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9 Awesome Meditation Benefits & Why Balding Men Should Start Meditating

If you are already dipping your feet into the meditation pool, or you are looking to start meditating on a regular basis, then this article containing the best meditation benefits is definitely for you!

Meditation Benefits for Men
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In this day and age, finding and making time for yourself to completely relax and switch off from any external noise, news and stimulus is very difficult.

This is due to us being constantly connected to either our laptops or mobile devices.

We are bombarded with an oversupply of information and news which is available at our fingertips or the touch of a button.

Our minds are always racing.

And we are generally comparing either our looks or our lifestyle choices to other people who we either look up to or aspire to be like.

This causes us to be more stressed, anxious and worried about events we generally cannot control.

The exact same set of emotions or feelings can also be applied to hair loss and balding.

When we start losing our hair, we generally become more anxious and stressed.

This is because balding is seen as such a taboo, and we are worried about what others may think of our thinning hair.

Long story short.

Our minds are racing at 200 miles an hour, and we are overthinking every negative hair loss scenario which causes us to be super anxious and stressed.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to have many physical and mental benefits which can greatly benefit you in overcoming hair loss and balding.

Some of the side effects of hair loss and balding are anxiety, increased stress levels and depression.

So, can meditation really help you overcome your emotional issues regarding your hair loss?

We definitely think so.

If you are interested in finding what the benefits of meditation are for us, both physically and mentally, then keep reading on below.

What is Meditation?

For those of you who have never meditated before and would like to try use it as a tool to combat anxiety and stress surrounding your current hair loss situation (or for whatever other reason), let’s first get into what it is all about.

Meditation is the simple art of doing nothing and letting go of all your thoughts in the efforts to relax your mind.

It is the simple ability to control your thoughts and to relax your mind, which in turn gives you deep rest.

The practice of meditation is generally very difficult for most human beings to do.

Why is this?

As mentioned above, it’s very difficult for us to switch off completely and be alone with just our thoughts.

We either have negative or positive thoughts that consume our minds at all time. This generally affects our mood and outlook on life, which in turn has many physical and mental repercussions.

The ability to identify the thought as being either positive, negative, useful or useless is the fine art of meditation.

This really can transform your life.

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts on our website, the negative perception and thoughts you have of yourself as a balding man are all made up in your head.

The good news is that you can change this perception of yourself quite easily.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of daily meditation.

In A Hurry?

I have been using the Inner Dimension meditation program and application for the past few weeks and I highly recommend trying to them out as a daily meditation tool (see more details at the bottom of the post).

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Inner Dimension Meditation

Various meditation videos which range from 5 to 15 minutes, Inner Dimensions covers all bases from early morning rituals, calming your mind to helping you sleep better!


How To Start Meditating

If you are completely new to mediation and would love to reap the many meditation benefits, then watch the video below.

It’s perfect for any beginners who just want to get introduced to the art of meditation!

Getting started with meditation is the hardest part, and more often than not you might only be able to go for a few minutes before being distracted again.

Let’s check out some of the amazing meditation benefits which come from practicing meditation on a regular basis.

9 Actual Meditation Benefits

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Right, let’s dive into some of the benefits that come from being disciplined and meditating on a regular basis.

We have decided to break down the benefits into physical health and mental health benefits.

Below are just a handful of meditation benefits which I have experienced ever since beginning to take meditation more serious!

Physical Health Benefits

Meditation Benefits

With meditation, your body undergoes a change, and every cell in the body becomes filled with more energy.

Studies from Harvard University found that long term meditators have an increased amounts of gray matter in the brain.

But how does this science affect the physical side of things?

Below are five physical health benefits from daily meditation.

#1: Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Meditation is a simple and fast way to reduce stress.

Hands down!

Many experts believe that you cannot find a better, more natural way with zero side effects to manage stress than through meditation.

When your mind is calm, relaxed and focussed on the present, there is no time to be stressed!

If you incorporate breath work into your meditation routine, then this has shown to reduces various stress hormones quite significantly.

A great breath work practice to follow is The Wim Hof Method, which we use and highly recommend.

#2: Improves Sleep

Sleep is such an important part of our daily lives, and meditation can help improve quality and quantity of sleep. On top of that, it can also help fight insomnia, which most of us would have experienced at some point.

Good rest and sleep will also decrease anxiety and stress.

#3: Decrease In Pain Levels

Physical pain can be draining and exhausting.

We all experience pain frequently in our lives and it is something we need to learn to deal with.

Mediation also been proven to increase your pain threshold levels, as well as decrease pain levels by up to 40%.

Source: The Art Of Living

#4: Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one the biggest contributors to deaths in the USA every year.

Yes, high blood pressure is also caused by our food choices, but it’s also caused by increased stress levels and anxiety.

Meditation has been proven to lower high blood pressure due to improved mindfulness.

Mindfulness leads us to making better food and exercise choices.

#5: Improves Metabolism And Assists Weight Loss

Meditation slows down your mind and allows you to make better decisions in life.

One of those decisions being what we put into our bodies on a daily basis.

Have you ever found that when you feel stressed or emotional in some sort, you sometimes tend to just make bad eating decisions?

Well this is what I am talking about!

Mental Health Benefits

Meditation Benefits

There are plenty of amazing mental benefits that come from regular meditation practice.

Let’s take a look at a few below.

#1: Emotional Health

Researchers have found increased levels of self-esteem, optimism, happiness and quality of life in participants who practice frequent meditation.

#2: Self Awareness

Just as meditation has a practical side, it can also have a spiritual side.

From the beginning many people have practiced meditating with the aim of higher states of consciousness.

Scientists, in general, agree that humans only use about 30% of their brain capacity.

Meditation is one way of expanding that brain capacity.

#3: Attention Span

Do you ever find yourself day dreaming and not being able to be in total focus on whatever task it is you are doing?

Well, research has found that humans daydream about 45% of the time, either dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

Meditation, combined with breath work, is a powerful tool to bring your mind back to the present.

Over time, people who meditate frequently begin to develop the ability to focus more for longer periods of time.

#4: Depression And Anxiety

According to the Washington Post, meditation has a 65-80% remission rate for both depression and anxiety.

Suffering hair loss and balding can often lead us into a deep state of anxiety and depression.

There is no better to way to overcome the emotional turmoil of hair loss.

If your hair and balding phase leads you to being depressed and anxious, then meditation is a really good tool to apply to your daily life.

Inner Dimension: My Preferred Choice Of Meditation

I have been using the Inner Dimension meditation program and app for the last few months, and it has really helped me relax a lot.

They have a few different programs which all range from 5 to 20 minutes, giving me the perfect start to my day.

Usually I do my meditation ritual in the morning after I wake up, and I have found this tool to be very beneficial in starting my day on the right note.

Inner Dimension has the option of a 10 day free trial period which I highly recommend you use before committing to a full time subscription.

Final Words On How Meditation Helped Me Overcome Balding

You could say meditation helped me a lot with the emotional turmoil and suffering of hair loss and balding.

It helped me relax and gave me time to evaluate my thoughts I had towards balding and hair loss.

Also it made me realize that all the negative thoughts and emotions I was feeling were all made up in my head.

Even if you aren’t someone experiencing hair loss, meditation is still a great way to deal with all the craziness that we all experience on a daily basis.