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The Best Beard Styles For Bald Men (Balding With A Beard)

If you are a fellow bald man and are thinking about growing out a beard, then you’ll love these beard styles for bald men which I have put together.

beard styles for bald men

One of the pieces of advice I always give when guys ask me how to look good bald is that, if possible, you should try and grow out some facial hair.

Now not everybody has the ability to grow full on, luscious beards. But everyone can grow a bit of stubble.

Anything other than having a cleanly shaven face, and you are good to go!

It’s no secret that guys who have completely shaven heads do have a bit more of a masculine look.

As I have said before, it mostly comes from people’s association of guys with shaven heads to that of the military, prison inmates, gangsters or any tough guy from action films!

But if you want to take your new found masculine look to another level, then you definitely need to add a beard!

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Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

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If you have taken some of our advice and decided to shave your head completely, then congrats!

As we always say here at The Bald Brothers, if you notice you are going bald then just shave it off already!

After that get fit, add some facial hair, and embrace your new look!

Before we get into some of the best beard styles for bald men, let’s take a look at why every bald guy should have at least a bit of facial hair.

Bald man with a beard holding a pair of scissors. Hands crossed on his chest

5 Reasons Bald Men Should Have Beards

Below are a few reasons every bald guy should grow facial hair!

1. It Looks Tough

A shaved head with a full beard will edge you towards that “tough guy” look you so badly want.

Here’s what you need to do in order to master the “tough guy” look. You shave your head. You grow a beard. You get in shape.

It’s that easy!

And let’s be honest, whenever any of us see a bald guy with a beard, we all think the same thing: “looks tough!”

2. Adds Balance to your Look

A completely shaved head together with a completely shaved face will turn your head into an egg.

By adding a beard to your face, you immediately restore a bit of balance which is lost when you shave your head.

Trust me, it just looks a better!

3. No Need to Shave your Face Everyday

Us bald men already need to shave our heads every other day, so to also have to shave our face can become quite a hassle!

By having a beard, there’s no need to whip out the razor every few days. This also gives your skin on your face a bit of a breather, as often when shaving your face you end up with irritation and burns.

4. You’ll Actually Look Younger

The thing about going bald is that, as time goes on, you’ll continue looking exactly the same age. And if you add a beard to that, you will take a few years off of your age.

Especially if you are already in your 40’s and 50’s.

5. Women Will Find You More Attactive

One of the biggest fears amongst men losing hair is that they won’t be able to get the girl.

First of all, this isn’t exactly true. Trust me.

And secondly, you can actually go the opposite way and look even better with a shaven head if you do it right.

If you are one of the many bald men who is either starting to grow a beard or are already half way there, then you need to check out some of these awesome beard styles for bald men which I have put together.

Now most websites usually put up cartoon images showing all the various types of beards that go with different head shapes.

But I thought it’s best to actually see how different beards look on a bald heads.

Beard Styles for Bald Men

Below are a few beard styles for bald men!

Short Beard / Stubble

As I said before, if you can’t grow a full beard, then stubble is the way to go.

Having a short beard or some stubble is not only easy to acquire and maintain, but it looks really formal too.

Beard styles for bald men
Source: Pins Daddy

Bruce willis really is the king of stubble.

You just need a few days to grow it, and maintaining a stubble is really simple. All you have to do is buy a pair of clippers and you just trim it when it gets too long.

Beard styles for bald men 2
Source: The Toast

Mr Stanley Tucci is another example of how to rock the stubble like a classy badass.

Another example of showing how simply growing your facial hair for a few days really gives you a different kind of look.

If you aren’t able to grow a full, long beard, then this one above is exactly what you should be going for.

It’s just a bit longer than ordinary stubble, but not long enough to be able to show your patchy beard!

Ordinary & Full Beard

If you are lucky enough to be able to grow a full beard, then these ordinary and full beards are definitely for you.

There’s nothing fancy about this beard.

It does require a bit of maintenance whilst growing as most men’s beards won’t all grow at the exact same length.

I wish I could grow a beard as cool as this one!

Long Beard

Long beards require commitment and care. So if you want to take your facial hair game to the next level, then try a few of these out!

Long beard for bald guys

How badass does this beard look?!

This long beard with a great moustache is a bit wilder than the one before. Let the hair grow how it wants! The wide moustache really is the winner here.

Grey beard for bald men
Source: Pic Poci

If your hair is already going grey, then you should be happy. A full beard which is grey is an awesome look.

I know of some guys who decided to dye their beards white or grey to give it an even better look, and it actually works well.

Long Beard with Handlebar Moustache

This raw yet polished look is really a good look for bald men.

By having a handlebar moustache, you immediately attract attention to it.

So make sure it stands out!

Source: Beard Styles

It will take a bit of care and skill to pull this one off, but it’s so worth it.

How amazing do the curls on the ends of this glorious moustache look? Definitely an inspiration!

Moustache Only

Not too bothered about actually growing a beard and would rather have Movember all year round? Then grow that moustache you’ve always been dreaming of!

A handlebar moustache without the beard is also a good look.

If you don’t fancy going for a handlebar moustache, then a simple one as seen above is just as effective.

Or how about a horse shoe moustache?!

The Goatee Beard

Goatee beards are extremely popular, and for good reason! They are real simple to grow and maintain, and look make you look neat and well-groomed!

Many celebrities opt for the goatee as it’s really easy and effective.

Dwayne Johnson has made the goatee his very own famous look, and you’ll mostly see him rocking the goatee beard.

The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is pretty much where the moustache and beard are disconnected.

It’s bold but can look really badass if done correctly!

Hipster Beard

A bushy beard looks pretty masculine.

Don’t let the term “hipster” throw you off here. It’s a solid looking facial hair style, and goes well with a bald head!

Final Thoughts

If you are a bald man or are slowly going bald, then you need to consider letting your facial hair grow a bit.

It will make you look better, and you’ll feel better as a result of it.

So even if you can’t grow a beard (like many men) you can still add some stubble.

Anything will look good, just work with what you have.


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