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3 Mental Benefits From Shaving Your Head That You Never Knew About!

If you are thinking all of your hair off, then you’ll love these 3 mental benefits from shaving your head!

Mental Benefits From Shaving Your Head (1)

I often find myself wondering why it took me so long to shave my head.

I was always wondering and thinking what I would actually look like once I shaved my head, and if I would like my ‘new’ look.

Especially since there’s no going back once you decide to go for the 100% bald look!

But more importantly to me at the time was, what would other people think?

And how would they perceive this new look of mine?

I came to realize a few seconds after shaving off my head with clippers back in 2018 that I had really wasted a lot of time and emotional energy thinking and worrying about what others might think, or what I would eventually look like!

Looking into the mirror at my new bald head back in 2018, I remember clearly what the first thought was that came to mind:

What took me so long?

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Mental Benefits From Shaving Your Head

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Hindsight is always a perfect science, but I guess it took me a few years to pull trigger because I was plain scared to just jump into it and do it.

Scared of what you are probably asking yourself?

Well just scared of mostly what other people might think of me and what others might say.

You see, I quickly realized this was all in my head.

This was what I was thinking other people were going to think of me after it was all done.

As time went by I quickly realized I was being full of shit, and that I needed to take ownership.

Get the job done and shave it off!

So that’s what I did, and I can truly say that I haven’t looked back ever since becoming a bald man!

I also realized that there were loads of mental benefits that came with having a shaved head, some of which I will share with you below.

The 3 Best Mental Benefits From Shaving Your Head

1. People Don’t Care as Much as You think

You realize that no one actually cares what you look like and that you are seriously not that important!

This is very liberating and will to a certain extent give you a lot of freedom, especially the freedom of negative thoughts about yourself and what others might perceive of you.

Is also stops you worrying about things you can’t control (like losing your hair), and you start embracing it.

The biggest freedom came in that it was a new start and new a chapter in my life as a Bald Brother!

And I am loving the new look!

2. Take Ownership of Your Look

Taking ownership of your look and thoughts is a positive step in the right direction.

You realize this when you have to start wearing baseball caps to cover up your thinning hair or you start rocking the combover that it’s time for a change.

When you start asking yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’, then you know you are asking the right questions and taking ownership of your look.

Taking ownership and actually making the change are two very powerful personal attributes that can take your life in a different direction.

3. It’s a Confidence Booster

Confidence is way more attractive than looking good.

Shaving your head tells everyone in your circle you’ve had enough of holding on to those last pieces, and that it’s time for a change!

Confidence is infectious.

People want to be around people that are uplifting and confident in their ability.

This confidence boost can lead to positive changes in your relationship, and in your work environment.

Shaving your head will take you to a new level of attractiveness that only a shaved bald head can give you.

It’s a fact that bald men are seen as more attractive, and also more dominant in the business world.

How awesome is that!

mental benefits from shaving your head

Final Thoughts From My Side

Looking back at my experience when it came to shaving my head, I look at it as a two-fold experience.

The before and after process. And the mental and physical aspect.

Shaving your head is a scary thought if you have never done it.

Yet it’s a liberating feeling after it’s done.

Increase in confidence and taking ownership of your life and is two personal qualities I have acquired after going full on bald!

If I can say just one thing to anyone thinking of shaving their with clippers for starters, or going full on bald, it’s this: Don’t give it to much thought, just do it. Just shave it off!

Stay happy,

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