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The 6 Best Jump Ropes Currently On The Market

Looking for the very best jump ropes around? Relax, in this article I have got you covered completely!

6 of the best jump ropes
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I personally only started using a jump rope a few years ago when I was introduced to Muay Thai whilst living in Northern Thailand.

At first, I hated it with a passion.

Not because it wasn’t a good workout, but because I found it really difficult.

It was super frustrating, and every few rounds the rope would hit my legs and I would have to restart in despair.

But with a lot of time and effort, I managed to get myself to a level where I could go for 10 or so minutes without having to stop.

And since then, I have jumped rope as much as possible!

We have actually written about jumping rope quite a bit here at The Bald Brothers.

I have put together articles for people just wanting to start out with jumping rope, and we have a few good workouts that incorporate a jump rope.

In A Hurry?

Here are our favorite picks for you to check out!

Our Pick
Ballistyx Jump Rope
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Silicone handles
  • Good quality rope
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03/09/2024 12:11 pm GMT
Budget Pick
Pulse Athletics Jump Rope
  • Very affordable
  • Decent quality
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Premium Pick
Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set
  • Seriously high quality
  • Unique design
  • Ability to clip on and off various types of cables
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For a bit more detail about our top picks for the best jump ropes out there, keep scrolling down!

Which Are The Best Jump Ropes?

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We get asked this question by a lot of people.

It’s hard to try and pick out a jump rope, as there really are 100s of ones to choose from.

So below I have picked the best jump ropes which I think are currently available.

No matter what your budget and needs are, I’m sure you’ll find one in the list below which is perfect just for you!

Below are our best jump ropes which you can buy online.

The Proud Panda Heavy Jump Rope

If you are looking to get in a really good upper body workout whilst jumping rope, then going for a heavy jump rope such as this Proud Panda one is a good idea.


  • Heavy jump ropes are more difficult to use than the lighter version, and for good reason. It gives you a bigger workout, so you’ll work your whole body a lot more
  • Price isn’t too expensive, as one can expect heavy jump ropes to cost a bit more than the lighter ones
  • Material is really durable, and should last for a good period of time


  • As the rope is rather heavy, it’s not as travel friendly as the lighter ones
  • Heavy jump ropes aren’t that great for total beginners. We always recommend beginners start with something light and easy to handle
  • More expensive than some cheaper, lighter ropes
  • Length not adjustable

If you think you can handle a heavier jump rope, then definitely try this one out!

Check on Amazon!

Pulse Athletics Jump Rope

This jump rope is the budget pick of the list today, but don’t let the low price put you off.

Just because a jump rope is super cheap does not necessarily mean that it’s poor quality and won’t last long.


  • Super affordable jump rope
  • The length is adjustable
  • Great for beginners, and the rope itself is lightweight
  • Quality is not bad
  • Makes the perfect travel companion


  • The rubber will wear off eventually and snap
  • Some people don’t like the small handles

Personally, I like this jump rope, and think it’s perfect for anyone starting out.

Check on Amazon!

Ballistyx Jump Rope

If the jump rope above is a bit too budget for you, then this Ballistyx jump rope is the better, more premium version.


  • The cable itself is really good quality
  • Handles are made of silicone, and have an easy grip
  • Makes the perfect travel companion
  • The length is adjustable
  • 360 Degree ball bearings which make twisting and turning a breeze


  • Bit more pricey, but you pay for what you get
  • Even though good quality, wear and tear can still affect the product

This is a good jump rope, especially if you want to take jumping rope more seriously!

Check on Amazon!

Crossrope Jump Rope

Crossrope have quickly become the leaders in creating high quality, premium jump ropes.

Their jump ropes are unique, and they have really hit the nail on the head in terms of design and function.


  • They have a range of differently weighted ropes, and you can easily change between them using the easy fast-clip connection on the handles
  • High quality materials, which means its long lasting
  • They have created an amazing online community, so you can really stay motivated and take your jump rope skills to the next level


  • Definitely on the premium, expensive side of things
  • Some people might not like the feel of the fast-clip handles

Although Crossrope are the most expensive brand on this list, you should definitely check them out.

They are high quality!

Check on Amazon!

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

This speed rope will allow you to get in a really good cardio workout, as the rope is ultra light allowing you to jump rope at a faster pace.


  • Ultra light in weight
  • The length is adjustable
  • Makes the perfect travel companion
  • Good price point


  • Some people don’t like using a jump rope which is too light in terms of weight
  • The handles aren’t as good quality as some other ropes

If you want pace in your jump rope, then this one is definitely for you!

Check on Amazon!

Weighted Jump Rope

This weighted jump rope is a bit different to one from earlier in this article.

If you don’t fancy using an old school style such as before, then this one might just be for you!


  • Heavy jump ropes are more difficult to use than the lighter version, and for good reason. It gives you a bigger workout, so you’ll work your whole body a lot more
  • The handle is made with memory foam
  • The length is adjustable
  • Bearing system is simple and effective


  • As the rope is rather heavy, it’s not as travel friendly as the lighter ones
  • Beginners tend to prefer lighter ropes, so it’s not always beginner friendly

If you want a heavier jump rope, then this one is pretty perfect!

Check on Amazon!


These are our top 6 best jump ropes which we think cover everyone, from beginners to the pro’s!

If you haven’t done so yet, then learn how to jump rope the proper way.

It’s an amazing workout!