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No Equipment Lower Bodyweight Workout You Can Do At Home

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This no equipment, lower bodyweight workout is a really good workout which you can smash out at home.

Lower Bodyweight Workout

This week I decided to put together a really good no equipment workout focussing on my lower body.

I find it’s often easier to come up with cardio and upper bodyweight workouts, and often we overlook the lower body.

But this workout which I completed was a real burner, and I am glad I did it!

What we will be doing:

This lower bodyweight workout consists of 3 sets in total, each taking no longer than 5 minutes.

We will be using time rather than counting reps, so make sure you have a stopwatch or your phone nearby!

Instead of taking a normal rest, we will be doing jumping jacks in between sets.

You’ll thank me later!

15 Minute Lower Bodyweight Workout

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Make sure to do a thorough warmup before trying this workout, as your legs will be stiff the day after.

I have not included a warmup, so you’ll have to do that on your own.

Lower Bodyweight Workout

Below is a very good 15 minute workout for your legs.

Exercises: Body squats, reverse lunges, jump squats, jumping lunges.

Below I have put together quick instructional videos to make sure your form is correct.

Body squats:

Reverse lunges:

Jump squats:

Jumping lunges:

The entire workout should take no longer than 15 minutes or so.

What you’ll need: you will simply need your bodyweight and enough floor space to fit the length of your body into.

What you’ll do: Do each of the lower body exercises for 50 seconds on, and then a 10 second rest. Once you have completed all 4 exercises, do 50 jumping jacks. Then repeat the process two more times. So you’ll do 50 seconds of body squats, take a 10 second rest. Then 50 seconds of reverse lunges, 10 second rest. And so on. 3 Sets in total.


The reason this workout is harder than it seems is because there’s no resting.

It’s quick though, so you should be fine!

Let me know what you think.