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What Causes Hair Loss & What Can We Do About It?

So many guys that are experiencing any form of hair loss always want to know exactly what causes hair loss, and what one should do about it!

Knowing why you are losing your hair, and that there are literally millions of others going through the same thing, might just help you overcome your balding in a bit of a better way!

No guy growing up and entering adulthood wants to go bald.

Let’s get real here.

It’s probably one of the biggest fears every single young male has.

We attest a large portion of our looks to our luscious hair. So naturally when it seems that we might start losing some hair, we freak out and panic.

So we all start asking why, and how this is actually possible!

In this article I will breakdown exactly what causes hair loss, what we can and should do about it, and a few tips on how to actually be even better with a bald head!

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So What Causes Hair Loss?

Before we get into what causes hair loss and what the hell we can actually do about it, let’s quickly breakdown hair loss and balding in numbers.

This will show you just how many guys go through hair loss worldwide, and why you shouldn’t let it get to you that much!

Approximately 25% of males will start experiencing baldness by the age of 21, and by the age of 35, two thirds all of males will have some sort of hair loss issue.

On average we tend to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day.

By the age of 50, more than 80% of men are balding in some way, shape or form.

25% Of men who lose hair due to genetics start balding before the age of 21.

So if you are only showing early signs of balding right now, or you are already quite far down the hair loss road, then just know that there are millions of other men going through the same thing.

What causes hair loss?

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss is most commonly caused by genetics, but it can also be caused by a number of other factors.

Below are some of the reasons why men lose their hair!

#1: Family History

This one is most definitely the most common cause of hair loss amongst all of us mortals!

It pretty much always occurs gradually, and you can predict it from early on.

Another word for heredity hair loss is male pattern baldness.

The most common signs to look for are a receding hairline, thinning hair on the top of your head or at the front.

Chances are your hair loss is down to genes (thanks mom & dad!).

Yes it can suck, but the good news is you can see the hair loss coming your way before anyone else even notices it.

And this is a good thing, as I will explain later on in this article!

#2: Alopecia Areata

This a disease that affects quite a lot of people, both men and women.

Basically your body’s immune system starts attacking your hair follicles, and they begin to fall out.

This does not just happen on the scalp, but can happen all over the body.

The hair loss and baldness is quite patchy, and not gradual and consistent as with male pattern baldness.

#3: Medications

If you receive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then hair loss will occur.

There has also been talk of a number of other dugs and medicines causing hair loss, but these aren’t as common.

#4: Stress

Suffering with a lot of stress can cause your hair to fall out.

Luckily, this is usually temporary!

#5: Age

The older you get, the more likely hair loss is going to come your way!

This is quite normal, and expected amongst most men.

#6: Certain Hair Care Products

Adding a lot of chemicals to your hair can damage the roots and cause hair loss.

Things such as hair colorant, or hair care products which contain a lot of harmful chemicals could aide hair loss.

#7: Pulling Your Hair

Many people do this without even knowing that they are doing it.

Whilst the hair loss is normally small and temporary, it is still something which could lead to hair falling out.

Out of all the hair loss causes, the one we need to focus on is male pattern baldness.

Most of you reading this will probably fall into this category.

It’s what we here at The Bald Brothers have experienced, and it’s the one that most men dread!

Hair Loss Stages

We all tend to go through hair loss and balding a bit differently. This depends on your hairline type.

But below is a basic infographic showing the most common hair loss stages that most men experience.

What Causes Hair Loss

Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

Most articles you read online will start mentioning various hair re growth products, trying out a different diet, advising you to not wear caps etc or to start shampooing your hair less.

But we preach things a little bit differently here.

If your hair loss is related to things such as medicines or stress, then of course you can get the hair back.

But if we are dealing with male pattern baldness, then unfortunately we really cannot prevent it.

What causes hair loss?

When I started slowly showing signs of baldness, and the receding hairline started to show, I immediately started Googling ways of preventing or stopping this mess.

I tried everything.

Those German caffeine shampoos, ointments, various natural and chemical oils etc.

Then I stopped washing my hair much, stopped wearing caps and hats, and so on.

But nothing really worked.

The truth is that once male pattern baldness starts, you need to know that within a few years the balding will become visible.

But knowing that you only have a few years left until your hair loss is visible for all is actually a good thing!

The reason being that you can take complete control of this situation.

You can embrace hair loss. Stair it down. And own it 100%!

Actions To Take If You Are Going Bald

So, if you are also dealing with hair loss and are staring down the balding barrel, then you can take a few actions to make sure you embrace the baldness and don’t let it get you down.

Now it can be hard to do, but our best piece of advice is for guys who are already losing their hair due to male pattern baldness to shave it right off.

Yes, I know it’s not that simple.

It took us a good few years to do this.

But if you are at the stage already where you need to cover up those bald spots, then you really are best off to shave it right away.

This way you can own the new look, re brand yourself and simply feel better about yourself!

And believe it or not, there are actually a few benefits of being a 100% bald man!

Below are just a few benefits of being bald:

  • You are seen as more masculine
  • You save time & money
  • Summers are even better
  • No need to stress about going bald anymore – no hair means no stress!
  • Facial hair goes really well with a bald head
  • Forces your personality to stand out
  • You don’t age

How To Look Good Bald & Own Your Shaved Head

We speak quite often about how to look good bald here on our little piece of online real estate.

Now I am not going to go into too much crazy detail on how to look good bald, but let me break down the very basics for you!

#1: Shave It off

The number rule for looking good when going bald and losing your hair is to actually get rid of your remaining hair.

It’s sounds weird, but this is the big one which will leap you into this new look.

There’s nothing worse than hanging onto your last bit of hair. When the balding starts, you need to shave the rest off ASAP.

#2: Get Fit

Use your baldness as the number one reason to get fit!

Trust us, that way everything just comes together so much better.

A guy with a shaved head and a body that’s in decent shape looks really good.

And most importantly, you will feel even better. Both physically and mentally.

#3: Add Some facial Hair

Adding a bit of facial hair to a bald head gives your look a bit of a balance.

A completely shaved head and face tend to look rather bare.

Even a bit of stubble is good enough!

#4: Moisturize Every Damn Day

Your scalp needs to be cared for!

So it is a good idea to buy yourself a quality moisturizer and apply it at least once a day.

#5: Own The Look

A bald head is a new look.

And now it is your time to completely own the look!

Be proud, and develop that killer confidence.

Trust us, it’s just better to be bald!


Knowing what causes hair loss is always a good idea, especially if it is directly impacting you.

But one thing to know is that you must never let hair loss and balding get the better of you.

If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not you should embrace the bald look completely, then these bald related articles might just convince you!


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04/20/2024 03:36 pm GMT