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Pros & Cons Of Being Bald – Balding As A Man

Although we love to talk about all the positivities surrounding embracing baldness & hair loss, there are actually both pros and cons of being bald!

Going bald is one of the biggest fears most young adult men have.

No one wants to lose their hair.

It’s one of the things that we as men can work with in order to make ourselves look good. Or even to express our personalities a bit.

Unfortunately, nature occurs.

And with this, a lot of guys will be introduced to the balding side of things.

Once the hair loss starts, it is pretty much there to stay.

But there is light at the end of this balding tunnel!

You get to decide how to deal with the fact that you are losing hair.

Either you can let it takeover your emotional life and cause you a lot of stress and anxiety, or you could lean into it and embrace this new look.

There are different ways to look good bald, and you just have to make it work for you!

pros and cons of being bald

Pros And Cons Of Being Bald

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Right, let’s get into the pros and cons of being bald.

Like I said before, there are mostly positive things that come from embracing the baldness. That’s a fact.

But like everything else in life, there are also a few not so great things.

Below are some of the most common pros and cons of being bald.

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Below are a few benefits that come with being a bald man.

Emotional Energy Saved

Think about how much time and energy you use up constantly thinking and stressing about your hair loss situation?

This is very common amongst pretty much every guy losing his hair. We worry about how balding will affect our looks, and this leads to a decrease in self esteem.

Once you embrace the baldness and shave it all off, you literally take the worry about losing your hair away.

This is simply because there’s no more hair loss to even think about.

Seen As More Masculine

Thanks to the many Hollywood movies portraying tough guys as bald, and various militaries always requiring shaved heads, the bald look does have a certain level of masculinity attached to it.

Now this isn’t always the case, but more often than not you’ll look a bit more masculine than before!

Time & Money Saved

The time we spend on getting our hair ready definitely adds up!

And even more so when we try and get creative to make our heads look like they aren’t balding at all.

The money saved refers to the hair products most balding guys use. Be it hair wax or styling gel to cover up the bald spots, and even hair re growth shampoos and ointments.

These don’t come cheap!

Once you shave your head, you can throw these products right in the trash.

Life Is Easier

Life is easier in the sense that you don’t need to prep your hair at all before heading out.

My morning routine to get ready to go out is definitely quicker and easier than before.

Get dressed, throw on some cologne and a bit of sunscreen on my head, and I am good to go!

Summer’s Are Great

Believe it or not, but I used to sport long hair back in the day.

And this made summers quite unbearable.

Hair makes your head warmer. That’s pretty obvious!

Just remember to apply a decent SPF during the day!

No Need To Stress About Losing Your Hair Anymore

This is a big one.

And probably my favorite of the list of pros of going bald.

The minute you shave your head for good is the moment you can no longer stress about losing your hair anymore.


Because there literally is no more hair to stress about!

It’s the ultimate liberating feeling.

Ask any one of the bald brother community.

Facial Hair Looks Good On You

It’s no secret that a bald head and some facial hair go hand in hand.

A shaved head and a shaved face does tend to look a bit bare.

So having some facial hair definitely adds some balance.

Now there are plenty of beard styles to choose from, but if you are not able to grow a beard then just a bit stubble is good enough.

Baldness Can Lead To Better Business Deals

Bald men are often seen by many as being better leaders than non bald guys.

This will definitely give you an edge in the business world!

There have actually been a few studies done of how bald men are perceived in society, and the results are pretty interesting.

They found that people found bald men slightly more dominant and attractive.

But this is only true to men who shave their head completely bald.

If you are partially bald and are holding onto your last few pieces of hair, then the opposite is actually true.

You are seen as weaker.

So make sure to razor your head the moment your baldness starts to clearly show!

Forces Your Personality To Stand Out

Many men think that once their hair is gone they have nothing going for them anymore, and that they have lost all of their good looks and appeal to their favored sex.

This is absolute not the truth.

Going bald firstly doesn’t mean your looks are gone. And secondly, it forces you to push your personality outward a bit more!

Trust me, a good personality will take you places with the ladies.

And if you feel your personality isn’t where it should be, then work on it a bit.

You Don’t Age

This might not be true at this very moment, but it definitely will be as the years go by.

Bald guys tend to age a lot slower than guys with hair.

Think about bald guys that you have known for years and years. They don’t tend to visibly age that much.

A lot of this is due to the fact that there aren’t any gray hairs to show.

As long as you look after your body, you’ll look the same for years to come!

Hats Look Good On You

Hats and caps will look good on a shaved head.

No more hat hair to worry about, and they’ll add some protection to your scalp.


Below are a few negatives that come with being a bald man.

Gets Chilly

Without hair your head definitely gets more cold.

Especially when the winter wind hits you hard!

Keep a beanie around at all times.

They are well needed.

You Still Need To Care For Your Head

The first few months after I completely shaved my head I never took care of my scalp at all.

I thought no hair mean’t no need to ever maintain my head again.

But this is not a good idea. You still do need to show it come love.

This can be done in the form of using a quality moisturizer, some SPF and some coconut oil after shaving.

Self Esteem Takes A Knock

We love to preach about the positives that come from embracing baldness, and how we can all look good with a shaved head.

But let’s get real.

A lot of guys take a bit of a self esteem knock at first.

This is 100% normal. So it’s great to know that you aren’t alone.

Requires Some Investment

As I mentioned earlier, one of the pros of going bald is the fact that you do save some money. Especially on hair and hair re growth products.

But even being bald, you still do have to spend some sort of cash. But maybe not as much.

Just make sure you have a good scalp moisturizer at your disposal!

Can Be Scary

Oh yes, this one is definitely true.

Every guy wants to know how he will look without hair before taking the plunge and shaving it off.

Shit, I even found this app that can show you how you’d look without hair. And it scared the crap out of me.

It’s perfectly normal.

But trust me when I say this – you’ll most likely look even better than you think, and you’ll feel better too.

These are the most popular pros and cons of being bald.

The list could be made even longer, but we feel these are the important facts that come with being bald men.

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