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10 Valuable Lessons From Shaving My Head – Why It Needs To Be Done

In this post I am going to share 10 valuable life lessons I learnt from shaving my head, and why it’s not all doom and gloom once your hair starts thinning and the balding sets in.

This may come as a surprise to many of you that are currently experiencing some sort of hair loss.

Whether you are at the initial stages of balding or it is quite evident that you are already balding, you are most likely experiencing some form of traumatic, emotional turmoil. And the last thing you think possible is that there are actually valuable life lessons to be learnt from balding and shaving and your head.

This article is for those who don’t see light at the end of tunnel with your current hair loss situation.

Before we dive into the valuable life lessons which I have learnt from shaving my head, let’s look at why shaving your head is just a plain good idea. And quite frankly, good for your health!

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Shaving Your Head – Why It’s Good For You

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I’ve used balding as a good excuse to improve my life in many ways, and you too can do the same.

Personally for me, embracing baldness and shaving my head every two to three days has actually made my life better (and easier).

I think I could break it down into two different categories.

Firstly, the mental health benefits of embracing my baldness and the fact that it’s something I don’t have to stress about anymore.

And secondly, I used it as motivation to get in shape fast. And still do 3 years later!

I feel like shaving my head has freed up plenty psychological clock time.

Pretty much everything coming from taking the plunge has been positive, so keep reading to find out more!

Mental Health Benefits Of Shaving Your Head

From what I remember, when you start balding and noticing that your hair is already thinning, your mind starts to go a bit loopy and overthinking starts to set in.

It’s pretty normal, and actually understandable in hindsight.

But when you are in the moment and experiencing all of these emotions, the it’s a very different story!

No guy wants to lose his hair.

For so long we often think that our hair directly impacts our looks, and without it we would come across as a lot less attractive.

This then leads to a massive drop in self confidence and self esteem, and you can start to think less of yourself.

It’s a shitty path to go down, but one that most balding guys will experience at some point.

10 Best Lessons From Shaving My Head

So, how did shaving my head impact my state of mind?

And what valuable lessons did I learn from shaving my head?

There are a quite few positives that come from shaving your head, especially if you are a balding guy.

Below are 10 ways in which embracing my baldness and shaving my head impacted me in a certain number of ways. And what valuable life lessons I learnt from taking the plunge and shaving it all off!

Lessons learnt from shaving head 2

#1: You Are Not Defined By Your Hair Loss & Balding

In the midst of hair loss and balding, this becomes very hard to understand and process.

But you are not your hair loss and you should not define yourself by your balding.

Trust me, you most likely make a bigger deal of all of this than anyone else you know.

I dwelled on this step for far too long.

If you have to take only one important thing from this article, let it be this!

#2: I Look Better With A Shaved Head Anyway

When I tell most people that I prefer my shaved head to having hair, I generally get a response like “well that’s because you can’t grow hair” or “you wish you had hair” etc.

But in all seriousness, I really prefer my shaved head look to when I had hair.

And I think I look better too!

#3: Dealing With My Emotions

Yes, this is a big one.

I only realized afterwards that it was all in my own head, and that I had made up this dreadful hair loss story all by myself.

Was I playing the villain in my own head and asking why this is happening to me?

In hindsight, I would say yes.

Learning to deal with my emotions and take control of them was the biggest thing which I learnt from balding.

I would go as far as saying balding helped me develop the skills necessary to manage my emotions.

#4. Spend More Time Working Out

Once my head was shaved and I freed myself like a prisoner from its own emotional prison, I could focus all of my energy and time on working out a lot more.

It was almost as if shaving my head was a trigger to get in shape and reinvent my body.

It’s no secret that an in shape guy with a shaved head looks good, so I definitely used this as a motivator!

#5: No One Can Say Shit Anymore

By taking the plunge and razoring your head, your mates literally cannot ever say anything about you going bald anymore.

Why is this?

Because by shaving your head you immediately own the look, get rid of any bald spots, and it takes away any power your mates have!

#6: You Are Able To Reinvent Yourself Quicker

When you take the next step and shave your head, you immediately sport a brand new look.

You create a new identity almost.

So the sooner you do this, the sooner you can work on your new look and take ownership of it.

Within weeks, people would have completely forgotten that you ever had any hair on your head!

#7: It Could Get Harder The Longer You Wait

As time goes by and you keep putting off going full on bald, it will become more and more difficult to make the tough decision of shaving your head.

The longer you wait the harder it’ll get to change your mind.

Make an early call and be decisive.

You definitely will not regret it!

#8: It’s Less Noticeable Early On

If you start noticing a little bit of baldness coming your way, then chances are most people can’t even see that just yet.

We tend to always notice things on our bodies before anyone else.

So by shaving your head early on, people might not even know that you ever were bald.

And slowly everyone will just know you as the shaved head guy.

Notice it early and shave it early I say!

#9: Time, Money & Energy Saved

I realized very quickly how much money and time I saved by shaving my head.

No more trips to the barber and no more money spent on expensive shampoos and haircuts.

But for me the biggest saver was how much emotional energy I saved myself.

This was a massive time waster, and wondering what everyone thought of my thinning hair caused me a lot of stress and anxiety.

#10: Men & Women Respect Bald Men More

By shaving your head and taking ownership of your current hair loss situation, you gain more respect.

Whether this is conscious or subconscious, it doesn’t really matter.

The respect is taken up a notch, that’s for sure.

Women also find bald men more attractive and confident, and bald men are seen as more dominant in a work environment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, taking the plunge and shaving your head only improved my life!

Making this life choice gave me loads of valuable life lessons that made me a better human.

These life lessons I have learnt above could only have come from going out of my comfort zone, and this was embracing my baldness & hair loss and deciding to take ownership of it.


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