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Reasons Every Man Should Be Getting Strong & Fit

As we become adult men and start getting busy, many guys often begin to neglect health and fitness. In this article I am going to lay down the top reasons every man should be getting strong and fit, ASAP!

Reasons Every Man Should Be Getting Strong & Fit

When we were all young and innocent, it was pretty easy to stay fit and healthy.

School time was usually filled with loads of sports, running around and staying as active as humanly possible.

I actually can’t think of a day where I wasn’t moving my body at all.

It was just a normal way of life.

But when you enter the life of an independent man, things do start to change a bit.

We assume responsibilities.

We start to work, focus on our careers, and slowly start putting health & fitness lower down our list of priorities.

I see this amongst so many men, even every now and then with myself.

But it really isn’t a good thing.

You don’t want to be that 30 something guy who can’t even do 10 push ups, run a mile, or race up a few flights of stairs.

That’s why it’s important to either stay fit and strong, or make the decision right now that you want to make some sort of positive change!

Reasons Every Man Should Be Getting Strong & Fit

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So if you are currently feeling that you are stuck in a rut, then don’t worry.

It’s never to late for any guy to make a change and to start getting fit and strong!

In this article, I am going to give you just a few simple reasons every man should be getting strong and fit.

Hopefully these will motivate you to make a change, and start that fitness routine.

Remember, you have to start somewhere.

Below are 10 reasons every man should be getting strong and fit right now!

Everyday Life Becomes Easier

When we go about doing whatever it is we do on a daily basis, we use our body in multiple ways.

Lifting things, pushing things, carrying heavy loads, running up and down stairs. The list goes on.

These are things which pretty much every single guy deals with on a daily basis.

When you become fitter and stronger, then these everyday things become even easier.

I know quite a lot of guys who struggle just walking up 5 flights of stairs, or who are dead tired after carrying their groceries a mile.

It’s funny how once you start getting more fit and strong, you end up walking and moving even more, which just adds to your fitness levels.

You Feel Good

Pretty obvious, but so damn true.

When you are able to move your body better, lift things with ease, and aren’t half ashamed of what you see in the mirror, you do tend to feel pretty good.

Plus we know that when we exercise on a regular basis, our body release endorphins which make us feel better.

Physical Health Benefits

Being fitter and stronger will mean that you are physically healthier, and will allow you to live a healthier life in the long term.

Not looking after yourself for years and years really will come back and bite you in the ass eventually.

You only get one body, so you may as well try and look after it as well as possible!

By being fit, your major organs will love thank you, and you give yourself a better chance of not developing any serious illnesses.

Reasons Every Man Should Be Getting Strong & Fit

Increases Your Focus

When you exercise on a regular basis, your focus throughout the day definitely increases.

Yes at the start you might go through a day feeling a little tired from working out, but after a while that focus starts to come!

It’s In Our DNA

Men should be strong.

Go back in time and you’ll notice how pretty much every single guy was always at a certain level of strength.

Brett from Art Of Manliness wrote a really good article covering the topic of why every man should be strong.

Make sure to give it a read!

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health is a topic which is being discussed more and more right now. And rightfully so!

For years people just didn’t talk about the fact that mental health and physical health need to be prioritized in the same way.

Thankfully things are changing, and we are learning more and more about how to keep our minds healthy and fit.

And one proven way is to actually work on getting your body strong and fit. This has a direct impact on our mental well being.

Teaches You Discipline & Life Lessons

You can actually draw a direct parallel between getting physically strong and trying to succeed at life.

Trying to get strong and fit is a tough task, and requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice. It sucks, to be honest.

And just like when you are training physically and enduring the suffering, the same can be said for other aspects of life.

The dedication, discipline and time needed to gain physical strength can be used in aspects such as business and school too!

You Have More Energy

Start your day off with a solid workout and the rest of the day will feel like a productive breeze.

Nothing beats the feeling of having an extra boost of energy, especially one that comes from working out.

You Look Better

100% Obvious, but so damn true once again.

Training, working out and focussing on health and fitness make you look a lot better.

Not just in terms of being in shape, but you come across as more vibrant with a lot more good energy!

Improves Confidence

There is no better way to build confidence in yourself than to watch your physical strength progress.

Following your journey and remembering how weak you felt just a few months ago compared to now really has a positive effect on your self confidence!

It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late

The sad thing, though, is I see so many of my friends who work as professionals still down this same route.

They all work 40+ hours a week.

Smash a few pints 4 days a week after work.

Eat not so healthy food.

And never try workout.

The worst part of it? They don’t seem to care. Or maybe they do, they just don’t show it.

Every adult man has a life to live. I get it.

But the excuse of “I don’t have time or money to stay fit” is absolute nonsense.

Whether you are 55 years old and have given up physically, or 25 years old and haven’t done a workout in a year, it doesn’t matter.

There’s still a way back!

Reasons Every Man Should Be Getting Strong & Fit

How To Start A Fitness Routine

Most guys are just confused as to where to begin when it comes to working out, how to even do the workouts and how to get disciplined.

Be honest, how often have you walked inside a gym and spent a solid 45 minutes just wandering around, doing this and that and leaving without getting a real sweat in?

It happens all the time!

The problem?

You need to have a plan beforehand, arrive at your workout station and get going!

Write down exactly what you want to achieve with regards to working out.

Every Sunday evening, take a notepad and write down your workouts and goals for the week. How many times you plan on doing a gym session, bodyweight session or how many runs you want to go on.

Then as the week goes by, tick off every single item from the list!


So if you are looking for a few simple reasons every man should be getting strong, then hopefully you have found them.

We need to make sure we take care of our bodies, and maximize how fit and strong we can get.

Your life will only be better!