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Look Good Bald – 8 Quick Fire Steps To Owning Your Hair Loss

If you are experiencing any sort of baldness and are wondering to how to look good bald, then this article is just for you.

So, you slowly start noticing that the old hair is thinning away day by day.

Yes, it’s slow going.

And pretty much no one but you notices it, but it still hurts a little to know that your greatest fear is slowly becoming a reality.

This process can go on for years and years before your hair loss situation becomes visible for all to see, and then you have to make one big decision.

What the hell do you do next?

The whole purpose of this quick article is to give you information which I have gathered up over years of experiencing baldness, and what I wish I knew sooner.

Most guys try and just forget about their hair loss issues, and kind of leave it for another day.

Unfortunately one day that day will arrive, and then you’ll probably feel even worse than you do right now about it all.

But knowing in which direction your hair loss is going, and that there are various things you can do about it right now, will help you loads!

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Look Good Bald – 8 Quick & Simple Steps

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So, below I have put down 8 steps to look good bald.

If you are a young guy experiencing any sort of baldness, then these steps are just for you!

Remember, losing your hair isn’t the end of the world, nor does it mean that your life is over.

And if you have any sort of questions about this topic, shoot us an email or hit us up on Instagram!

8 Steps To Look Good Bald, Period!

Let’s get cracking!

Step #1: Recognise Your Hair Loss

Don’t play the “I refuse to accept this” game for too long.

Trust me, you are just going to end up being more annoyed, ashamed and feeling plain negative.

When you start to notice your hair is falling out or thinning, just recognise the fact that it is happening right there and then.

Once you get your mind to understand that this is totally normal, and that not all is lost, it makes the next few steps a whole lot easier!

You will be the first one to know when you are starting to bald. We tend to notice these things before anyone else.

So see it and recognise it, then move on!

Step #2: Prepare For Change

Change is a good thing, isn’t it?

Well when you are getting ready to smack hair loss out the park and own the new look, then you better see it as such!

A few things take quite a getting used to when you decide to embrace the baldness and become a bald brother.

There are, of course, a few physical changes that come with embracing baldness.

Having no hair on your head feels super weird at first, especially when you take a shower.

On top of that, you now need to start caring for your bald head.

You’ll need to start investing in a good face + scalp moisturizer, and you’ll have to make sure you wear a cap during the sunny months.

Apart from the obvious physical changes, you’ll also have a mental changes (for the better).

I made a mental deal with myself the day I shaved my head that I was going to own the new look, no matter what anyone says.

This, in turn, actually increased my self confidence, and I definitely come across a bit differently as before.

Step #3: Shave It Off

The time has come!

No more worrying about how you may or may not look without any hair.

It’s time to shift the power to yourself, and take control 100% of your hair loss situation.

There’s pretty much only one word that comes to mind when describing how one feels after shaving off your hair if you are balding.

And that word?


It’s a feeling of freedom.

And the reason pretty much being that you now literally have no more hair loss worries in your life. You can’t worry about losing more hair, because it’s all gone.

This is the biggest step, but the best one too!

Knowing how to shave your head bald the right way is definitely a skill, but after a few times it becomes second nature!

Step #4: Get Fit

It’s no secret, being in decent makes you look better.

But being 100% bald and in good shape takes it to the next level.

We all know that guys who put on a bit of muscle and have a completely shaved head do have some sort of a badass look to them.

If looking good after losing all your hair is a big worry to you, then you can start off by getting rid of that extra weight and trying to start getting fit, fast!

Personally I have used my new look at the number one motivating factor to take health & fitness a bit more seriously.

You don’t have to spend tons of cash or time in the gym to do this, a few simple yet effective bodyweight workouts are all you need.

Step #5: Add Some Facial Hair

A bald head with absolutely no facial hair whatsoever does look a bit bare.

It can almost look egg-like, which you obviously won’t want!

Now if you are a lucky man who is able to grow out a thick, luscious beard, then you really should do that!

Nothing beats the look of a bald man sporting a well groomed, thick beard.

But unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the beard genes. So if you can’t grow a full beard, then just a bit of stubble will do.

Facial hair gives balance to your entire head, especially since there’s no more hair on your scalp!

There are some awesome beard styles for bald men out there. Just pick one which you think would work best for you!

Step #6: Moisturize Every Single Day

Now a lot of guys think that you got to spend a lot mroe time and money on products to take care of your newly naked scalp.

But think about the money and time you spent taking care of your hair?

So it pretty much just replaces it. And on top of that, you can’t have a bad hair day!

Get yourself a high quality, face and scalp moisturizer from the get go. And get into the habit of applying it every single day!

The last thing you want is for your scalp to get dry, flaky, oily or just badly burnt.

Step #7: Dress Well & Accessorize

This step isn’t super important.

But you can make yourself look good bald by changing up a few of your clothing items.

Now we are in no way, shape or form fashion experts. Hell, give me a sleeveless shirt, pair of shorts and flip flops and I am good to go. But there are logical ways to dress to aide your new bald look.

In general, clothes that fit a bit tighter tend to look better on a bald man’s body. The reason being that your face immediately will look a bit slimmer, so clothing that’s tighter works well. Also, if this is something you would enjoy, get into dressing a bit smarter.

A collared shirt looks good on a bald head.

And on top of that, start wearing sunglasses. These go well with a shaved head!

Step #8: Develop Killer Confidence

The most important step to looking bald is to simply do this:

Embrace it.

Trust us when we say that there are plenty of people out there that’ll find you even more attractive now than ever.

Your mindset is key when it comes to owning the new look.

So do that exactly.

Own it.

Be it.

Your confidence will become so damn obvious to those around you. People will start to view you a bit differently.

All in a positive way, of course.


Pretty much every guy will feel shitty when they realize that they are going bald. That’s just a fact.

But the hard truth is that once it comes, there really isn’t any turning back.

You can’t control certain things in life. But with balding you can control how you deal with it.

So instead of just being stressed about it, take action and shave it off the right way.

Then you can re build yourself in an even better way.

So to recap on how to look good bald:

  1. Recognise Your Hair Loss
  2. Prepare For Change
  3. Shave It Off
  4. Get Fit
  5. Add Some Facial Hair
  6. Moisturize Every Single Day
  7. Dress Well & Accessorize
  8. Develop Killer Confidence

So, if you are a person experiencing male pattern baldness in any way, shape or form, then know that you can take actionable steps to own the situation.

It’s all up to you!

And remember, you aren’t alone in this either. Just head over to our Instagram and you’ll see just how many bald brothers there are!


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