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Balding Young – How To Deal With Balding In Your 20s

If you are balding young and wondering how to deal with it, then this article might just help you out!

Balding Young

We started balding in our 20s and we know exactly what that feels like.

Being in your 20s, you may feel like you are too young to experience hair loss and with this comes the added emotional turmoil and stress which is suddenly thrust upon you.

You are most likely asking yourself, “why is this happening to me?”.

If you are balding in your 20s and don’t know how to deal with it, you definitely need to keep reading below!

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Balding Young: Is It Usual To Experience Hair Loss In Your 20s?

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Going bald in your 20s or teens may start very gradually, and normally starts with thinning hair or a receding hairline. One of the main causes of going bald in your early 20s is male pattern baldness.

Men that are in a state of male pattern baldness can suffer from hair loss as early as teenagers.  

Hair loss causes vary from person to person, but are almost always to do with our unlucky genes.

Once the hair loss starts, it’s quite difficult to stop it at all!

What Percentage Of Men Experience Hair Loss In Their 20s?

I have noticed that men lose their hair earlier and earlier these days. Hair loss and a receding hairlines are widespread issues nowadays, which many of us have to deal with!

So, what percentage of men go bald in their 20s?

A recent study done by the NHS reveals that 25% of men suffering from male pattern baldness start losing hair before they reach the age of 20 to 21.

Also, it affect around 50% of men aged 50 years.

Balding Young
Source: Skullshaver

Let’s also look at some statistics regarding race, ethnicity and baldness to find out what race seems to have the most bald guys.

As you can see in the graph below, caucasian men experience the highest level of male pattern baldness. These are followed by African Americans and then Chinese and Japanese, with Native Americans being the least likely race to experience baldness.

Balding Young
Source: Skullshaver

Another statistic you might find interesting is which country has the highest percentage of men going bald.

Here are the 10 countries with the baldest population:

1. Czech Republic (42.79% of men going bald)

2. Spain (42.60%)

3. Germany (41.24%)

4. France (39.10%)

5. USA (39.04%)

6. Italy (39.01%)

7. Poland (38.84%)

8. Netherlands (37.93%)

9. Canada (37.42%)

10. United Kingdom (36.03%)

As you can see by the statistics above, hair loss and balding is very common amongst caucasian men in Europe, USA and Canada.

If you live in one of these countries you are almost 40-50% likely to be going bald as some point in your life (which isn’t a bad thing!).

Balding Young
Source: Hatena Blog

Common Causes Of Hair Loss

There are actually a few causes which can lead to hair loss.

The most common and powerful one is definitely unlucky genes.

But there are also a few other causes which have been found that can lead to an increase in hair loss.

Below are just a few common causes of men going bald:

1. Male Pattern Baldness/Genetics: This is one of the main causes of going bald young. It can be inherited from either side of your family and affects both men and women.

This is a genetic condition and men can start losing hair as early as their 20s or teens.

Unfortunately there is no cure or magic potion for male pattern baldness, and consequently causes permanent hair loss.

2. Poor Diet & Nutrition: Poor nutrition, crash diets and low levels of biotin, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin A, B-complex vitamins can lead to hair loss and receding hairline.

3. Stress: Hair loss can also be brought on by stress. Young people are under high stress these.

Stress related hair loss can be temporary, but it can also speed up other forms of hair loss such as male pattern baldness.

4. Weight Loss: In certain cases, weight loss can lead to temporary hair loss. This condition is when physical stress forces the hair follicles to move into an inactive stage.

5. Alcohol: Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to balding in your 20s.

Usually this form of hair loss is considered to be temporary.

6. Medical Conditions: There are several autoimmune diseases such as alopecia, thyroid disease and scalp infections such as ringworm which cause hair loss.

What Are The Stages & Signs Of Balding?

There are a few signs of balding, with the most common being:

1. Gradual hair thinning: This happens gradually and appears on top of the head and around the temples. It’s a slow process and may or may not be caused by male pattern baldness (hereditary/genetics).

2. Patchy bald spots: This form of hair loss only affects the scalp. You will notice sudden bald spots in specific areas of your head. This is normally caused by an autoimmune response.

3. Sudden losing of hair: Overall hair thinning appears and not bald patches.

4. Full body hair loss: Medical treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer can result in hair loss all over your body. This is a temporary form of hair loss and your hair grows back after a period of time.

These are the main signs of balding, but I have added a picture below to show you the stages of balding that quite a lot of men experience.

Source: AHS India

Balding Young: How To Deal And Cope With Baldness?

Now that we know where the hell balding comes from and how it’s perfectly normal for so many men, we need to discuss how to actually deal with this.

But how do you actually deal with going bald?

This is a topic that we have good experience in because we went down that emotional rabbit hole for 8 years prior to shaving our heads.

As mentioned above, if you are experiencing male pattern baldness which is the thinning of hair in certain spots or just in general, then you cannot reverse balding.

You pretty much have two options – Hide your baldness for as long as possible, or take the short route by getting ride of what you have left.

Let’s dissect these two options quickly.

Option 1: Hide Your Baldness

This is normally the route most guys take initially.

It’s the easiest and safest option, and one which we also took.

This is done by adjusting your hairstyles in certain ways, wearing caps and hats, and trying any other trick to cover up that thinning hair!

I clearly remember taking this route for years and years. And I am sure if you are balding, then you’ll be able to relate to this.

Whilst hiding your baldness buys you a little time, it really isn’t good for your state of mind.

Even though no one really notices that fact that you are balding, you know the truth. And it can really hammer down your self confidence in a big way.

Option 2: Embrace The Baldness

This option is where we have been for a while now.

For me, it took a few years of hiding my baldness before I decided to just get ride of all my hair once and for all.

It was pretty on the spot, and I didn’t think about how I would look with a completely shaved head to be honest.

I remember getting myself a pair of clippers and giving myself a number 0 shave.

A few days later I grabbed one of my girlfriend’s disposable razors and sliced off the last bit of leftover hair.

For me, it was the best thing I have ever done. And there are so many other guys who agree with us too!

Ask anyone with a completely shaved head, and they’ll tell you how it’s the best thing they have ever done.

You’ll feel liberated, free and just awesome.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out our Instagram page and you’ll see many posts of some of our readers before and after they were bald.

You decide which looks better!


I am going to keep this short and to the point.

Don’t be like we were.

Don’t hang on expecting it to grow back because it ain’t!

Confidence is key.

Embrace your baldness and own it.

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough” – The Bald Brothers.

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