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Shavent Review: Plastic-Free Razor in Europe Now Available!

Today I am doing a review of a new razor company that has entered the market in Europe, Shavent.

The world seems to be going more and more towards a green direction, and with this more sustainable companies are popping up along the way.

One industry that definitely needs a bit of green love is the razor industry.

Pretty much all of the successful razors out there are made of plastic, and each one of us tends to go through quite a lot on a monthly basis!

So whenever I see a company that comes along and tries to eliminate a bit of plastic waste, I am naturally happy.

Shavent are new on the block, so we decided to give their razor a review!

Who is Shavent?

Shavent is a new company straight out of Germany.

As they are really new, there isn’t that much knowledge about them just yet.

Their overall aim is to try and get people to reduce their plastic waste, and move over to a more sustainable way of consuming products. In this case – razors!

The Shavent razor is basically a combination of the classic cartridge razor and an old school safety razor.

It contains 3 blades which can be replaced easily, and has a pivoting head which is awesome.

So let’s get started with this Shavent review, and at the end I’ll let you know how it all went!

Are We Being Paid To Write This Review?

No. We are not being paid to write this review.

We reached out to Shavent and asked them to send us over some of their best stuff.

Romy (the owner) was very kind to send over the All-In-Set, and in return we will give you an honest review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

Shavent Review & Unboxing the Products

I was super impressed with the overall packaging of the products.

Shavent Review

We love seeing a bit of thought go into packaging, so I was happy when I opened up the box!

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside my box I received one Shavent razor, a box containing 100 blades, a razor stand and a metal case to throw my used razor blades into.

Shavent Review

Nothing arrives in plastic, so the theme of “plastic-free” is definitely maintained throughout the experience.

The razor is heavy duty, and definitely has the feel of quality.

Whilst the razor does come loaded with 3 blades ready for shave, the All-In-Set comes along with an extra 100 blades, and a tin to dispose your used blades.

Shavent Review

You are also given a super handy pamphlet which explains how to work the razor!

As I said before, I was really impressed with the packaging itself.

Initial Reaction & Comparisons With Other Big Razor Brands?

Now the biggest difference that these plastic-free blades have is the fact that they are quite heavy.

And as we are all about looking after our bald heads over here at The Bald Brothers, I am only going to be testing this razor on my head.

So it is quite daunting trying out a new heavy razor on your head.

On top of having to adjust to the heavier razor, you also need to get used to the blades and positioning of them.

It’s not as easy as a normal, Gillette cartridge razor for example.

But after sometime, you do start to get used to it.

Shavent Review & Shaving My Head?

I tried the Shavent razor a bunch of different times before starting to write this review.

I’ll be honest, the first 4 or 5 times were not that easy.

It’s completely different to what I am used to, so I had to learn how to use it.

Yes it’s not ideal to try and test out a heavy duty razor on your head, but for the sake of the environment I really wanted it to work!

The Shavent razor arrives locked and loaded, so there’s no need to insert any blades.

It also does have a head which pivots, so that’s a good thing.

As I said, it did take me a few times to get used to the idea.

Once I had a certain level of confidence, I started shaving more normally.

So how was the shave?

Not too bad!

I did struggle getting in and around the more precise areas such as behind the ears.

And it took me a few tries to figure out what angle the razor works at best.

But like I said before, head shaving is a bit more difficult than any other parts of the body.

The thing with these new, plastic-free razors is that they do need a certain level of compromise from the customer.

If you are sick and tired of using disposable plastic everyday and want a more sustainable product, then you got to learn to work with the razor.

Overall Thoughts On The Shavent Products

Like with most products, there were things that I liked and a few things which I didn’t!

What I Liked

+ The pivot is important to be able to glide over the surface of the skin. Safety razors don’t have this, so this is a huge plus.

+ Quality materials only. The razor feels like good quality, and it will be long lasting. German engineering is always quality!

+ The shave was reasonably close, so job done.

+ Zero plastic, which is a huge plus.

What I disliked

Difficult to get into the close areas.

I cut myself a few times.

Big learning curve, which might be daunting for many.

Initially quite an expensive upfront investment.

Final Verdict

As Shavent is really new, I do expect them to slowly get better and make a few tweaks over time until their product is perfect.

Like I said before, with a new type of sustainable razor like this one, you’ll have to meet it in the middle and make it work for you.

It may seem like quite a lot of money to pay up front for a razor, but you do actually save in the long term.

Right now they ship everywhere across Europe, UK and will likely expand over time.

Head to their website and check out their products!

Hope you have a great shave!