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My Balding Advice: Why You Need To Start Working Out

The best balding advice I can give to any guy who is either already completely bald or experiencing baldness is this: Start working out and get fit!

Balding Advice

If you look at pretty much any guy who has shaved his head completely and still looks really good, then you’ll usually see a few common traits amongst them all.

They usually have allowed a bit of sunlight to add some color to their head, they dress the part, maybe they even have some stubble or a fully grown beard.

But the thing which I think plays the biggest part in all bald men looking good is the fact that they are all in good shape!

Just think about it for a second.

Whenever you see a guy with a completed razored head who is in really good shape and shows it off a little by the way he dresses, you never think to yourself “damn look at his head”, do you?

Definitely not.

You most likely associate the guy with looking good, looking badass, maybe even a military man.

But it’s all in a positive manner.

That’s why it is so important for us all to shift a major focus towards being fit and in shape when deciding to shave our heads completely bald.

Being in shape and being bald go together really well.

Like peanut butter and jelly.

It just works well!

Think of fitness as the key ingredient to looking good as a bald man.

Because it really is.

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The Best Balding Advice: Start Your Workouts!

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In a recent article where I wrote about looking good as a bald man, I mentioned the fact that we should all be striving to be as fit as possible.

It’s probably the most important thing for us bald men, and it should be important for all other men too!

How To Start Getting Fit

The hardest part for anyone wanting to begin working out is always the start.

It’s difficult to get the motivation, the discipline and to try and carve out extra time on a daily basis.

But it’s extremely achievable.

So if you are wanting to start an exercise routine, then below are a few quick pointers.

1. Know Why You Want To Get Fit

Ask yourself why you want to get fit.

Chances are you are considering shaving your head or have already done so, so you want to look and feel at your absolute best.

If you feel good about your new bald head and body, then you will act more confidently too.

2. Make Time For Working Out

Anyone who says that they don’t have time to get fit is full if shit.

Health should be such an important part of all of our daily lives, so you can’t ever say you don’t have time.

Make time to workout everyday.

Even if that means waking up 30 minutes earlier.

Trust me, in the long run it’s all worth it.

3. Have Workouts Ready To Go

We love doing bodyweight workouts which we can get done at home, in the park or at the beach.

It’s just so much easier than having to go to the gym, plus it costs you nothing.

The beauty about getting in shape is you really don’t even need that many exercises to get started.

You could literally create some awesome at home workouts by simply using exercises such as push ups, body squats, burpees and planks.

It’s that simple!

Every week we post a few more workouts which we are currently doing and which work really well.

You can find all of these workouts here.

Make sure to always be checking in for new content!


Here at The Bald Brothers we have lots of content related to staying fit and healthy, and it’s all taken from our own experience.

Have a look through some of our health & fitness related content, and you’ll be sure to find a few pieces of useful articles!

For me personally, getting in shape has made being a bald man tons easier.

You need to make the decision of working on your body when you see that the baldness is coming your way.

Then you’ll look extremely good!


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