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Best Youtube Channel To Overcome Balding: Bald And Strong

If you are looking for some video content on balding and how to overcome balding, then this post is for you.

We have recently come across the YouTube channel called Bald and Strong, and quite frankly we wish we had come across it sooner!

The Bald and Strong YouTube channel covers all topics relating to the emotional side of balding, and it also covers grooming, head shaving and how to take care of your scalp and head.

Mike Harris, the owner of Bald and Strong, keeps his videos short, sharp and to the point.

I only very recently came across his videos and I ended up watching about 6 of his videos.

Thats how informative I found them!

overcome balding

Overcome Balding: Why You Should Watch These Videos

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With so much emotional turmoil and stress attached to hair loss and balding, many men have been suffering for years.

If I look at my own balding journey, then I realize how difficult it is for men to take the plunge and shave their heads.

Holding onto what remaining strands of hair you have on your head (and suffering emotionally because of it) is what I did for almost 8 years.

The day I decided to shave my head was such a relief.

YouTube channels like Bald and Strong are changing the game for men suffering because of hair loss.

Mike, the owner of Bald and Strong is definitely a positive player in the hair loss and balding space.

His videos are not only informative when it comes to tips and tricks on how to shave your head, what grooming products you should use and the best razors/clippers around, but he also talks about the emotional side of side hair loss and balding and how to overcome it!

overcome balding

6 Reasons Why You Should Follow Bald and Strong

Video content is the best way to gain information in fast manner.

In this day and age, some people prefer to consume content through video rather than read it.

So below are a few reasons to follow Mike!

1. Bald Is Strong

This is in the headline itself and great reason to follow the Bald and Strong YouTube channel.

2. Helps Men Realize How Awesome It Is To Be Bald

This is best part of the Bald and Strong YouTube that really resonates with me.

It shows that you being bald is awesome.

Everything in Mike’s videos promotes baldness, and its not fake at all!

He lives it.

He breathes it.

Mike, like The Bald Brothers ourselvesm went through the balding process and came out the other side for the better.

Bald is strong, and strong is awesome!

3. Tips On Head Shaving And Grooming

Being bald does require a bit of maintenance.

We have to make sure we shave our heads correctly, and apply good products to our scalp!

4. Assists Men In Dealing With The Emotional Side Of Hair Loss

Going through the balding process takes its toll on most mens’ emotional state.

Mike discusses how you can deal with these issues and what avenues to take to come out the other end better and happier.

5. Videos Are Short, Sharp And To The Point

There is nothing worse than searching for a video that you would like to get some information on and then the video drags on and on and goes in circles.

Bald and Strong videos are to the point.

They are short and very informative saving you time and making sure you find what you are looking for!

6. Encourages Men To Shave Their Heads And Live Their Best Lives

Most men who suffer hair loss and balding tend to hang onto what they got for far too long!

Bald and Strong emphasizes this in most of his videos. ]He encourages men to take the leap of faith and shave their heads.

Mike knows all too well that shaving your head will lead to you overcoming your hair loss and balding situation that much quicker.

And we at The Bald Brothers second that!

My Favourite Bald And Strong YouTube Videos

Below are a few videos for you to watch!

1. Mike’s Review Of The Bald Boss

Mike recently did a review video of our flagship product, The Bald Boss!

Give it a watch, and see how good it is for yourself.

2. Being Bald Is Awesome

The headline gives it away.

Bald is awesome!

In the video below Mike explains why bald is awesome and why every man struggling with hair loss should take the plunge and shave it off!

3. What Do Other Think About Mike’s Bald Head?

One thing is certain.

Before and after you take the plunge, you are going be worried and curious to know what others will think of your newly shaved bald head, especially from family and friends.

Will they compliment you or will they look at you weirdly?

In this video, Mike reads out various comments on this topic from his videos

4. How To Shave Your Head Like A PRO

Shaving your head with a pair of clippers or razor blade from home will save you loads of time and money.

But the big issue how to do it properly so that you don’t incur any cuts or razor bumps.

Like everything in life, there is a learning curve to shaving your head with a razor blade.

In this video on Bald and Strong’s YouTube channel, Mike lays down the law on how to shave your head like a pro.

Very informative for any new baldie who is looking to shave their head, or even if you just haven’t got the routine down yet.

Final Thoughts

The Bald and Strong YouTube is well worth your time if you are suffering from the emotional turmoil of hair loss and are looking for some video content.

You won’t be disappointed and will come out the other side more informed!