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10 Best YouTube Bald Transformation Stories Before And After

In this post I have included the best bald transformation stories currently on YouTube!

These videos are such an inspiration to take the plunge and shave it off!

That’s if you are still sitting on the fence and hair loss is getting the better of you, of course.

These testimonial videos are all stories of men who suffered with hair loss and balding and then decided that they have had enough.

They then proceed to shave off their remaining hair, and all look a lot better!

In each of these videos, each one of the guys talk about their emotional struggles with hair loss and balding and how this affected their lives for an extended period of time.

They then talk and walk you through the process of going about shaving their heads.

So if you are currently experiencing any form of hair loss or balding and need that extra motivation to finally shave it off, then these bald transformation stories below might just help you!

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How To Meet Women As A Bald Man

Before we jump into some bald transformation stories in the videos below, I thought I’d share a quick video on ‘How To Meet Women As A Bald Man’, because this topic is extremely hot and relevant at the moment.

Bald men are generally seen as more attractive and dominant to the opposite sex, and in this video below Harry from Bald Cafe explains how you should not be put off from meeting women because of your bald head.

And how you can actually use it to your advantage!

Bald Transformation Stories – Before & After Shaving Your Head

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Over the past few months, we have watched some videos that Bald Cafe shares on YouTube about various men’s hair loss journeys and how shaving off their remaining hair has changed their lives for the better.

Included below are transformation stories and videos from every guy who struggled with hair loss and balding and overcame it by shaving his head!

Hopefully these bald before and after stories give you that well needed motivation to remember that you too can (and will) look and feel even better after shaving your head.

Some of these stories are truly remarkable and I am sure many of you will relate with these men.

We have broken up the videos into different segments so you can filter through and see which video might suit you hair loss situation the best.

The videos range from men who are balding young, to men who cover up there bald spots and receding hair lines with implants and fake wigs.

And we also have stories where some partners encourage them to shave their heads and actually do it for them.

One thing is for certain, all these men look way better with shaved heads!


#1. Covering Up Your Bald Patch And Receding Hair Line

Wearing a wig to cover up your receding hair line is an extreme measure to hang onto what you got, but also not very uncommon.

It shows, even a wig won’t take away those hair loss emotions.

#2. Balding Young – Progressively Thinning Hair

Balding young and in your teens and early 20s can be very difficult to manage.

The best thing to do is take action as quickly as possible.

This will lead to positive life changing moments.

#3. Balding Young – Receding Hair Line

Your hair line is receding at a quick rate!

What choices do you have?

This video might help you solve some issues and make some life changing choices.

#4. Bald Look Is Better

This video illustrates and shows why bald looks better.


#5. Why Holding On Too Long Is Always A Bad Idea

Holding onto your last bit of hair for for 15 years will take its toll on you. Both mentally and physically.

It’s just not worth it.

Find out why in the video below.

Hopefully your take out will be to shave your head after watching this.

#6. Balding Influencer Shaves Off His Implants.

Balding influencers.

Who would of thought that would of ever happened

Hair loss and balding are more common in men than you think.

It’s about time we got rid of the taboo surrounding hair loss and turned it into a positive.

#7. Balding Young – Tired Of Going Bald

Being 26 years old and suffering years of hair loss can take its toll.

He made the right choice and shaved it off.

#8. Hiding Hair Loss With Implanted Hair Fibres?

Just because you are hiding your hair loss with implants doesn’t mean the emotional turmoil will go away.

Implants, hair growth products and hair fibres are not always the perfect solution.

#9. Balding In Your 20s And 30s – Hanging On For Too Long?

Many of us can relate to this story.

Most of us hang on way too long!

This video lays down the law on why this should be avoided at all costs.

The time and energy wasted holding onto what you have left can be used in a far more productive way, especially in your 20s and 30s!

#10. Supporting Wife Helps Balding Man Shave His Head

Having the support from your partner in your hair loss journey is an awesome feeling.

Go one step further, this man’s wife even shaves his head for him the first time he took the plunge.

A partner’s support goes a long way and is a great comforting feeling.

That’s what partners are for, right?

Final Words

It’s incredible to see the change in demeanour and reaction when each individual shaves their hair off for the very first time.

You can sense the relief immediately.

Harry has done an incredible job in illustrating this on his YouTube channel.

One thing is for sure – Bald is definitely better than hanging on for too long.


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