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Dating As A Bald Man – 10 Simple Ways How To Get A Date

The biggest fear when you start going bald is that you won’t know how to get a date anymore, or you might fear that your love life is ending.

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Going bald and suffering the emotional turmoil of hair loss isn’t exactly as simple for the everyday, average guy.

Oftentimes, men feel insecure about hair loss or the idea of shaving their heads completely, with many worried that it will affect their perceived attractiveness when dating or meeting new people

The one question that a lot of men ask themselves when they are balding and losing their hair or considering shaving their heads is this:

‘How can or will I ever get a date, or let alone a girlfriend, as a bald man?’

That question, though, can really mean different things to different bald men.

Some of you reading this post might either already have a girl in mind that you would like to ask out on a date, or some of you want to know how to find someone to eventully date.

If you are struggling with self-confidence because of your hair loss and balding situation, getting a girl for a date can seem like a difficult task because you just plain outright think that most women won’t find you attractive anymore.

Sound familiar?

This might just be applicable to you!

Don’t get wrong here, plenty of guys figure out how to get a girlfriend and/or a date on their own, and you can feel free to work it out on your own.

But there are plenty of reasons to get the tips from bald guys who have been through it before!

With these tips, you can relax a bit and let the process move along smoothly.

Another reason to get an answer upfront to how to get the girl is that you have a greater chance of success in the dating realm.

If there’s someone you really fancy, and you really don’t want to screw up your chances, then you should work off these tips to make sure it all goes right.

Before we get into the steps you can follow to getting a date as a bald man, let’s get to how you can look good as a bald man before you enter the dating pool.

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How To Look Good As A Bald Man

I want to give you a few quick tips on how to look good as a bald man while you are entering the dating pool.

We get that many guys losing their hair start feeling pretty down about how their looks might be negatively affected, but stress no more!

You too can look good as a bald man.

If you want to, click here and download our free PDF guide on how to look without any hair!

Instead of wasting thousands of Dollars on products that you think will slow down the process of losing hair, you are way better off just shaving it right now and re inventing yourself as a bald man.

If your confidence levels are at an all time low (because of your hair loss and that you are visibly balding) and you are struggling to get a date, then shaving your head will be the quickest way to get over these negative emotions and handbrakes.

At the same time, you can do a few things to make sure you look the best possible way with your new look.

Below are a few quick tips on how to look good bald!

#1: Shave Your Head Correctly

If you decide it’s time to shave your head, then do it the right way.

The last thing you want to do is leave your scalp with a massive cut on it, or some uncomfortable razor burns.

Check out these 10 steps on how to shave your head.

#2: Workout & Exercise Like A Beast

I always tell guys that are going bald that it is super important to start working out a lot more.

This is one of the keys to looking good bald.

Think The Rock, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel.

These guys look badass.

And they are bald!

And mostly because they are in good shape.

Check out some of our favorite bodyweight workouts.

#3: Develop A New Mindset

Don’t shy away from your new look.

Rather embrace it and become the newly bald boss that people immediately notice and respect.

By being confident in your new look, other people around you will see that immediately, and you might even gain more respect than before.

You will feel good about your new style, and all will fall into place.

Trust the process!

How To Get A Date As A Bald Man

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Right, let’s get to what this article is all about – how to get a date as a bald dude.

Below are 10 quick tips!

#1: Make The Decision: What Do You Want?

You suffered for years losing your hair and hanging on to what you had, and that seriously affected your confidence and hence limited how many dates you could rack up, right?

It’s natural that you could still have some emotional hair loss baggage from your past, but you have draw a line in the sand.

Time to move on.

The new you is here!

You slowly feel your confidence levels rising and you think to yourself, ‘I should’ve done this earlier!’.

You feel like you have been set free with a new set confidence that oozes and is infectious.

First things first, if you are looking for a girlfriend or a date you need to commit to the process.

To really accomplish this, you have to put yourself out there and not be a desperate little man.

Don’t get discouraged. You’ll get results. But you have to want this.

