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The Best Electric Head Shaver For Men? Meet The Bald Express™ Head Shaver

Are you tired of spending too much time and effort on traditional head shaving methods that often leave you with nicks, cuts, and irritation?

Say goodbye to the hassles of wet razors and hello to a revolutionary solution designed specifically for bald men – The Bald Express™ head shaver.

In this blog post, we’ll look into the incredible benefits of this innovative grooming tool, making it our go-to choice for a quick and pain-free head shaving experience.

Trying to find the best electric head shaver out there can be tedious.

The options are endless, with every brand promising the world!

Before we take a look at the best head shaver, let’s first talk about what to look for in an electric shaver for your head!

Choosing The Right Electric Head Shaver

Before selecting the best electric shaver for your head, we need to take a look at a few important boxes which it needs to tick in order to be considered the best head shaver!

Close Shave

Now it’s practically impossible for any electric shavers to get as close as a wet shaver using a razor blade. However, some electric head shavers do get pretty damn close.

When using an electric head shaver, most people like to use it on a daily basis. This way their head remains closely shaved at all times, and with very little time and effort.

Head shaver electric Before & After

Battery Life

Many shavers seem to promise a certain amount of battery life, then after a month or two, they start dying after every few shaves.

Ideally you want an electric shaver that can give you a minimum of 60 minutes running time, AND one that charges quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Cleaning

Quite a lot of electric head shavers require you to open each blade individually in order to clean them.

This gives us two big problems.

Firstly, it’s tedious and time consuming.

And secondly, it increases your chance of breaking the blades!

Bald Express Blades vs Others

We want a blade head that detaches and reattaches with ease and speed, making cleaning a lot easier and faster.

Rotary Blade Rotation

Every person’s head is shaped differently. If there is not enough flexibility and movement in the blade heads, then you will end up missing a few spots when shaving.

So it is important to choose a shaver where the blades each pivot to the contour of your head.

Shave Time

Being able to shave your head quickly and efficiently is very important.

Now if you have never used an electric head shaver before, then it will take you a few times to become a pro. However, after a while you can easily shave your head in less than 2 minutes!

Waterproof Capabilities

Some shaver brands say you can use their shaver under running water in the shower, however we aren’t sure just how accurate these claims are!

Easy Cleaning Head Shaver

But it is vital that a head shaver have waterproof capabilities. This is because when washing, you rinse the blades under water. Also, using a product in the bathroom, it helps being waterproof to a certain degree!

Multi Uses

We don’t know about you, but being able to use your electric head shaver for other parts of your body really is a time and money saver!

Having a shaver that comes with attachments for your beard, body, balls etc is not only helpful, but also a money saver.

Head shaver Bald Express Set

After testing multiple different head shavers, we are proud to introduce you to The Bald Express™ head shaving kit!

We believe this shaver set ticks every one of the above mentioned boxes.

And on top of that, it looks cool and comes with a FREE travel case!

Below are 6 reasons The Bald Express™ head shaver is the best out there.

1. Express Head Shaving: Under 3 Minutes, Every Time

Time is precious, and The Bald Express understands that. Imagine achieving a clean, solid shave in under 3 minutes – that’s the promise of efficiency that this head shaver brings to the table.

Whether you’re rushing to get ready for work or want a quick touch-up before heading out for a night on the town, The Bald Express ensures you spend less time grooming and more time enjoying life.

2. Precision without the Pain: No More Cuts, Bumps, Irritation or Razor Burns

Bid farewell to the days of painful nicks and annoying razor burns.

The Bald Express head shaver employs advanced technology to provide a close, precise shave without the risk of cuts on your sensitive bald head.

The specialized design caters specifically to the unique contours of a bald scalp, ensuring a seamless glide without the worry of irritation. Experience the confidence of a flawlessly smooth head without the discomfort.

A comfortable shave is guaranteed, every time.

3. Your Travel Companion: Shave on the Go

The Bald Express is not just a grooming tool, it’s a lifestyle companion. Its compact design makes it travel-friendly, allowing you to maintain your polished look wherever life takes you.

Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or simply need a quick touch-up at the gym, The Bald Express is your go to travel companion.

Its portability ensures you never have to compromise on your grooming routine, no matter where you are.

Each set also comes with a convenient travel case!

4. Versatile: Use Anywhere, Anytime

The Bald Express head shaver isn’t bound by cords or specific locations. Experience the freedom to groom your head anywhere, anytime.

With its cordless design and easy-to-use functionality, you can achieve a professional-grade shave in the comfort of your home or while on the go.

Bald Express Head Shaver

The flexibility this shaver provides ensures that you are always in control of your grooming routine.

5. Easy Maintenance: Keep Your Shaver in Prime Condition

Maintaining The Bald Express is as effortless as using it. The shaver is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring optimal performance with every use.

The detachable components make cleaning a breeze, and the durable construction guarantees long-lasting reliability.

Most electric head shaver blades require you to open each blade individually in order to clean the blades. This is tedious and can cause breakage.

The Bald Express blades detach as one using simple magnets!

Investing in a grooming tool that not only transforms your shaving experience but also last much longer than your standard wet, over the counter razor.

6. Save Money On Blades In The Long Term:

The Bald Express blades gives you approximately 50-60 head shaves while the standard disposable wet razors give you on average 2-3 head shaves per razor blade.

This means you’d have to use 30 wet shaving blades for every Bald Express blade.

You do the math – it’s way more economical to shave your head using electric razor.

Bald Mens Head Shaver
The Bald Express Electric Head Shavers for Bald Men - The Bald Brothers - 5 in 1 Mens Cordless Grooming Kit | Magnetic Blade Easy Clean | USB Charge | Travel Case | Skull Shaver for Men

Bald Mens Electric head shaver that gives you a head shaver in under 3 minutes.


  • No nicks, cuts or bruises
  • Shave head in under 3 minutes
  • Re-use blade for up to 50 head shaves
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06/09/2024 03:11 pm GMT

Conclusion: Elevate Your Grooming Experience with The Bald Express Head Shaver

In summary, The Bald Express head shaver is more than just a grooming tool – it’s a game-changer for bald men seeking speed, precision, and convenience.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional shaving methods and embrace the future of head grooming with The Bald Express.

Experience the joy of a smooth, nick-free head shave in under 3 minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Make the switch to The Bald Express today and redefine your grooming routine – because your confidence deserves nothing less than the best.