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How To Jump Rope Like A Pro: Perfect For Beginners

If you want to learn how to jump rope the proper way, then this article is for you.

How To Jump Rope
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I have been jumping rope for a number of years now.

It all started when I decided to spend 6 months learning Muay Thai in Thailand. With Muay Thai, and pretty much every other martial art, jumping rope is a big part of the fitness side of things.

Not only does jumping rope keep you fit, it teaches you coordination and helps you stay light on your feet. All very good attributes to have when doing any martial art!

And like every other beginner, I totally sucked when I first started.

I don’t think I could even do 10 jumps in a row without having the rope hit my feet.

But after sometime I started to improve, and since then I have ALWAYS carried a jump rope with me no matter where I go.

So if you have never given jumping rope a go, and would like to know how to jump rope as a total beginner, then keep scrolling down.

How To Jump Rope As A Total Beginner

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If you are actually considering getting serious about losing weight, building up stamina and increasing your overall body movement, then you need to start jumping rope!

Before we get into learning the basics of starting to jump rope, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come from jumping rope regularly.

Benefits Of Jumping Rope

There are many benefits that come from jumping rope, including:

  • Improved cardio
  • Improved mental sharpness and focus
  • It’s a whole body workout
  • Increases reflexes
  • Increases body movement speed
  • Boosts fat burning
  • Great for hand-eye coordination
  • It’s a mental challenge, and your skill improves with practice
  • Increases overall balance

Above all, the greatest benefit of jumping rope is the fact that you can literally do it anywhere.

Like I said earlier, I always pack in my jump rope whenever I travel.

It weighs next to nothing and helps me stay reasonably fit no matter where I am.

If you are uncertain as to what type of jump rope to get, then grab the one I recommend below.

How To Choose A Jump Rope

When it comes to jump ropes, there are essentially two kinds.

Firstly, there are speed ropes, which as the name suggests, are lighter and made for speed.

And secondly, there are heavy ropes, which will be more of an upper body workout on top of the cardio.

Now many people try sell you on the idea that you need some fancy, expensive piece of equipment.

The truth is you just need a basic, plastic jump rope.

I have had mine for over 2 years now, and it cost me less than $5!

Check out this jump rope on Amazon.

I currently use it and am very happy with it!

How To Jump Rope Like A Pro

Before getting started, you need to adjust your rope to make sure it’s the correct length for your height.

Once your rope is adjusted, it’s time to start jumping rope!

If you are a compete beginner, then here are a few tips on how to jump rope the right way:

  • Keep your back straight
  • Look ahead, not down
  • Elbows should be tucked in
  • Wrists make the small movements that move the rope
  • Knees should be slightly bent
  • Weight should be on the balls of the feet, not the heal
  • Remember: less is more. Try not jumping too high, or swinging your arms. Keep it compact and simple

The video below shows you the 6 basic steps to getting started with jumping rope. From adjusting the rope, to making sure your body movements are correct.

My number one tip when it comes to jumping rope is to just keep practicing.

Practice practice practice.

It’s that simple.

The first few times are the worst, and it can be quite disheartening. But once you break through the initial barrier, it becomes a lot of fun.

Once you get the basics of jump rope down, then you can start trying out a few variations.

Below are 5 jump rope variations which are relatively easy, and a good starting point.

Just focus on getting a good rhythm in the beginning, and don’t worry about looking too fancy!

A Good Bodyweight Jump Rope Workout

Now jumping rope alone is good, but it’s even better if you mix it with a few other bodyweight exercises.

Below is a really effective bodyweight jump rope workout which you can complete at home.

What you’ll need: A jump rope, your bodyweight, enough floor space to fit the length of your body and to be able to swing a jump rope. If you have an exercise mat then you can use one, but it isn’t necessary.

What you’ll do: It’s 5 sets only. Each set is exactly same and consists of 2 and a half minutes jumping rope, 35 push ups, 50 Russian twists and 15 body squats. For Russian twists, I used a 10 pound weight which I held with my hands. If this is too much, then do it without any weight.

How to jump rope


If there’s one bodyweight exercise which is a fun and effective one to master, it’s definitely jumping rope.

If you aren’t sure how to jump rope properly, then get practicing!

Soon enough you’ll be a pro with the ability to go 10 minutes non stop.