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Amazing Travel Bodyweight Workouts To Keep Fit On The Road!

These travel bodyweight workouts are perfect for anyone who can’t find a gym, or even for guys who want to get fit at home!

Travel Bodyweight Workouts 2

When we travel or move away from our usual place of living for an extended period of time, our workout routine is usually broken.

Most people struggle to find a way to keep in shape, but it’s actually not as hard as you think to keep up with a fitness routine.

Instead of allowing yourself to get sloppy and completely stop exercising for a few weeks, try out a few travel bodyweight workouts that you can do in your hotel room or in the local park!

Not only will you maintain your fitness levels, but you’ll feel even better every single day.

4 Simple Ways To Stay In Shape While On The Road

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If you are currently travelling and want a few tips on how to stay fit and healthy, then below are my top 4 tips for staying in shape!

1. Bodyweight training: Bodyweight workouts and training require no equipment at all. All you need is just enough surface area to fit your body and some discipline to workout for 10-20 minutes a day whilst abroad (we will get into our favourite bodyweight workouts while travelling later on in this article).

2. Practice yoga and stretch every day: Travelling usually involves a lot of sitting and non movement for hours on end. Doing 5-10 minutes a day of yoga and stretching everyday can be highly beneficial, and is also a very good workout!

Yet again, you don’t need much in terms of equipment.

Just a floor space big enough to fit your body and a yoga mat.

3. Intermittent fasting: We usually go for what’s easy and unhealthy while travelling because of its convenience. Practicing intermittent fasting while traveling is a great way to stay in shape.

I usually skip breakfast about 3 to 4 times a week and eat my first meal around 11am, giving me a 16 hour fasting window (assuming you ate your last meal at 7pm the night before).

This habit has served me well while travelling because it prevents me from snacking on junk food, and secondly helps me maintain a steady weight while giving me good energy levels to sustain the day!

4. Cut back on alcohol: I get it. When travelling for leisure or holidays, we get excited and those first few days on an island can be taxing on the liver. But we all know deep down inside that over consumption of alcohol is not good for us!

Cutting back on booze while travelling long stints is really beneficial, and it positively affects your mood swings, sleep patterns, energy levels and how much weight you gain.

Our Best Travel Bodyweight Workouts

Our bodyweight workouts and fitness routines at The Bald Brothers consist, on average, of less than 20 minutes per workout.

The good news is that 20 minutes per session is all you really need to stay in shape and keep fit.

And you could even compromise and bust out anywhere from 5-15 minute workout sessions while travelling, and still maintain a good physique.

You don’t need much equipment and you certainly don’t need a lot of space to workout.

I am going to divide my favourite bodyweight workouts which I use when at home or travelling into two different sections below:

  1. Three different bodyweight workouts that are between 7 and 15 minutes.
  2. My two favourite workouts that I use on YouTube.

These workouts all require no equipment at all, focus on your full body and can be done from any location.

Bodyweight workouts that are between 7 and 15 minutes

I have hand picked my favourite three bodyweight workouts for you to use while on the road (or at home).

Please note that I have not included a warm up for any of these workouts.

So here we go!

#1: 7 Minute Morning Workout From Home: No Excuses!

7 sets. 7 exercises. 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest between sets.

Exercises: push ups, squats, knees to chest, jump squats, flutter kicks, burpees and planks.

Time needed: 7 minutes.

#2: 12 Minute Morning Blast Bodyweight Workout 

This workout is effective, will get your heart rate racing and consists of 4 different exercises.

Exercises: Pushups, burpees, abs to knees and jump squats.

Time needed: 10 Minutes.

#3: 15 Minute Lower Bodyweight Workout

The workout is pretty simple, but very intense on your legs.

3 rounds. 4 exercises. Working for 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds.

Exercises: body squats, reverse lunges, jump squats and jumping lunges.

Time needed: 15 minutes maximum.

These 3 bodyweight workouts above are some of my favourite at home bodyweight workouts that I use at home and when I travel.

Make sure to give them a try!

Bodyweight Workouts On YouTube

I personally am a big fan of using Fitness Blender’s YouTube workouts.

They have loads, ranging from HITT workouts to stretching, and are 100% free to use.

All you need is some wifi and a smartphone or laptop.

I have been alternating between these 2 bodyweight workouts below which focus on the lower body, and incorporate pilates exercises too.

#1: Lower Bodyweight Butt And Thigh Workout

Exercises: This routine focuses on lower body and core with plenty of squats, lunges and pilates being incorporated.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

#2: Lower Bodyweight Workout – No Equipment Needed

This workout is very similar to the workout above. The only difference is that this workout is 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest between sets.

Exercises: Focus on lower body and abdominals with pilates being incorporated.

Time needed: 20 minutes.


A good trick is to start doing these workouts at home and get your fitness levels up to a certain standard while correcting your technique and form.

Then once you hit road and start travelling, these workouts will be second nature and won’t be that difficult to add into your travels.

Keeping fit while travelling takes discipline, but a healthy body is irreplaceable and will just enhance your energy levels, especially when on the road.

Stay healthy and keep fit!