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How To Overcome Hair Loss: 5 Simple Steps You Must Implement

If you are already showing a few signs of balding and would like to know how to overcome hair loss, own the new look and feel much better about yourself, then this article is for you!

Acquiring a cheat sheet or a short cut to almost anything in life usually leads to a disappointing and disastrous end.

This is the same with hair loss and balding – there is unfortunately no cheat sheet or short cut to overcoming balding and hair loss in a super quick and easy way.

There is also no magic sauce that’s going to make your hair grow back quicker, either.

No shampoo or surgery will solve your balding and emotional turmoil surrounding hair loss.

Trust me.

We know this!

So I am telling you directly that you need to learn to deal with your emotions as soon as your hair loss journey starts.

Get to the root of the problem early!

How quickly you deal with the emotional side of balding and hair loss will dictate what path your life will go in the next few weeks, months and years. This depends how long you wait to take action and to be proactive.

After having gone through this hair loss process, I have decided to break down the process into five distinct steps below.

This basic guideline of five steps is used by Monks to self-master their minds.

I have used these basic five steps to help men when going through the suffering of balding and hair loss.

The point of this exercise is for you to recognise what phase and step you are currently emotionally in.

This exercise will certainly be very useful if you follow the steps below and are prone to change.

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How To Overcome Hair Loss: 5 Steps You Can Use To Master Your Balding Emotions

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Below are 5 simple steps you can follow when trying to figure out how to overcome hair loss.

How To Overcome Hair Loss 2

Step #1: Recognise

What state of mind are you in with regards to balding and hair loss?

The first step is to recognise that you are still in denial and you haven’t accepted that you are losing your hair.

This is a powerful step because once you recognise that you are balding, you are probably on your way to being proactive about this situation.

Step #2: Accept

Do you accept what you look like?

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the situation will allow you to move forward a lot quicker.

We preach and speak about this in The Bald Bible a lot – acceptance is a crucial step in your balding journey!

Acceptance also brings peace of mind and calm to the situation, as you realize that you cannot do anything about it.

You basically look at yourself in the mirror and say:

“This is what I look like and I accept it fully. There is nothing I can do about my hair loss but there is something I can do about my perception and mental state towards it!”.

Once you have accepted the straight facts that you are balding, you can move onto the next phase and investigate your mental and emotional state on this topic.

Step #3: Investigate

The third stage and step (this is the most important stage) is to investigate your emotional and mental state, and to ask yourself why you felt all those negative emotions.

You need to take some time, sit down and analyse your own emotions and take note of how they make you feel.

What is the reason for you feeling this way?

Are you worried what others might think of you?

Are you worried you are losing a big part of yourself now that your hair is thinning and balding?

Are you feeling scared, anxious and stressed?

Once you have taken stock and written down the way you feel, then you can figure out a way to deel with it and overcome these emotions and feelings towards your balding.

The exercise in stage three will go a long way to calming you down, and also getting your control back and owning your situation.

How To Overcome Hair Loss 2

Step#4: Non-Identify

The second last stage is to always remember that you are not your hair loss situation.

You need to unidentify yourself from your balding and hair loss.

If you identify yourself as a man (or woman) that suffers from hair loss and balding, then you are creating a mental and emotional burden for yourself that is very unnecessary and avoidable.

Step away and separate yourself from your balding and hair loss.

Step #5: Be Proactive & Implement Change If Needed

The last step is to make a proactive decision and to implement change where necessary and needed.

There is no point in doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you have gone through steps 1 to 4 as per above and have decided that your hair loss and balding situation is in dire need of a change, then you need to be proactive by implementing and embracing change.

This is usually done by starting to shave your head with a pair of clippers and then gradually moving onto shaving your head with a razor blade until you are shaving your head every three or four days!

Embracing your baldness is being proactive towards change.

Can The Bald Bible Help You Overcome Your Balding Issues?

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The Bald Bible was written by The Bald Brothers themselves, and is an in depth guide for every man who is struggling to overcome baldness.

Many men believe that all is lost when they discover that they are balding, but the truth is you can actually turn this negative into a big positive.

The Bald Bible is all about turning a negative balding situation into a positive situation, and is packed with our experiences surrounding hair loss and balding.

We have gone down the classic, long road of baldness.

Over 10 years to be exact!

From trying to have our hair grow back by using fancy and expensive products and shampoos, styling our hair a certain way to hide our baldness, or by simply wearing caps.

We know the feeling.

But we also understand how much time and energy we wasted with this technique.

So once we finally decided to take the plunge and embrace our baldness, our lives got a whole lot easier.

Final Words

Every man struggling with hair loss and baldness has to go down their own emotional balding journey and usually figure it out for themselves.

We have given you a basic five step guideline about how to break down and approach your balding emotions and how to overcome it.

I hope you found this article informative and that you are on your way to being proactive and embracing change.

Stay healthy!


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