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Push Up Benefits: 10 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs To Do Push Ups

Wondering how many push up benefits exist? Well, in this post I am going to break down the top 10 benefits you get from doing push ups regularly!

push up benefits

Push ups, the old classical physical exercise that’s known to every living person.

I remember growing up at school, we had to do many of them, and I absolutely hated them.

Then for a number of years I completely forgot about them, and only pumped iron.

I believed that you could only get strong by lifting weights, and that anything bodyweight related was a waste of time.

How wrong I was!

But more recently, I have fallen back in love with everything to do with bodyweight fitness.

As you already know, here at The Bald Brothers we live and breathe bodyweight fitness.

It’s our favorite type of fitness, and we try and smash out a few bodyweight workout routines on a weekly basis.

Although we do sometimes forget!

How To Actually Do A Push Up

I see so many guys doing push ups with really bad form.

Not only will this hinder your results, but it may actually lead to injury.

Below is a video demonstrating how to do the perfect push up.

10 Push Up Benefits

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The great thing about push ups is that you can do them whenever you feel like it, wherever you want.

You can do them as part of a workout routine, or you can just drop down and get a few sets done when you are in the mood.

I remember at my old job we used to set daily push up challenges amongst some of the guys, and it was a real fun way of getting strong.

If you haven’t done so yet, then you got to check out our 30 day push up challenge, where we challenge you to complete 3000 push ups in a month!

Right, let’s get to a few of the push up benefits that exist.

Below I have laid down 10 of the best push up benefits that I have personally found to gain from practicing push ups on a regular basis.

Let us all know if there are any added benefits which you feel deserves to be on the list!

push up benefits

1. Increase Strength

Pretty obvious, huh?

But I don’t think guys realize how well they actually can improve your upper body strength.

I have found push ups to give me a lot more natural and functional strength.

This I can feel when pushing and lifting things.

Push ups mainly work your chest and arm muscles, but they help with your core too.

2. There Are Many Variations

The great thing about push ups is that there are many different ways in which you can do them. And with each variation, you work a few different muscles and gain strength in different areas.

From the standard push up, incline push up or narrow grip push up to the more complex ones such as the superman push up. There are many to try!

If you want to give yourself a challenge, then check out these 20+ push up variations!

3. Good For Stability

If you do push ups correctly, then your core will definitely be activated.

Eventually, you’ll start to get more comfortable with being in a push up position. And even be able to do them one legged, and eventually one handed!

4. Can Be Done Anywhere

One of the best benefits, in my opinion, is that they can be done from anywhere.

No need to go to the gym.

No need to even get dressed.

You can smash out push ups in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or wherever you want!

5. Helps Daily Life

As I said before, push ups are a good functional exercise to do.

So they can help you in everyday life.

Think about how often you push things around, open doors, shut things, carry things etc.

You’ll definitely feel a difference in your everyday life.

Push Up Benefits

6. Saves Time & Money

If you decide to make bodyweight fitness your only way of keeping fit, then you’ll save a lot of money by not joining a gym or buying a lot of equipment.

On top of that, you save time by not having to travel back and forth to the gym.

7. Good For Cardio Health

If you combine push ups with a few other bodyweight exercises, you can get the heart racing real quickly.

It’s possible to get in a cardio workout by just doing a few bodyweight workouts.

Check out these workouts.

They are a good place to start!

8. Can Improve Your Posture

If you focus on doing your push ups 100% correctly, it can lead to improving your posture.

I have found that this is due to just focussing on having a straight back, and everything else in the correct place.

9. They Are A Challenge

You can track your progress with push ups really well.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s a great feeling to see how much you improve over time.

And as your reps get higher, you can slowly start implementing more challenging variations.

It’s quite endless what you can actually do.

10. You’ll Feel Good About Yourself

You feel really good when you are able to get 300 push ups done each day.

Trust me, it’s like having that “runner’s high” feeling.

The beginning can be tough, but once you push through that initial ceiling then it’s plain sailing!


If you are only starting out with push ups and want to learn how to do more reps, then you got to check out this post.

Other than that, keep practicing your push ups on a regular basis.

They are awesome, and will keep making you stronger and stronger.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to do a few 100 push ups every single day. And your body will thank you for it!