moisturizers for bald men, shaving your head comes with a few added responsibilities.

Shaving cream is an item that almost all men literally can’t go without, especially if you have a bald head!

We use both shaving creams or shaving gels to shave our bald heads, face and body (if that’s something you do).

Shaving cream is the sauce that makes shaving an all round better experience and feeling.

It can be the difference between a good shave and a bad shave.

I am going to review a few shaving creams that either I have used or many of our users find extremely popular.

It pays to always invest in good products when it comes to grooming your head.

So let’s get to it then!

In A Hurry?

Here are our favorite picks for you to check out!

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Nivea Men Deep Clean Shaving Gel
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  • Efficient
  • Long lasting
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Best Shaving Cream For Your Head: Our Top 7 Picks

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As you already know, most shaving creams usually come in two different ways: shaving foam and shaving gel.

Each has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages, and most guys have their own personal preferences.

You could also add latherless shaving cream and traditional shaving cream, but most of us here at The Bald Brothers use either shaving foam or shaving gel.

Shaving Foam:

Foam has been around for over a decade and is almost always sold in a canned format. This gives the user a perfect, aerated lather that will help to get your skin in peak condition for shaving.

Accessible and easy to find in most supermarkets, shops and and online, shaving foam has been the go-to shaving cream for a lot of men.

Shaving Gel:

Shaving gel will, in most cases, contain some sort of alcohol. This will dictate if it’s good for your skin or not.

Alcohol is broken up into 2 categories, simple and fatty.

In almost all cases you want to avoid alcohol with simple alcohol in it, as this will cause mild irritation to your skin should any cuts occur while shaving. It will also dry out your skin on your head, face or body.

Shaving with a gel gives you little bit more control over the final outcome of your head shave.

Personally I prefer the feel of a shaving gel over that of a shaving foam.

Best Shaving Cream For Your Head

Below we have reviewed a few shaving cream brands that we often use.

Now we know that there are tons of various shaving creams out there, so it’s impossible to actually review everything.

These are the creams we use and enjoy, so if you have any you’d like to add, then ket us know in the comments below!

Nivea Shaving Creams

Quick Overview:

Nivea has awesome men’s products and their shaving foams and gels are definitely ranked up there in the top tiers of shaving creams.

Having used Nivea men’s shaving foams and gels for a long period of time, I can confirm that I very seldom (if ever) have a bad shaving experience using their foams or gels.

Nivea men’s shaving foam and gel is a perfect shaving cream for men with sensitive skin.

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam


  • Shaving foam contains 0% alcohol, so it is not harsh on your skin and allows you to shave comfortably without burning
  • Protects skin from shaving irritations
  • Affordable shaving cream
  • Most users say that their skin feels more comfortable and smooth after using this foam


  • It’s large which makes travel compatibility an issue

Check on Amazon!

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel


  • Protects sensitive skin from shave irritation
  • The chamomile found within the gel is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient
  • Contains 0% alcohol, making it non harsh on your skin and allows you to shave comfortably without a burning sensation
  • Works with almost all razor types
  • Very affordable


  • It’s large so cannot travel easily
  • Doesn’t include a fragrance

Check on Amazon!

Nivea Men Deep Clean Shaving Gel With Natural Charcoal


  • The formula includes natural charcoal which removes dirt and excess oil for an exceptionally clean shave
  • Contains modern vanilla and bourbon scent
  • This shaving gel contains skin guard technology which softens beard before shaving
  • Shaving gel also helps protect the skin while shaving
  • Very affordable


  • Same as the shaving foam and gel above, it is non-compatible for travel use.

Check on Amazon!

Barbasol Soothing Aloe Thick And Rich Shaving Cream

Quick Overview:

Barbasol was founded in 1919. That’s over 100 years that they have been in the shaving cream business, and have clearly stood the test of time.


  • Thick and rich shaving cream which has been voted the best Barbasol shaving cream
  • Soothing aloe fragrance
  • America’s premium shave cream
  • Very affordable in terms of price vs quantity


  • Doesn’t travel well as it’s very big

Check on Amazon!

Gillette Shaving Creams

Quick Overview:

Founded in 1901 as a safety razor manufacturer, Gillette has come a long way and they produce really good quality shaving foams and gels.

I personally have used Gillette foams and gels for years on both my head and face.

Now their razors are definitely over priced in my opinion, and they definitely take advantage of being the biggest player in the shaving industry.

But I do still like their shaving gels a lot, so I had to add them to the list!

If you have been around for almost 120 years and people are holding you in high regard then you must be doing something right.

Gillette TGS Series Shave Gel


  • Awesome after-scent to refresh your skin
  • Protects against all kinds of shaving irritation
  • Delivers protection and comfort
  • Affordable and at a good price point for all users


  • Many users complained that their cans ran of gas and that the cans can become defective
  • Large sized making it non-compatible for travel

Check on Amazon!

Gillette 3 Foamy Regular Shave Foam Men Travel Size

Quick Overview:

I always carry one of these wherever I go.

They are just really convenient for travel, and it gets the job done!

Whilst I won’t use this foam when at home, it’s become my popular travel companion!


  • Travel compatible and can easily be packed into hand luggage
  • Great fragrance and texture
  • Great for both men and women


  • Regular complaints of broken canisters
  • Expensive compared to other shaving creams
  • Not ideal for every day at home use as cans are very small and runs out quickly
  • Quality not of the highest standard

Check on Amazon!

Harry’s Shave Gel – Shaving Gel with an Aloe Enriched Formula

Quick Overview:

Harry’s is an USA based company that was only founded in 2012, but is already worth over $1 Billion.

Harry’s sells various shaving equipment and mens personal care products, but they are very well known for the subscription based model where customers receive shaving related products by mail.

Their shaving gels are simply formulated and lathers rich foam that allows your razor to effortlessly glide over your skin.


  • Formulated with refreshing, natural ingredients which includes aloe and cucumber that hydrates your skin
  • They have a 100% refund policy if you are not satisfied with the their products
  • Great packaging when you receive the products


  • Smell and scent is not everyone cup of tea
  • Non-compatible for travel purposes

Check on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Shaving cream, whether it’s a foam or a gel, really is the difference between an average shave and an awesome one.

It’s one product a bald man simply cannot go without!

All of the creams and gels we have mentioned above really have stood the test of time, so we recommend trying a few different foams and/or gels and see which brand tickles your tastebuds best!

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam is currently my go to because I really like the fact that they have 0% alcohol in their shaving foams and gels which prevents my skin from drying out.

It also gives my skin a smooth after-shave look and feel!

It’s always good to be reminded that you need to look after your shaved head, and choosing the right shaving cream fit for your head will go that extra distance in making your shaving experience that much better!

Take care!


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