#2. Decide On The Right Girl For You

Being bald doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best.

You will never know the answer to ‘what is the right girl for you..’.

Relationship chemistry is funny like that.

You can’t predict who will be perfect for you and vice versa.

You can still give yourself a little nudge in the right direction by knowing what you want in a girlfriend.

Setting standards will help you avoid making mistakes and looking too desperate.

#3: Understand Women

Understanding women can seem literally impossible. You will never know this secretive answer.

This isn’t actually that hard. Women, just like men, want to be respected.

They want to feel attractive but not let that be the only thing someone notices about them.

They want to be listened to and encouraged.

#4: Know What Women Want In A Man

Most women really don’t care that you are bald.

Trust me, it actually works in your favour.

You may be thinking why?

Bald men are seen as more confident. And women love confident men.

Its important that you take this equation out of the mix. Don’t play yourself down as a bald man.

Rather play yourself up in your own head. You are a man that took ownership of your look and took a step in the right direction.

These are facts!

Live it and own it.

#5: How And Where To Meet Women

Meeting women is easy. They are everywhere!

You can easily meet women in class or at work, out at a bar, at a club, at a party through mutual friends, and many other venues.

You can even meet them on public transport while travelling to and from work!

You need to decide what place you feel most comfortable meeting a woman and the way that will make you look and feel at your best.

Feeling comfortable in an environment that you like and enjoy already eliminates so many potential people that you have little in common with.

#6: How To Approach A Girl

This can be difficult for men who are anxious and shy, and is amplified especially if you have recently been suffering with various hair loss confidence issues.

It’s always best to approach someone in an environment you feel comfortable in.

And then just let your natural personality take over.

Don’t be fake and desperate.

No one likes that!

#7: How To Talk To Girls

Confidence is infectious.

Communicate and exude confidence!

If you want to know how to talk to girls, all you need to is find something half interesting to say.

Don’t try and be anyone else but yourself. Being yourself is not a fake version of yourself, and you quickly know whether their is chemistry or not.

Give compliments and make her laugh, and she won’t even notice your bald head or she will.

Because who doesn’t like a bald head?

And make the conversation about her, not you.

#8: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

If she is texting and calling you, she is taking the initiative to get to know you better and see you again.

Great success!

She may also show it by laughing extra hard at your bad jokes or showing a bit of extra nervousness around you.

Most importantly, if she continues to want to talk without showing any signs of chummy, friendly affection, she probably likes you.

As you can see, being bald has no affect on whether a girl likes you or not.

Being bald doesn’t come into play at all.

The only person who brings it into play is you..

#9: Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

So, let’s chat about being stuck in the friend zone.

But what if she doesn’t like you and what if you’re stuck in the friend zone?

Essentially, forcing your way out can ruin a friendship, so decide if you really aren’t happy with that friendship before moving forward.

If you are willing to sacrifice the friendship to gamble on getting closer, then the best way out of the friend zone is being direct.

Tell the girl you like her.


Direct and firm.

You have nothing to lose, except for a potential short term broken heart.

#10: How To Get A Girl To Like You

There is no full proof system to get a girl that you like to like you, but you may as well try and pursue a few things at once.

Here are a few things you can try from your side:

Dress better and take care of your looks.

Get in better shape.

Change the way you talk to her.

Be confident. Even if you don’t truly feel so, act it!

These subtle changes above might help to get a date but its obviously important to just be yourself!

Final Words

These 10 steps I have mentioned above are just a guideline to getting a date as a bald man.

It’s not a concrete system for getting a date, you still need to go out there, put the hard yards in and get the work done!

These steps are just mean’t to help you overcome that burden and to remind you that dating isn’t an issue when it comes to balding and hair loss.

Quite on the contrary actually!

This really needs to sink in and it needs to stop being a mental issue for you because once you have overcome this burden, then you can move on with a lot more confidence.

My parting advice you is this: own your new bald look because if you can do that, you will be looking at a new you.


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