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Bald Before And After – Ultimate Balding Transformation Of Some Members

If you are starting to lose your hair, then these bald before and after transformations might just inspire you to embrace baldness 100%!

There is definitely a common fear amongst every single guy who is experiencing some form of hair loss.

And that fear is how we will look once we decide to get rid of all of our hair!

It’s perfectly normal, and one which we here at The Bald Brothers also had.

So I thought it would be a great idea to show you a few bald before and after shots of some of our awesome members.

These work so well as a form of inspiration for any guy going through the whole balding journey.

Not only do the before and after transformation images show you how much better everyone looks.

But you can also tell from the excerpts just how much happier every single one of these guys are!

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Bald Before And After – The Best Transformations

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Over the past few months, we have gotten hold of some of our members to share their hair loss journey and how shaving off their remaining hair has changed their lives.

Included below every transformation picture is an excerpt from every guy.

Hopefully these bald before and after images give you that well needed motivation to remember that you too can look and feel even better after shaving your head!

1. Richard – Co Founder of The Bald Brothers

“The best thing I could have done was grab the clippers and shave it off. It literally frees up so much of your time & energy wasted thinking about how you would look etc.

Just stop thinking about it and start shaving. It’s the best decision one could ever make!”

2. Will – Co Founder of The Bald Brothers

“Best thing I ever did was grab the clippers, shave it off, and then get myself a razor to finish the job!

I have never looked back, and have absolutely zero regrets.

Only thing is I wish I did it sooner as it would have saved me tons of time and energy wasted!”

3. Jamie Newton

“Anxiety and fear had gripped me for years as I tried to hide my receding hairline.

Once, I finally shaved it all off and embraced the new me, I discovered my confidence returned along with my self esteem.

I love my new look and would highly recommend the same for anyone else.”

4. Darren Thompson

“I’ve always loved the bald look, growing up watching Telly Savalas on TV as the much loved Kojak and Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven, thought they looked so cool.

Growing up I never had a haircut I liked or which I thought suited me, so at 18 years old I shaved it bald.

I wasn’t going bald or receding at all, just loved the “look”, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been a inspiration to friends whom have started receding knowing how great I feel with my bald look so they have shaved theirs too!

I do have a bald spot at the back now but no one would know since I’ve been shaving my head bald for 30 years and loving it.”

5. AntoBeli

“Receding hairline, deep temples and thinning on top were the sign that I should take control of my balding.

Hiding the MPB with capilar fibers was an option during some months, but shaving my head has been the best decision.

I feel much more confident, even sexier and I’m enjoying my life like a bald man thanks for the support of other bald guys like me.”

6. Howard Hellyar

“When my hair started to thin, I decided to go for it and shave it off.

I feel so much more masculine and get more attention with a shaved head than I use to get with all that hair!”

7. Renato

“My name is Renato. I am from Brazil and I am 34. When I was 23 I started losing my hair. At that time, my self esteem was low, I was sad and I did not have confidence to know new people, even for make friendship.

When my 25 arrived, I decided to assume my new look and I shaved the few hair that I had. To my surprise, it was the best choice and many people told to me that this new look, totally bald, really fit on me.

Nowadays, I am very confident and sometimes some photographers call me for shooting. Today I really like to be bald and also I cannot remember how I was with hair.”

8. Dean Rieder

“I started losing my hair in my early 20s and decided to shave it off as I knew it wasn’t going to grow back!

Being bald is not an obstacle for me. I love my bald look and would have it no other way!”

9. Paulus van Eeden

“My hair was getting less and less. I tried to hide it but gave up and shaved it all off.

I’m also trying to get in shape now with the new look.”

10. Kartik

“Every time I see myself with a bald head in the mirror, I feel more confident, more positive and even more classy.”

11. Geografo

“A change for the better, even younger I think I see myself and a good time to show off my new look.”

12. Kummi

“My hair was falling out and everyone used to tease me about it and I became very upset until I found The Bald Brothers Instagram page.

Now I am very happy and content after I saw your page!” 

