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How To Do More Pull Ups: Increase Your Pull Ups Today

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Today I am going to give you a few pointers on how to do more pull ups and why we should all be doing them!

How To Do More Pull Ups

If you have never done a pull up before, then that feeling of trying to get a few reps done really does suck!

It’s really one of those bodyweight exercises that you simply cannot just start and master at the same time.

You literally have to start at a really low rep count, and then slowly work your way up through constant practice and discipline.

But the good news is you can really progress with your pull ups, and eventually start making the bar your very own!

more pull ups

How To Do More Pull Ups

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For years now I have tried doing pull ups whenever I can.

I don’t personally own a pull up bar, so depending on where I live, I usually find one in a public park or at a beach.

But they are one of those bodyweight exercises that really do work, but definitely require a lot of practice!

Benefits of Doing Pull Ups

There are quite a few benefits that come our way when we start implementing pull ups into our weekly workout routines.

Below are just 5 benefits of doing pull ups:

  • Grip strength
  • Weight loss
  • Increase your core and back strength
  • Works lats, shoulders, arms, forearms and core at once
  • Makes you feel and look good!

Increasing Your Pull Up Reps

There are various fitness experts who all have a few different ideas and tips on how one can increase their pull up rep count, so I have decided to put together tips that make sense and that have worked for me.

I’m sure some of you may have additional tips that have worked for you, so feel free to share them with us.

Below are 6 tips on how to increase your pull up count.

Let me know if they work!

1. Do Pull Ups

Quite a simple bit of advice, but it’s so damn true and obvious.

Without constantly actually do pull ups, you are never going to get better at them.

When you suck at pull ups, then doing them sucks!

There’s no way around it really.

You just got to grind through the early few weeks of only doing a handful at a time, and feeling a bit sore the next day.

more pull ups

But trust me, eventually you’ll break through the ceiling and be on your way to pull up glory.

Even if you can only do 1 lonely pull up, then do a few sets of 1 a day. Then increase that number every week.

The important thing is that you are actually doing your pull ups.

2. Dead Hang

A good way to get the body used to pull ups for beginners is by simply hanging on a bar.

Do so by grabbing a pull up bar with an overhand grip.

Pinch together your shoulder muscles and activate your core, then simply hang beneath the bar with your arms straight.

This actually builds up strength, and will help you get better at pull ups.

3. Form is Key

Don’t do pull ups until you completely cannot anymore (in other words, don’t go until failure).

Rather stop a few reps before, while your form is still 100% perfect.

So if you doing your last few reps and see that you can only go 75% of the way up, then stop right there and then.

Below is a good video showing you how to do the perfect pull up.

4. Lose More Body Fat

If you have excess body fat, then it will obviously make doing more pull ups a little bit tougher.

When you need to be pulling up your entire body, then you don’t need that excess weight.

Plus it’s just a good idea for general health to try and lose as much unneeded fat as possible!

5. Increase Your Grip Strength

A stronger grip will make pull ups slightly easier.

There are various ways to improving your grip strength, such as using hand grippers, doing barbell holds, rope pull ups or even the farmers walk.

Check out this article for more in depth explanations on how to increase your grip strength!

6. Work Your Pulling Muscles

You can improve your pull up performance by also doing other exercises that work your pulling muscles.

There are quite a few exercises you can do to improve your pulling muscles.

Exercises such as the inverted row, T-bar row or deadlifts.

Personally I don’t do that many pulling exercises for my pull ups, and rather try and get in good quality numbers as often as possible.


The bottom line is if you want to try and do more pull ups, then you going to have to get working!

Discipline and repetition are key.

But once you get to that level where you can do 15 or 20 proper pull ups in a row, it’s the best feeling ever.

So keep pushing!