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The Best Date Ideas Perfect For Any Type Of Couple

Searching for some inspiration as to what the best date ideas are? Well, fortunately you are in luck!

As in this article I am laying down the very best date ideas for you to pick from.

When most of us guys have to come up with a date idea, we usually go blank after bout two or three ideas.

So I decided to do some research and come up with some weird, wonderful and best date ideas that we can do with our other halves.

If you think going on a date only means dinner, a movie or maybe some mini golf, then you better think again.

Get creative and take your partner on a fun, out of the box date.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

The Best Date Ideas For Any Couple

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Right, let’s get cracking.

Below are some of the coolest and weirdest best date ideas for you try.

And do let us know how they end up going!

1. Take A Workout Class Together

Doing something like working out together can be a cool idea for a date.

Especially if you decide to go for something a bit new and trendy, such as a dancing workout class!

Not only will this test your fitness levels, but it’ll test your ability to learn something new too.

2. Go To The Theme Park

Best Date Ideas

Yes, we aren’t kids anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t act likes one every now and then.

Theme parks can actually be a really fun place to go on a date.

3. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Doing something as thrilling as skydiving or bungee jumping as a date can be pretty awesome. But that depends on the type of people you are.

Personally I am shit scared of heights, but this would be a great idea as a first date.

Talk about breaking the ice the best way possible!

4. Hit Up A Trampoline Park

These are becoming pretty popular at the moment.

They the perfect place to go and burn off tons of energy, all whilst having some fun.

How most of these places work is you pretty much pay for a certain amount of time, and you and your partner can go crazy and have some fun in a trampoline pen.

5. Star Gazing

Might seem cliche or whatever, but star gazing is a cool way to spend a date with your better half.

This works well when the weather is really good.

So get yourself a blanket, and nice bottle of red wine and enjoy the stars!

6. Take A Dance Lesson

If you and your date are both pretty average dancers, then taking a dance lesson is something which can be a lot of fun to do together.

Most dancing requires a partner, so it’s the perfect activity to do with a date.

7. Go To A Painting Social Evening

These are a lot of fun to do!

Check to see if your town or city has a place which offers painting evenings.

You pretty much spend a few hours in a class with a painting teacher, and they help you paint anything you want.

Many places allow you to sip on some wine or beer too, which adds to the creative process.

8. Go On A Hike

Best Date Ideas 2

Live in an area with a few cool mountains? Or even just a nice nature reserve? Then spend a morning or afternoon going on a casual hike.

Being out in nature is a great way to spend a date.

Not only does it make you feel better, but you get to appreciate nature together.

9. Go Camping

Don’t feel like driving somewhere to camp?

No problem.

Setup tent in the backyard!

It can be just as fun.

10. Go Rock Climbing

Best Date Ideas 3

Find a place in your home town where you can go rock climbing.

It’s another great physical and fun thing to do on a date, and won’t be too time consuming.

11. Sing It Out With Karaoke

Scared to embarrass yourself on a date? Well chances are your date won’t be any better!

Karaoke is a fun thing to do. If you feel the nerves are a bit high, then maybe do it over some wine or cocktails.

12. Prepare An Unusual Meal Together

This is actually a really fun activity to do, and one which I have done.

Some foods are more difficult to prepare from scratch, like dumplings, ravioli or even homemade pastries.

13. Take A Planned Stroll

Going for a nice, peaceful stroll along the beach or somewhere cool during sunset is a great, cheap way to spend a date.

Take a few hours and walk somewhere you really like to go to!

14. Go For A Sunset Drive

Not in the mood to go for a stroll?

Then get in your car and drive around for an hour or two just before it gets dark.

It’s weird how something as simple as a drive can actually be a date, but it is enjoyable.

15. Visit An Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are always looking for people to come visit and help out.

Even just spending a few hours there can be good quality time to spend on a date.

Who knows, maybe one of you even ends up adopting!

16. Go To A Gun Range

Best Date Ideas 4

Spending a date at a gun range will definitely be quite the thrill.

Learning how to shoot might just be a common interest which you two can share. Also, it’s a unique date idea, and quite out there.

