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Coconut Oil For The Scalp – Every Bald Guy’s Must Have

Is coconut for the scalp actually good? And should every single bald dude use it on a regular basis?

Coconut Oil For The Scalp

For a while now, I have always made sure that I have a tub of raw, organic coconut oil in the bathroom.

It’s become one of those products which I use on a regular basis.

Not just for my scalp, but for pretty much all of my skin.

My skin just feels a lot better after using it, so I thought I would do some actual research into the uses and benefits of coconut oil, and why using coconut oil for the scalp is a must for every single bald dude.

In this article I will share why guys who shave their heads should apply coconut oil to their scalps every now and then, and also the general benefits of coconut oil for our skin.

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Coconut Oil For The Scalp

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As I said before, every now and then I will apply some raw coconut oil to my scalp after shaving.

It really makes a difference not only in how my scalp looks, but also how it feels.

Now you shouldn’t be applying coconut oil onto your head everyday, but it does help to do it fro time to time.

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On The Scalp

There are quite a few benefits that come from applying coconut oil to your skin and scalp.

Below are our top benefits!

#1: Sun Protection

Coconut oil is nature’s sunscreen, and has a built in SPF of 8.

Now I do usually put normal sunscreen op my head most days, especially in summer when I am outside a lot.

But having coconut oil on your skin just gives you that added layer of protection.

#2: Can Help Prevent Dandruff

Just because you have no hair doesn’t mean that you will not ever get dandruff!

We always recommend bald guys to still use a good cleanser every few days on their scalp, as things such as dandruff and general dirty do tend to build up over time.

#3: Can Fight & Prevent Psoriasis

I used to have this on my scalp, and it sucks.

Although having a shaved head did definitely help get rid of it, coconut oil is also one thing which helped.

If you do have any type of psoriasis, even on other parts of your body, make sure to apply some coconut oil to it.

It really does help.

#4: It’s A Natural Moisturizer

Coconut oil reduces the amount of moisture that your scalp gives off, resulting in it being a good moisturizer.

I can definitely feel the difference on my head after applying coconut oil.

It just feels softer!

#5: It’s Anti Bacterial

Coconut oil contains something called lauric acid.

This is known to kill bacteria and also help in the reduction of inflammation.

#6: Heals Wounds

I am sure you have cut your scalp a few times before.

It sucks and can hurt quite a bit.

Adding some raw, organic coconut oil to your scalp after shaving will help in healing those cuts.

It also soothes the pain a bit.

#7: It Makes Your Skin Smooth

Carrying on from its moisturizing benefits, coconut oil will leave your skin and scalp looking and feeling a lot smoother.

If you use it consistently, it will definitely make your scalp look and feel better.

#8: Soothes Skin

Ever feel like your scalp is red or feels quite sensitive after shaving it?

Well, coconut oil can definitely soothe that feeling!

#9: Makes Your Skin Look Younger

Coconut oil has many antioxidants in it, and can definitely boost the nutrients which your scalp receives.

#10: It’s Cheap

Raw, organic coconut oil can be purchased in most pharmacies, chemists or health stores.

It’s affordable, it lasts long and it’s simple to use.

Coconut Oil For The Scalp

What’s The Best Type Of Coconut Oil?

Like anything else, you definitely get different kinds and levels of quality when it comes to coconut oil.

Generally speaking, the best kind of coconut oil for your scalp and skin is organic, cold pressed coconut oil.

So try and find the best quality, as this will only be a good thing when applying it to your head!

How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Scalp?

You can use coconut oil for your scalp in a bunch of different ways.

Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, which is then left on your scalp throughout the day.

Just simply apply a little bit to your scalp after showering.

Or it can be used as an after shave, right before showering after shaving.

Personally, I prefer this way.

What I will do is shave and rinse my head, dry it then add a lot of coconut oil and leave it for 20 minutes or so. Then jump in the shower and rinse it off.

I don’t like to actually walk around with coconut oil on my head, as it’s too oily for me.

So I prefer to rather use it as an aftershave which then mostly rinses off in the shower. This way I do still retain enough to feel the benefits!

When To Use Coconut Oil?

There’s no real right or wrong time to use coconut oil on the scalp, but sometimes it does help to use it when you feel it is needed.

If your scalp is feeling extra dry or flaky, then applying some oil will help.

If you notice redness or some sensitivity on your scalp, then you should also try and apply a few drops of coconut oil.

It can be used as an after shave, as I mentioned before.

And also if your scalp feels too oily or dirty.

What Other Grooming Essentials Should Use Bald Men own?

Slowly but surely men are starting to take their grooming needs a lot more seriously.

Gone are the days where it’s just women buying skincare products.

Men are catching on.

So it is a good idea to always have a few items at hand at all times to make sure your face and scalp are staying healthy.

Firstly, it is always a good idea to have a solid razor for shaving your head.

Next is a good quality, natural moisturizer which you can use on both your scalp and face.

And lastly, make sure to always have some good SPF around, especially when summer comes!


If you are shaving your head and rocking the bald look, but feel that your skin needs a bit more love, then try out some raw coconut oil.

It might just be the thing that makes your skin feel and look the best!


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