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30 Day Push Up Challenge: 3000 Push Ups In One Month

Push Up Challenge

Push ups are one of those exercises that us men need to be doing almost every single day.

Most of us used to do them often at school, but as adults so many men completely forget about them.

The 30 Day Push Up Challenge

The past year or so I have started doing push ups everyday.

At the moment I currently do about 350 a day, together with whatever workout I plan for that specific day. And to be honest, I feel really good and strong!

So if you feel that you need to up your push up game a bit, or if you are already pretty good at them and would like a challenge, then download this free 30 day push up challenge where you’ll complete 3000 push ups in a month!

Proper Push Up Form

Take a quick look at the video below to make sure you are doing your push ups correctly.

Change Up The Push Up Challenge To Suit You

If you are completely new to push ups, then feel free to swap out traditional push ups for easier options.

Easier options include inclined push ups (hands on step or raised surface), knee push ups or wall push ups (against a sturdy surface).

Then as you increase your strength and form, you can start moving more toward traditional push up form.

The important part being that you complete your daily reps.

Start The Challenge!

Join your fellow bald brothers and start your challenge today!

After 30 days you will complete 3000 push ups, which is pretty impressive!

Feel free to print out the challenge if it’s easier for you.

Simply fill in the form above and download your challenge.

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