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FAQs About Men’s Balding And Hair Loss | The Bald Brothers

Below are the most common FAQs about men’s balding for you to check out!

If there are any questions we have left out, feel free to send us an email and we will answer them.

FAQs about men's balding

Why do men go bald?

While there are a few reasons as to why so many men go bald, the most common one is almost always just genetics.

We have heard some people say how using too much shampoo or other hair products can increase your hair loss, but this isn’t really the truth nor has it been proven.

How do you maintain a bald head?

There are a few things to always remember when you start sporting the bald look.

First off, even though you don’t have any more hair doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean your scalp.

Believe it or not, but you can still develop dandruff!

Secondly, remember to moisturize your scalp at least once a day.

This ensures that your skin remains healthy and free from being oily, flaky and dry.

And last but not least, if you are going to be in the sun, use a good sunscreen! You do NOT want a burnt head. Trust us on that one, we learnt the hard way.

So the three basics in maintaining a bald head are cleaning, moisturize and sunscreen.

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Will hair loss make me ugly?

Probably the biggest fear every balding guy has.

We get it. Because we also kept asking this exact question.

In short, the answer is no.

But it depends on how you handle it, too.

There are various ways to help you look good bald, and some of these ways are all about your mentality.

If you leave on the last remaining hairs and try and hide your baldness, then this could be seen as unattractive.

But if you recognise the hair loss, lean into it and shave your hair off, you’ll be embracing your new look 100%.

This, in turn, will make you come across as a more attractive and confident human being.

Is there a way to know that you’ll go bald?

There can be a few basic signs.

Although baldness is hereditary, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be bald if your dad is bald. I know a few guys with a good head of hair who have bald dads.

Normally, if you have the classic “M” hairline, then that usually starts to recede. Otherwise, when you get into your late teens or early 20s, you will definitely start to notice some thinning hair.

If that’s the case, then you are usually heading for baldness.

Hair loss, once started, usually never stops.

Do you need to wash a bald head?


Dandruff and other kinds of dirt do build up, so make sure to clean it regularly.

Is it better to shave it all off rather than keep your last few hairs?

100%, Yes.

You’ll look much better, as there is nothing worse than a guy trying to hold onto those last few pieces of hair when he is clearly balding at a fast pace.

Studies actually back this up.

Guys who have a 100% shaved head are perceived as more attractive than balding guys who decide to keep their last bit of hair.

On top of that, you’ll feel a lot better too.

The one thing that happens when you embrace your baldness is you become completely liberated.

No more hair loss stress for you, as you do not have anymore hair.

My dad is bald – will I then also be bald one day?

Most likely, yes.

It is not definite though. As I said before, we know guys who have bald dads and they themselves aren’t bald.

Our dad is bald, and we are both bald.

So chances are high!

At what age do men start balding?

Every guy is different, but usually you’ll first notice it in your late teens or early 20s.

Approximately 25% of males will start experiencing baldness by the age of 21, and by the age of 35, two thirds all of males will have some sort of hair loss issue.

So if you are another guy dealing with hair loss, remember there are millions of others out there dealing with the exact same thing.


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    Do girls like bald men?

    Is the Pope a Catholic?

    Is the sky blue?

    Of course girls like bald men!

    Just get your confidence levels as high as possible, and you’ll be oozing attractiveness.

    As mentioned in one of our previous posts, women find bald men more attractive and bald men are seen as more dominant in the workplace.

    So fear not!

    How often do you have to shave your head?

    This really depends on how fast your hair grows.

    General rule of thumb from speaking to plenty of head shavers is to shave your head every 2 to 3 days.

    This prevents your hair from getting too long, and keeps you looking sharp!

    What products can I use to take care of my bald head?

    I recommend trying out a few different head moisturizing products.

    On top of that, it’s a good idea to always keep a bit of raw, organic coconut oil in the bathroom. This is a great and natural way to soothe your head every few days after you shave!

    I recommend carrying an SPF30 of SPF50 where ever you go. Your bald head definitely needs some protection against the sun. Even if its cloudy.

    How can I overcome the emotional stress that hair loss and balding is causing me?

    The emotional turmoil and stress of hair loss can take its toll on men, especially if you have been hanging onto your last few strands of hair for many years.

    At The Bald Brothers we are firm believers that taking the plunge and shaving your head is the best and fastest way to overcome hair loss and balding.

    We know that for the majority of the time, this is best the approach to overcoming hair loss and balding the best and fastest way! Yet we also know it’s not always that easy to do.

    Remember, one can still look good bald. So that’s something you need to get out of your mind!

    How will I know what I will look when I go bald?

    Simple answer is this – you won’t know what you will look like!

    But what I know for certain is this – you will look better with a shaved head than with a thinning head of hair.

    Trust me!

    Will shaving my head make me look older or younger?

    It really depends!

    Shaving your head when you have thinning hair looks neater. It looks like you are taking care of yourself and you can be taken seriously. So if you are already balding visibly, then shaving your head completely will make you look healthier.

    Another thing to remember is you’ll most likely look the same for a few decades, due to the fact that you don’t develop any gray hairs for all to see.

    So if you are sporting a razored head at 25, you’ll look pretty similar at 40. Just make sure to look after your body and health!

    Is it better to use a razor or clippers when shaving my head for the first time?

    Baby steps is what we recommend.

    Crawl before you walk, walk before you run and run before you sprint.

    When you are ready to take the plunge, take a pair of clippers and give yourself a number one or two buzz cut.

    Do this for a few weeks, and if and when you are ready (you will know when), then we recommend taking out the razor and shaving your head.

    Why don’t you recommend using hair growth products?

    Because they don’t work. Simple and end of story.

    No really, hair growth products really don’t work. And this is based on our own experience.

    Using hair growth and hormonal products just delays the inevitable and causes so much more stress.

    We know all the various shampoos that exist on the market and claim that their ingredients will kickoff hair re growth etc. But, to be honest, these never worked. We both tried them for over 2 years!

    If you are considering hair implants, then that is a different story in itself. We do know, though, that those are crazy expensive and they do not guarantee that you’ll have a full head of hair forever.

    Just save yourself time, money and energy and simply shave it off.

    I’m not sure how to razor my head by myself. Any tips?

    The first few tries are pretty strange and difficult.

    I remember getting my girlfriend to help me out at first.

    But you really can do it by yourself.

    The easiest way to shave your head is to do them in long strokes, starting from your ear on one side and slowly working your way across your head.

    So you start with the razor at the beginning of your hairline, and you do one stroke all the way back to the base of your neck. And just keep moving along.

    A nice way to check for any missed spots is to simply run your hand over your scalp after shaving, and feel for any leftover hairs. Then just razor over them.

    I just shaved my head! Should I grow a beard?


    Even if you are not able to grow a fully thick beard, just a bit of stubble is good enough.

    A beard and a bald head go really well together. It adds balance to your look, so your face and head won’t be too bare.

    There are many beard styles for bald men to choose from, so get growing!

    How are bald men viewed by society?

    Bald men are often viewed in a bit of a more authoritative manner.

    We think this is just due to how bald guys are often portrayed in films, on TV etc.

    A bald look is seen as neat, well groomed and has a certain masculinity attached to it.

    If you are heading in the direction of being a 100% bald man, use it to your advantage by making health & fitness a priority. This way you’ll look even better!

    If you have any other questions about men’s balding which we haven’t covered above, then feel free to get hold of us!

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