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Dealing With Hair Loss: Why It’s Important To Let Go

Dealing your hair loss and letting go of what you got is something that I always preach, but I recently have come to realize that it isn’t that easy to just ‘shave it off’ and ’embrace your baldness’ for a lot of men.

Dealing your hair loss

I had a long hard think about my hair loss time line recently, and I quickly realize and remembered that it did take me a good 8 years to take the plunge!

Is it then fair of me to expect every man that is experiencing male pattern baldness to just take the plunge and shave it off?

Would it be that easy for most guys?

The answer is simple.

No, it isn’t as easy and straight forward as that.

It took me a number of years to get rid of my last bit of hair, so I can understand why it would take the same amount of time for any other guy.

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Dealing With Hair Loss The Best Way

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Our whole lives we have been made to believe that our hair is our crown.

And now when it starts thinning and male pattern baldness kicks in we are just expected to shave it off?

This totally goes against everything that society has told us!

I also understand that this attitude of ‘just shave it off’ would bring in doubt from many balding guys, because surely the solution can’t be that easy? Especially if you are a self-conscious man.

Reverse psychology says that if you usually tell someone to do something, they end up doing the opposite, or don’t really listen to your advice at all.

So in this article I have decided to take a different approach to the balding.

The approach I am going with is talk why it’s important let go and embrace what you look like instead of what you want to look like.

There are, in fact, quite a few guys who literally shave their heads the moment they discover they are balding.

Now this might not be you, and if it isn’t, then the content below will definitely help you out.

This article is targeted at men who fear baldness and hair loss and don’t know how to overcome it.

If you fall into this latter category, then this article is for you and suggest you keep reading below!

4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Baldness

Dealing with hair loss

Baldness is one of the greatest male taboos – something to be hidden under beanies and hats.

Most men that undergo some form of hair loss suffer alone in the bathroom mirror.

One of the biggest fears when going bald is what other people will think.

I used to ask myself questions like “will people make fun of me?”, “will I be attractive?” and “will people think I look different?”.

I guess you could say that humans hate the fear of the unknown, as we lose our ability to control the outcome.

Hair loss and balding is similar in this sense – you lose all ability to control the outcome.

The outcome being what you will look like when its all shaved off.

So how do you overcome your fear of baldness?

I personally think you need to embrace hair loss and see it as a part of your journey and direction in life.

By embracing hair loss, you just see it as part of life.

This generally leads to a more positive outlook towards hair loss, and with this attitude you tend to see hair loss and balding in a positive, open state of mind.

I have divised four reasons why you should embrace baldness below.

#1: Nobody Cares

The truth is that no one cares – at least nowhere near as much as you do.

I remember the first day after shaving my head I got a few looks and a few comments from friends and family, but overall the experience was very underwhelming and a lot less daunting than I thought it would be.

All my family and friends largely ignored it and were very complimentary after I had made the change.

As soon as I took the plunge and faced my fears and accepted my fate, all my insecurities faded away very quickly.

Not only does being more confident discourage negative comments or chirps, but it also makes you not care about what people think.

#2: You Will Earn A lot Of Respect

People will respect you a lot more for embracing your baldness.


Men that have taken the plunge earn immediate respect for being bold and ballsy.

Most people in modern western society have at some point felt bad about the way they look.

So people are obviously impressed when they see someone that’s so clearly stuck their middle finger up to that voice that sometimes tells us we’re no good.

I’ve personally seen shifts in my relationships with both men and women since shaving my head.

People generally seem to have more time and respect for me.

It’s the polar opposite to the comb over approach, which generally gives out the signal and conveys a sense of hiding who you really are.

This is definitely not giving off the “hardcore” look and most people tend to lose respect for you.

Dealing with hair loss 2

#3: You Will Be More Attractive

I’ve noticed since shaving my head – and I could be totally wrong as it’s just my own opinion and perspective – is that it has really polarized my attractiveness.

A bald head is a shiny added feature to a man’s look, and this can be striking to many people who haven’t seen you with your new shaved head.

I have definitely noticed a lot more interest from men and women in my new bald look than I did with my thinning hair which I was trying to hang on to.

The biggest change I have experienced is the change it has made to my personality. I’ve gone from constantly worrying about how my hair looked and whether anyone could tell I was balding, to just not caring.

Self assurance and confidence are two qualities that increased since taking the plunge.

And these are two of the most attractive qualities in a person.

#4: Trying To Prevent It Is A Waste Of Money And Time

I am very ashamed to admit that I did try and recover my hair loss by trying alternative therapies such as hair growth shampoos and massages to try and reactivate my hair growth.

I did fall for this marketing scheme, and in hindsight I should’ve known better.

Surgery, though, was a step too far and thankfully I never considered or tried it!

Not only are all these treatments very expensive, they’re also a temporary solution to the problem and a waste of money.

They are also mentally damaging to your health, because you are constantly trying to fix your hair loss issues. And we all know that there is no fix to male pattern baldness.

I’ve also read horrible reviews of men who take hormonal treatments that are designed to block the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. They end up becoming severely depressed, anxious and experience wild mood swings!

The best advice I can give you is to avoid any hair loss treatments. These can range from anything from hair growth shampoos to hormonal treatment and just shave it off!

Final Words

Embracing hair loss is something that we at The Bald Brothers preach about and have mentioned in countless previous posts on our website.

The bad news is simply this: Once your hair loss journey starts, it’s impossible to reverse male pattern baldness and have your hair grow back again.

This unfortunately is true, but is also a very freeing thought!

We have been lead to believe that hair loss is the end of world, but I am here to tell thats it’s actually the beginning of the rest of your life!

Learning to embrace your hair loss is a good way to go about the whole hair loss process.


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