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Try This Bodyweight Workout Routine To Get Fit And In Shape

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I have been doing this bodyweight workout routine a few times a week now, and I really enjoy it!

bodyweight workout routine

I love coming up with my very own workouts which I can quickly smash out at home or in the park.

It beats having to go into any gym, and I always make sure they work me hard!

This morning I just completed another great bodyweight workout routine which I love doing, and doesn’t require much time.

Just some effort, discipline, and a jump rope!

Quick Bodyweight Workout Routine

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I personally hate going to a gym.

It’s just a hassle. You got to get dressed appropriately, get your ass over there, then try and workout amongst a bunch of people.

Ever since I was forced to start only doing bodyweight workouts when travelling, I have stuck to them and rather started coming up with really efficient bodyweight workout routines.

The issue a lot of people have when it comes to doing a quick, equipment-free workout at home is that they have no clue where to start, or even how to put together a few exercises.

Most of us know how to do push ups, body squats, and a few crunches.

But how the hell can we put them all together to create a workout whereafter we actually feel like we did some exercise?

It took me quite some time too, I won’t lie.

But now I feel pretty confident in always creating a quick, dynamic workout that I can do in under 30 minutes at home, and feel really worked after!

The Workout

Below is a quick run down of this quick bodyweight workout I did this morning.

I really enjoyed it and will try do it every couple of days.

Quick Bodyweight Workout Routine

Basically it’s 10 sets of exercise, split into two.

  • The first 5 sets require 3 minutes of jumping rope, followed by 30 push ups. Take a 30 second breather and repeat until you have completed 5 sets.
  • The next 5 sets is simply 10 burpees followed by 20 narrow push ups. Take a 30 second breather in between each set (or if needed, take a little more) and repeat until you have completed 5 sets.
  • Done!

For those of you who don’t know what narrow push ups are, you just basically bring your hands in a little more inward, so they aren’t as wide as with regular push ups.

If you feel the workout is a bit too much, then feel free to do less sets etc. You can adjust it as you please!


There you have it, a quick workout to do at home that actually works.

We really have no excuses as men to not be trying to get and stay fit.

I have the time. You have the time. So make sure you start doing a few workouts every single week!