13. Vishal Chaudhari

“Hi. I’m 28. I started seeing my hair thinning 4 years ago when I came to the States because of weather and water. I tried many medications and tricks to stop them. Lately from last 1 year, I started hiding my baldness with some hair growing tricks, which later I thought will never work.

I felt embarrassed as the culture and country (India) from where I belong always see baldness as unnatural things.

This February when I came from the beach I realized that I was concentrating more on setting my hair and not enjoying on the beach and was having a lack of confidence always while facing new people thinking of what they will say about my baldness.

On the same day I decided to shave off my head. From the very next day, I felt more confident and positive to face people and everyone at my workplace too appreciated my new look and changed my Instagram name too as Takla_chef (Bald chef)!”

14. Pete Ricci

“My bald journey started at my West Point graduation. We threw our caps in the air and after the hugs and congrats, a friend of mine said, “Pete, you are really losing your hair in the back!”

I pretended it didn’t bother me, but it hurt. Being in the Army it was easy to hide that I was balding, because we either kept our hair short or wore headgear all the time.

But, once I went into the civilian world, it was apparent that I was bald. My wife was my biggest supporter when it came to owning the bald look. She encouraged me to try it and once I did, it was the best decision I could make for myself and my confidence.

She immediately said, “you look like Andre Agassi!” And, I was sold.”

15. Jay Hendrickson

16. Bhushan Sarafdar

“Going bald has made me more confident and got rid of all the stress of an hair-fall. Rather than having hair on just half of your head, bald is much more classy and refined look.

It helps in saving money on expensive haircuts and not having to maintain it, since I do the trimming myself.”

17. Himanshu Pandey

“It felt weird when everyone stared at me while attending any function or gathering but with time, I realised that its the acceptance of mine that matters and no one else’ business.

I have accepted myself the way I am to be my favourite!”

18. Blue RM

“My hair was thinning out a lot recently and I didn’t feel comfortable anymore.

I needed a change and shaving off my hair was a liberation for me. I feel so much more confident now and happy with my new style.

I really want to show people that you don’t need hair to be beautiful.”

19. Joshi

“My hair started thinning when I was 17 (currently 23) and I could maintain it for years by using hair loss prevention treatment.

At some point I was sick of fighting against something that was going to happen anyway and I shaved this crumbly mess of thinning hair off (some people would say too early). Currently the way to go for me.”

20. Liam Boxall

“Deciding to go bald was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life. I battled with hair loss for a couple of years due to high stress and depression caused from a rough period in my life a few years ago.

I got tired of being self conscious, losing my confidence, using powders and caps. I decided to shave my head late last year and it’s been the best decision ever.

I’m confident and much happier now!”

21. Roberto Hannibal

“I’ve been balding since I was 21. My self confidence took a toll as I became fearful of getting older. I was going to the same barber who found ways to hide it.

But, I moved to Los Angeles and no one could cut my hair the same way. So I shaved it and absolutely loved it.

Now when my hair grows back a bit and I see those spots I don’t shy away from it. Shaving my head boosted my confidence and now I rock the look with pride.”

22. Amazing Transformation

“Ever since my 20s, I can remember having a very high hairline. I tried all the products, thickening shampoo, minoxidil, etc., to try to hold on to my thinning hair.

As I got older, I ended up buzzing my hair with a three-guard and gradually worked overtime to no guard at all. During the past few months and my increased time on video conferences, I was curious what I would look like with a shaved head.

I ultimately decided to shave my head since I did not like how my hairline looked on screen.

I think the bald and bearded look is excellent, and I love rubbing my smooth head after a fresh shave. I wish I would have had the courage to shave my head years ago.”

23. Matthew Jones

“My hairline receded a lot when I was finishing high school. Then it slowed down until I was about 35 and I started wearing hats to hide my hairline and bald spot.

The last two years it began falling out rapidly so this past November at age 43 after styling it well was not really possible I just shaved it off.”


These bald before and after transformations really do show you just how much better every single guy looks when he gets rid of his balding hair.

It can only make you look and feel a lot more positive about the whole situation.

Make sure to use these bald before and afters shots as some inspiration!


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