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Intense Stair Running Workout & Benefits Of Running Up Stairs

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Stair running is a great way to utilise something which is available to us all and get super fit!

Most of us would have seen guys and girls running up and down stairs somewhere in public at some point.

You might have thought why someone would want to do something like that, and whether it’s even worth their while.

But if you haven’t ever tried any stair running workouts, then you are the one missing out!

Stairs can be a great resource to getting fit, and it adds another dimension to anyone’s fitness routine.

Before getting into a good stair running workout, let’s check out just what the benefits are of running up a good flight of stairs!

Stair Running Benefits

Doing sprints up a decent amount of stairs is an explosive way of training, and it will get you fit and strong in no time.

There are quite a few benefits from running up stairs.

Below are just a few of those benefits!

#1: Good Cardio

Running stairs will get your heart racing, and with that your cardio will definitely improve.

Now it’s different to say jogging, as with stair running you are exploding into a sprint and then resting on your way down.

#2: Increase Explosive Power

Running up stairs requires you to use a more bursting power, and in turn this will increase your explosive power.

When we run on level ground, we can rely on gravity to a certain extent. But when you are running up a set of stairs, you need to use extra effort and power to make sure your feet make it up the next step.

Developing explosive power is so good for getting in shape.

#3: Burns Calories

Running up stairs is more difficult than running on level ground, so you end up burning more calories.

The great thing about stair running is you don’t have to run nearly as much as you would on a normal jog in order to burn the same amount of calories.

#4: Builds Lower Body Strength

Your legs and core will definitely get a good workout when running up stairs.

You will feel a burn on the legs, and this is always an awesome feeling!

#5: They Are Free

The best thing about using stairs for fitness is that they are free, and practically found everywhere!

Intense Stair Running Workout

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Right, let’s get to a really awesome stair running workout.

The great thing about using stairs in a workout is that you can literally mix and match any type of exercises with them. Just use the stairs as the base of your workout, and feel free to add or remove exercises.

We will just be doing three exercises in this workout. Make sure to warm up beforehand.

Exercises: Push ups, decent pace running, body squats

Below I have put together quick instructional videos to make sure your form is correct.

Push ups:


It’s a simple workout, and you can add more exercises if you want!

What you’ll need: all you’ll need is a staircase of at least 20-25 yards, and some floor space at the bottom.

What you’ll do: start at the bottom of the staircase and do 20 push ups and 10 squats. Thereafter run up the stairs as fast as possible. Then slowly come down again (use this time as rest). Do this 10 times.

Intense Stair Running Workout

You could add of remove any exercises. For example, you could add sit ups, lunges, planks etc. Do as you please!

Warm Up Routine Before Starting

Warming up is very important before starting any workout!

Below is a good 4 minute warm up routine to get you ready for the workout, or any other workout.

Simply stretching cold muscles is never a good idea, you need to get the blood flowing!


Next time you see a cool looking set of stairs in your neighborhood, be thankful! You just found your next best fitness friend.