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19 Bald Celebrities Before & After Embracing Baldness

There are so many bald celebrities at the moment who look a lot better now than when they had hair, and in this post I am going to show you a few of them!

Taking the plunge and shaving your head when you are balding is usually met with quite a lot of fear.

We never know how we are going to look before we decide to completely shave our head, and sometimes it’s good to get a bit of inspiration from a few famous faces.

People think that a shaved head will reduce your looks, but this isn’t exactly true.

Having a 100% shaved head can actually change your look completely for the better!

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Bald Celebrities That Look Better Than Before

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Below are 19 bald celebrities that will remind you that being bald can look just at good as ever.

Use these before and after shots as a bit of inspiration, and remember to always embrace your baldness!

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Source / Bangkok Post

I think we all forgot how this guy used to look with hair, as he has been rocking the bald look for so long now!

But The Rock did sport some decent hair back in the day, although I think we could all agree that he looks a lot better now.

2. Jason Statham

Source / Earth Slot

We know Jason Statham as the badass British actor who knows how to hold his own in a fight.

Do you think he would still look as badass with his old hair?

I highly doubt it.

Statham starting losing his hair quite early on, and the bald look has definitely suited him and his fighting skills.

3. Joe Rogan

bald celebrities
Source / Improv

The king of podcasts has often spoken about his hair loss journey.

Joe has admitted to trying out many different hair loss cures and chemicals that claimed to work, but said that taking the plunge was the best thing he ever did.

It’s strange to see him with hair, as we all know him as a bald icon.

4. Bruce Willis

bald celebrities
Source / Popsugar

In the early days of his career, Bruce Willis rocked the hair.

Then nature happened, and he started balding slowly.

Thankfully he decided to get rid of it all immediately, and this actually helped him a lot in playing a few hardcore movie roles.

5. Vin Diesel

IMDB / Forbes

I don’t think I have actually watched a movie where Vin Diesel has any hair, but apparently he used rock the hair back in the day!

Action stars and a bald head seem to go together really well, and Vin is another example of that.

6. Kelly Slater

bald celebrities
Source / Ezra Productions

The world’s most famous surfer has been rocking the bald look for quite some time now, and it definitely suits him.

On top of looking better, it’s a lot more practical for someone who spends his career in the sun and ocean!

7. Tyson Fury

Pink News / Give Me Sport

The boxing legend only started shaving his head 100% quite recently.

Until then, he wasn’t afraid to show his balding head.

To be honest, he looks 10 times better now than ever! And when he grows a beard, his look is even more balanced.

8. Woody Harrelson

bald celebrities
Source / Source

I can’t imagine Harrelson playing some of his most famous roles with a full head of hair.

His baldness goes really well with his characters, and in real life the man is one of the most zen human beings around.

It’s definitely a good look on the man!

Although one bit of advice I would give him is to grab a razor and just shave off the last bit of hair.

9. Patrick Stewart

bald celebrities
Source / Tommy Garcia

Amongst the older generation, Patrick Stewart is known as the shining light who carries the bald flag for every man experiencing head loss.

He lost most of his hair at a really young age, and has said in interviews that he has to wear a wig when he first started acting.

Thank God he got rid of that!

10. John Travolta

bald celebrities
Magzter / Pop Sugar

I think John has been hiding his baldness for quite some time now, and only recently did he decide to fully embrace it.

We are so used to seeing him with a normal head of hair, but the bald look does suit him.

I just don’t think it would work in Grease or Saturday Night Fever!

11. Jeff Bezos

bald celebrities
Business Insider / BBC

If you are worth over $200million and are bald, then that should surely be enough proof that there is NO cure for hair loss?

As we always say, if you are balding then you should just shave it off!

Bezos looks younger and pretty badass as a bald man, especially when you compare his bald look to his previous one.

12. Stanley Tucci

bald celebrities
Paramount Pictures / Source

Tucci never hid his baldness.

In fact, in many films you can clearly see that the man was half way to embracing his baldness.

And one day he finally shaved it all off.

And I think we can all agree he looks way better, and smarter than before!

13. Laurence Fishburne

bald celebrities
Amsterdam News / uTV4fun

We all know him from The Matrix, and there he already rocked the bald look.

But he was, just like all of us, a fair headed man at one point in time.

Definitely looks best now!

14. John Malkovich

bald celebrities
Petr Novák, Wikipedia / Source

Looking at the image of John with hair, it’s quite clear that he also didn’t mind hanging on as long as possible.

And even these days it feels like he doesn’t mind letting it hair grow a little, showing off his baldness.

Just keep it off, John!

15. Mike Tyson

The Sun / Instagram/miketyson

The baddest man on the planet has also had a bit of hair loss experience!

To be honest, Mike can rock whatever hairstyle he wants, and no one would dare say anything.

Although he does look best with a completely shaved head!

16. Jon Cryer

bald celebrities
80s Kids

I’ll be honest.

I watched the entire Two And A Half Men series and had absolutely no idea that the man was actually bald.

Jon has said in a few interviews that the hair he had in the show was actually glued onto his scalp.

I guess it was for the benefit of his character.

Although he looks a lot less geeky and a lot more badass with his shaved head!

17. Howie Mandel

From fro to nothing, Howie Mandel has had all sorts of hairstyles.

He is another famous bald man that we can all take inspiration from.

18. Terry Crews

bald celebrities
Source / Tim Ferriss

I don’t know about you, but for me Terry Crews just looks strange with hair!

Luckily when the balding came his way, he decided to quickly get rid of the remaining hair.

19. Mark Strong

bald celebrities
ShortList / Source

You might remember him from Zero Dark Thirty where he had a full head of hair, but Mark Strong rocks the completely shaved head look really well!

His head has the perfect shape for baldness, yet I personally think all heads are good enough to rock the bald look.


I don’t about you, but I think that each and every single one of these bald celebrities look a lot better now than before.

We try and share as many people’s journey of going bald on Instagram, and every before and after shot we do always ends up with the completely bald look looking better than before.

Hopefully you take some inspiration from these bald celebrities and decide to also take the plunge and shave your head!


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