Something different is always good to do!

17. Go On A Roadtrip

Roadtrips are awesome.

Now obviously you won’t take someone on a roadtrip on your very first date, but it’s a good idea after a few dates when you guys feel more comfortable together.

18. Have A Ping Pong Tournament

Getting competeitive can be a lot of fun on a date.

Ping pong is a fun game to play with your date, and you can create a mini tournament for yourselves one night.

19. Go Wine Tasting

If you are lucky enough to live near a few wine farms, then spending the afternoon wine tasting is really awesome.

If no wine farms are nearby, then search for a wine bar or something similar.

Most offer various wine tastings!

20. Indoor Picnic

If it’s winter and you couldn’t be assed going outside, then make a picnic on your living room floor.

It’s cheaper than going to a restaurant, and a lot more comfortable!

21. Plant A Garden Together

Head to the local nursery and buy a few plants and get started on a new garden at home.

It could be a veggie garden, flowers or both!

22. Try An At-Home Workout Together

There are so many cool home workouts you could do together, so throw on a decent 20 minute workout and try complete it together.

It doesn’t have to be anything too tough, just something to get the heart rate going.

23. Play Video Games

Best Date Ideas 5

You’ll definitely find at least one game which you can enjoy together.

It might not be Madden or Fifa, but maybe it’s something as original as Super Mario!

24. Fix An Old Piece Of Furniture

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty shitty at DIY stuff.

Turn learning how to fix something into a date, and you’ll kill two birds with one stone!

25. Go To A Billiards Bar

Fancy yourself a good shot?

Playing pool and having a few drinks is a super easy date, and quite some fun.

This idea is perfect for any first date, or if you are still getting to know one another.

26. Play Chess

Whilst spending time in Vietnam, my girlfriend and I used to have coffee in this one chilled out spot everyday. They had a chess board there, and we became pretty obsessed.

It’s a fun way to spend time together, and it’s good for a mental workout.

We both sucked starting out, and just learn’t as we went on!

27. Power Out Date Night

Cut the power, put the phones away and enjoy a date night at home with just some candles and a fire.

28. Do An Online Yoga Class

Way easier than going into a class, and it’s free!

Get the yoga flow going, and see if you can get through an entire yoga class together.

29. Head To A Local Brew

If you both fancy a bit of beer, then find a local brewery and see if you can do a beer tasting.

You’ll most likely also learn a few new things about how beer is actually made!

30. Have A Food Truck Date

Food trucks are pretty awesome, and often serve insanely good food.

If the weather is good, then instead of going to a restaurant or bar, go to a nearby food truck!

31. Go To A Street Market

Street markets can be pretty cool, especially ones that sell interesting things.

The food is usually pretty delicious at these!

32. Volunteer For A Day

Volunteers are always needed, no matter where you live.

Check out your local community pages, and I am sure you’ll find something you guys can do.

33. Head To The Local Library

Best Date Ideas

Do thee even still exist?

You bet they do. Although I’m not too sure how many people actually use them.

But it’s still a cool date idea.

34. Get A Thai Massage

Most cities have a Thai massage place.

My partner and I did this recently, and it’s really good.

A good, authentic Thai massage works wonders on the body!

35. Play Uno

Uno is a fun game, and does definitely bring out the worst in all of us!

We play Uno every week, and tensions do get high. But it’s a fun game, and each round only lasts a few minutes!

36. Go On A Walking Tour

Now some of these can be pretty boring, but you might strike gold and learn some really interesting things about your home town or city.

Most cities have free walking tours, or they’ll be very cheap.

37. Go To The Theatre

If there are any plays or shows on at your local theatre, then buy two tickets and get cultured!

38. Take A Cheap Flight Somewhere

Depending on where you live, chances are you will be able to get some crazy cheap flights every now and then.

Take a random trip somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. As long as the plane tickets are cheap, it’s all good!

39. Play Laser Tag

Be more like Barney Stinson and play some laser tag!

Laser tag is fun and burns through energy, but it’s an awesome idea for a date.

