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Stop Being So Entitled – 5 Ways To Not Give A F*ck About Balding

In this article we are going to go discuss different ways that balding is affecting you negatively, and how you can deal with these events as and when they arise. All like an absolute boss!

Balding for men!

Basically this article will be identifying your negative emotions when they arise due to hair loss.

And then taking those negative emotions and learning how to not give a f*ck about balding and overcome it all!

The main reason why we all worry about balding and hair loss is that for so many years, it’s been thrown in our faces that hair loss is unattractive in many different ways.

The common stigmas are as follows…

That you will will never get any women you want.

That you are losing your manhood.

That you are a loser.

Eventually, if you hear these negative remarks surrounding balding and hair loss over and over again, then you will start believing this nonsense.

It doesn’t take much to convince people these days, so the good news is that it’s also very easy to un convince someone.

You can reverse these negative emotions and traits.

This article is all about identifying negative traits and thoughts when it comes to hair loss and balding, and the different techniques you can use to overcome this.

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Signs That Balding Is Affecting You Negatively

Before we jump into different techniques on how to overcome hair loss and balding, let’s get to the different signs and traits of how hair loss and balding is affecting us negatively.

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Below are just a few simple signals that you might need to deal with your hair loss situation a bit more aggressively!

#1: You Are Always Covering Up Your Bald Spot And Thinning Hair

Do you find yourself wearing different hats and hairstyles to cover up your bald spots?

These are common traits and most of us who are suffering with hair loss are going to commit these balding crimes at some point.

#2: You Are Always Looking In The Mirror

I often used to look in the mirror to see if my bald spot was either getting bigger or if my hair was growing back.

Obviously the latter is impossible once your hair starts falling out.

But it’s a habit which most guys dealing with hair loss understand!

#3. You Are Worried What Other People Might Be Thinking & Saying

This is an emotion and thought that almost all of us balding men get caught up in.

We are so caught up about our self image that we get so worried about what others might think of us.

If you can realize that no one cares about your hair loss except you and that it’s all in your own head, then you are right path to overcoming hair loss.

Trust me!

#4: You Are Dabbling In Hair Growth Products

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The good old hair growth products make us believe that there is a solution to solving your balding issues.

Trust me, don’t go down this path.

It’s a waste of money, time and emotional energy.

#5: Your Mental Health Has Taken A Knock

The above four points I have mentioned will have a combined negative affect on your mental health.

The longer you wait to be pro-active, the more the hair loss issue will continue to linger and the longer it will take you to recover from your mental health demons.

How to deal with balding

5 Ways To Overcome Your Negative Emotions About Balding

In order to not care about something, you need to first find out what you care about and then work from there.

Our main topic of discussion at The Bald Brothers is, and always has been, balding and hair loss and how it affects men both mentally and emotionally.

If you are always worried about what others think of you and your hair loss situation, then it’s quite safe to say you need to change and do a 180 degree turn around!

These pointers below might be very useful to you.

Give it a read!

#1: You Need To Identify Your Emotions

What state of mind are you in with regards to balding and hair loss?

Are you depressed and sad at the state of your hair loss and balding affairs?

The first step is to recognise that you are still in denial and you haven’t accepted that you are losing your hair.

If you sit down in a quiet place and identify how you feel and take some perspective on the whole hair loss issue, it will be a step in the right direction.

#2: Change Your Value System

You value system will also generally reflect how you feel in a situation.

If you value what others think of you then balding and hair loss ain’t going to be an easy ride for you.

So how do you change your mindset?

In order to not care what others think or should I say, to not give a f$ck, you first need to care about something.

I am no psychologist and I am not here to do that, but this is generally accepted as basic human psychology.

We all care about our hair loss situation, otherwise we wouldn’t be feeling these extreme depressing and sad emotions.

But the question I want to ask you is, why do you care?

Most probably because you value what others think of you.

Try and change this, and start valuing what you think of you a lot more, and things start to get better!

#3: Investigate More

Ask yourself one question:

“Is it worth me feeling this way?”.

If you really did care about your own well being and happiness you wouldn’t let hair loss and balding affect in such a negative way.

I speak from the perspective of hindsight, but I’ll tell you that it’s not worth getting depressed and sad over your hair loss situation.

Especially now that I know what good a shaved head actually looks and feels like!

Balding how to handle it

#4: Non-Identify

The second last stage is to always remember that you are not your hair loss situation.

You need to unidentify yourself from your balding and hair loss.

If you identify yourself as a man (or woman) that suffers from hair loss and balding, then you are creating a mental and emotional burden for yourself that is very unnecessary and avoidable.

Step away and separate yourself from your balding and hair loss.

#5: Be Proactive & Implement Change

The last step is to make a proactive decision and to implement change where necessary and needed.

There is no point in doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you have gone through the steps as shown above and have decided that your hair loss and balding situation is in dire need of a change, then you need to be proactive by implementing and embracing change.

This is usually done by starting to shave your head with a pair of clippers, and then gradually moving onto shaving your head with a razor blade until you are shaving your head every three or four days!

Embracing your baldness is being proactive towards change.

Final Words

To not care about something you first need to care about something.

If you can identify your negative emotions when it comes to hair loss and realise when you are being entitled, then overcoming balding and hair loss will be much easier for you.

I hope these five steps I mentioned above will assist you in overcoming your negative balding emotions.

Stay healthy!


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Aussie Mit

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

You have to not let them try to take your dignity away. When I am at a shop or outside or at a pub I make sure I look every single one of them in the eyes and never look down and I’m totally always ready to fight no matter the size of them.

Aussie Mit

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Try living in Australia with a shaved head, I got sick to death of the losers whispering just loud enough for me to hear with comments like ‘baldy’ etc. I realise they are evil and messed up but I soon decided to confront these twats every time they tried something and I’m always totally ready to fight them physically. I’m 6’1 and 90 kilos and I think I look pretty good bald but some low IQ types just can’t hack it so they need to be sorted out. Doesn’t happen often but I get them at the pub sometimes and they are usually little weeds who are balding themselves. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek anymore.

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