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Is It Better To Shave Before Or After Shower?

Have you ever thought about the order in which you shave and shower? We often get asked the question of whether it’s better to shave before or after shower.

And in today’s article, we will quickly break down our opinion on this question, and the order in which we smash out our daily grooming routine as bald dudes!

Whether you shave your head and/or your face, this article is 100% relevant and useful.

Over the years I have tried shaving after showing, before showering or even whilst in the shower.

But after testing out all the orders and methods, I think I have finally nailed the most efficient one depending on my skin type!

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Should You Shave Before Or After Shower?

It makes perfect sense that us guys should aim to shave at the same time which we choose to shower.

Why waste time shaving in between daily showers at random times of the day?

It’s better to just get it all out the way, in one quick routine.

Shaving your head or face requires a warm, wet environment whereby your shave is close and comfortable.

And with this, many guys have believed that a post-shower shave is best.

But is it really?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic of choosing whether you should shave before or after a shower!

To be honest, shaving before or after shower can work for most.

It just depends on your time and your needs.

shave before or after shower

Shaving Before Shower

Personally, this is me at the moment (but that could all change again!).

I used to always shower first and get my skin nice and warm, ready for those blades to do their job.

But as of late I have gone for the shave before shower, and I don’t believe I will ever go back.

If you are a dry shaver or use an electric shaver, then shaving before a shower is the obvious choice.

But as a wet head shaver, I too prefer this order.

My reason?

Rinsing my cleanly shaved head 100% in the basin after shaving seems to be quite a hard job.

On top of that, when you hop in the shower after shaving you allow yourself to remove any left over shit to be washed away. Things such as shaved off hair, cuts etc will all be a lot more cleaner after showering then.

Below are my quick reasons why you might prefer shaving before showering:

  • The bathroom isn’t all misty yet, making it easy for me to look into the mirror and ensure I have an accurate head shave. Shower for 10 minutes then try and stare into the mirror, and you find it becomes somewhat impossible. Especially in winter!
  • Showering after shaving allows my head and face to be 100% clean, whereas if I rinse in the basin I often miss spots and sometimes start the day with some shaving debris stuck on my scalp.
  • It’s more time efficient.
  • Make sure you use a proper after shave cream when shaving, though!
shave before or after shower

Shaving After Shower

Alright, now for all of you normal folk who most likely shave after showering, let’s discuss this order a bit more!

Many regard this as the superior order, simply because a hot shower already softens your skin, opens your pores and cleanses you, making your face or scalp ready for the shave.

And if you are also using a pre shave scrub to open up those pores, then a shower before shaving is most likely better.

Below are my quick reasons why you prefer shaving after showering:

  • Your skin is softer, cleaner and more ready for a wet shave.
  • The hot water opens up your pores, which in turn helps for a closer shave.
  • If you have sensitive skin or want to avoid razor bumps or burn, this order will definitely help with that.
  • You can wash your skin with your pre shave scrub in the shower, then shave thereafter.


For all of you legendary head shavers out there, I honestly do recommend either!

As I mentioned above, it depends on your needs and on how sensitive your skin really is.

Currently I shave then shower, because it works for me.

It’s how I go about shaving my head every second day.

But remember, you need to take care of your scalp when shaving to ensure it doesn’t get dry and flaky.

SO to recap – if your skin has no issues regarding razor burns etc, then shaving before showering is perfectly fine.

However, if your skin is rather sensitive, then hop in the shower first and use a pre shave scrub, then end off with a shave!