40. Take A Coffee Barista Course Together

Date Ideas

I spent one day doing this, and it was so worth it.

Even if you don’t plan on ever working as a barista, it’s really interesting to learn how to make the perfect cups of coffee, how to do foam art and just understanding the coffee making process.

41. Learn A New Skill

Skills which you aren’t a master of yet are pretty endless.

Learning something new together is a good way to get to know someone, and it’ll bring you closer together.

42. Build A Puzzle

A good, adult puzzle is fun to do together.

Some tricky ones might even take you a few days. But it’s a great, unique date idea.

43. Donate Old Clothes

If you feel like you have too many things in your wardrobe, then get your partner to help you sort through old stuff.

Then go drop off any clothes you don’t need at a local shelter or charity shop!

44. Make A Fire

If you live somewhere where it’s allowed, then make a fire one night and sit around it telling stories.

Fires are great places to just hang out and talk.

45. Visit The Aquarium

Best Date Ideas

Yeah, fish can be boring, but spending some time at an aquarium is pretty sweet.

Especially if your local aquarium has a shark or two!

46. Go Fruit Picking

It’s fun, it’s healthy and something more people should try and do.

Plus, you’ll be able to eat the fruit after!

47. Take A Martial Arts Class

Even if you have never done martial arts together, most gyms offer an introduction type of class which you can do together.

Martial arts are awesome sports, so it could be something you could do together.

48. Cook Each Other Your Favorite Foods

We all have that one type of food we love eating as much as possible.

Spend the day each prepping your best foods, and see how you enjoy it.

49. Explore New Coffee Shops

There are so many great coffee shops at the moment.

So spend a morning trying out a few ones you have never tried.

50. Go Watch A Game

Be it baseball, football, soccer or whatever, sports games are always a fun place to spend a few hours.

Even if you or your partner aren’t that into sports, there’s something about a live sports atmosphere than you just can’t re create anywhere else.

51. Bathe In A Waterfall

Enjoy a romantic time in a waterfall if possible.

Yeah, this isn’t just for films. You can do it in real life too!

52. Rollerskating

Rent a few pairs and go rollerskating on your local promenade.

Rollerskating is pretty easy, and good exercise. So you’ll definitely be able to do this.

53. Try Your Best At Portrait Painting

Date ideas for any couple

It’s super difficult, but try and paint a portrait of one another.

Chances are you won’t look anything like the painting.

But hey, it’s still fun!

54. Go Ten Pin Bowling

It’s easy, fun and every single city has one.

Ten pin bowling is always a good date idea. You can order a few beers, and get competitive!

55. Learn How To Massage

Not only is this a great date idea, it’s actually pretty handy when one of you has a sore neck or back from sitting around or from working out.

Youtube is filled with videos showing how to give proper massages.

56. Go To An Open House

This doesn’t mean you have to buy a house. But you can go visit a few open houes. Especially ones that are way out of your price range!

It’s fun to see how the other half live!

57. Make Pizzas

Date ideas 10

Make pizzas from scratch and get creative.

The hardest part with making your own pizza is getting the dough correct. After that it’s plain sailing!

58. Find A City Viewpoint

Some viewpoints in cities are well hidden.

But once you find them, it’s awesome to be able to look down at the town you call home. Especially at night.

59. Get Married In Vegas

Why not?!

60. Build A Chicken Coop

If you got the space, you should build a chicken coop and raise chickens for eggs.

It’s a great way to be a little sustainable.

61. Learn To Meditate

In this crazy, fast paced world which we live in, learning to meditate can only benefit us all.

You don’t have to be able to do it for hours on end. Just a few minutes is good enough!

62. Get Baking

I love dessert food.

And learning how to make them is a fun thing you can do on a date.

63. See A Comedy Show

Be it stand up or just a random comedy show, nothing beats a date filled with laughter.

64. Ghost Hunt

If this is something you and your date might find to be interesting, then try it out!

65. Plan A Future Trip

It’s fun to sometimes plan out a future trip which you can only dream of right now.

You don’t even have to end up going on it, but talking about that dream vacation can be a fun date.

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