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Bald Boss Moisturiser Review – Honest Review by Bald & Happy

Today’s guest post is made by Matt from Bald & Happy!

As someone who has shaved his head for almost 20 years, I’ve tried a ton of different lotions, creams, oils, and moisturizers to keep my bald head looking and feeling its best.

I’m someone who prides himself on keeping my scalp looking healthy and feeling great. After all, my scalp is very noticeable, so I don’t want dry patches or blotchy, uneven skin.

So when I got my hands on Bald Boss, I was excited to see how it matched up against the rest.

Bald Boss Moisturiser Review

What I Look For

There are certain things I look for in a bald head moisturizer:

  • Fast absorbing – I need instant relief after shaving
  • Non-sticky – I don’t want a greasy pillow, thanks
  • Organic ingredients – I’m not a fan of using synthetic chemicals on my scalp
  • Great-smelling – who doesn’t like to smell good?
The Bald Boss Moisturizer

It’s fair to say Bald Boss nails all four of these, especially the last point. More on this below:


The first thing I noticed, and my favorite thing about the moisturizer, was the smell.

I’m not a guy who wears much cologne, so I like when my products have a notable scent.

I’ve become a little obsessed with the citrusy fragrance of Bald Boss, so much so that I found myself smelling my hands after I moisturized my head!

I asked my wife what she thought, as she’s going to get the benefit of my sweet-smelling scalp more than anyone else. She took the sniff test, and reacted with an approving “Ooooh” that told me she was a fan.

Fast Absorbing

This is the most important factor for me.

I use moisturizer after shaving when my razor has stripped my head of the natural moisture in the scalp.

I leave the bathroom and immediately reach for a moisturizer that I know is going to relieve that horrible feeling of dehydration.

The best moisturizers feel like my head is sucking them in right away, hydrating and nourishing my scalp.

That’s what I got with Bald Boss, which feels amazing when I’m in that post-shave state of extreme dryness.


Similarly, I’ve had major beef in the past with moisturizers that leave a residue behind after soaking into a dry scalp.

I’ve used some products that I can still feel sitting there hours later. They feel like they’re just forming a lubricating layer on top of my head, rather than soaking into my scalp and working their magic.

With Bald Boss, there was no sticky residue afterward, just a happy, great-smelling bald head that felt smooth and hydrated.

Even before application, I could feel the quality of the product between my fingers.

It’s not too thick, unlike some other products I’ve tried where you can tell you’ll need to wash your hands after moisturizing.

Natural Ingredients

I was delighted to find out that there was no fragrance added to Bald Boss, and that the great smell was created using natural ingredients like apricot seed oil.

One of the ways I keep my bald head looking its best is by avoiding harsh chemicals. I use a shampoo that’s paraben and sulfate-free, so I’d rather not splash on a moisturizer that’s full of unnecessary and unnatural ingredients.

The fact that Bald Boss is 100% vegan is a plus, too. I’m vegetarian myself, so knowing that the product is good for the planet as well as good for my scalp is another reason that I love it.

Even the fact that Bald Boss comes in a glass jar, helping to reduce plastic use, makes me love it more.

The Verdict

Bald Boss is an all-round great product and one of the best moisturizers I’ve tried.

Personally, I don’t suffer from sensitive skin, but I need a product that’s going to give me relief after wet-shaving my head. Knowing that it’s kind to sensitive scalps means I know it will take care of mine, too.

The only way I can think to improve it would be the addition of SPF protection, but even though I have a different lotion for sunny days, Bald Boss has become my go-to for regular use.

What sets Bald Boss apart from the other moisturizers I’ve used can be summed up in one word – quality. If you’re looking for a cheap moisturizer, it’s probably not for you, but everything from the texture to that amazing smell just screams high-end, to me.

In what is becoming a crowded market of bald head care, Bald Boss distinguishes itself with an exquisite combination of natural ingredients and quality, providing a bald head moisturizer that, in my book, is worth every penny.