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20 Skills Every Man Should Know To Be The Best Man Ever

Check out these 20 awesome skills every man should know at some point in his life!

skills every man should know
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Having mastered at least a few skills by a certain age is something which most men should aspire to.

Now we don’t need to be able to save lives, fly jets or even hunt with our bare hands.

That’s a bit extreme, and would require more than just a few basic skills!

But there are many general skills which men should really know and try to master, at some point in their lives.

By mastering these skills, you not only are improving your overall ability to live life better, but you are also increasing your level of attractiveness for all the women to see!

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Skills Every Man Should Know

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Below I give you the ultimate list of skills every man should know at some point in his life.

Try improving your skills, and you will become a better man almost immediately!

1. Learn How To Fix Things Around The House

Whether you are a house owner, or rent a pad for yourself and your mates, things always break.

Now of course it’s easy to just “call a guy” every time something needs fixing.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could just fix every little issue yourself?

Not only will it save you a bit of time and money, it will also give you some much deserved man points!

Now you cannot fix a home without a set of basic tools.

Check out the specials below.

2. Make Her A Drink

We all know how to pour a glass of wine or a beer the correct way.

That’s pretty basic.

But we can take it even further and learn to really make some amazing drinks.

Being able to be a proper host to your friends, and of course your special other half, is a key skill to master.

Now not all women will simply just want a glass of red or white wine. So if you have the ability to whip up some fancy cocktails, then you are already ahead of the rest!

There are 100s of different cocktails to make someone.

This list of 20 easy summer cocktails is a good place to start.

If you don’t have a decent cocktail set at home yet, then check out these cool sets below.

3. Grab The Barman’s Attention

This may not seem like a skill, but many people lack the assertiveness to get someone’s attention instantly.

Be confident, assertive and make eye contact. And you should be well on your way to ordering another round!

4. Make The World’s Best Cup Of Coffee

We all love starting our day with a good cup of coffee.

It’s our fuel to tackle whatever issues come flying our way throughout the day.

Now I hope you are not an instant coffee type of guy, or even a Nespresso pod one.

We all deserve the best, so why not learn how to make a proper cup of coffee every single day?

It’ll save you trips to Starbucks everyday, and you’ll at least have something good to offer guests who pop in for a morning visit.

If you are unsure as to where to start, then see the really cool espresso machines below.

5. Be Good With Your Money

Arguably the greatest let down of schools, univerisities and colleges is the lack of financial education we get taught.

Most guys go through life having no clue as to how to actually treat money, make good financial decisions and set themselves up for financial freedom.

And it’s not really anyone’s fault.

We are raised to believe that you have to have a job where you earn a salary.

And that’s that!

If you can start shifting your financial mindset, then you can start making changes for the better.

The one finance book that actually opened up my eyes a bit, and forced me to look at money from a different perspective, is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad series.

They are cheap books, and make so much sense! Give them a read.

Check out Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book now!

6. Learn To Cook A Really Good Meal

No, you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver in the kitchen!

But you should be able to put together a meal that isn’t made up of just bread, ham and cheese.

Cooking is a skill which can bring a lot of happiness into your life, and that of the ones who eat your food (hopefully!).

A man should be able to cook a meal for his girlfriend, family and friends.

Especially now in 2019 where men and women are expected to be able to do pretty much the same things.

So if you aren’t a great cook just yet, then don’t stress.

You can practice, get good at it and show off your skills!

Start off by getting yourself a decent cookbook, and then head to the kitchen!

7. Learn To Sew

Knowing how to quickly fix a button that has fallen off, or repair a cut in your favorite jeans is a skill which can take you places!

Get that needle and thread working for you, and be the man who can fix his own clothing problems.

Check out these cheap and easy to use sewing starter kits below.

8. Clean Up After Yourself

Yes, it was quite a cool thing to be a messy dude back in the day in your late teens or early 20s.

But as you grow into an adult man, you need to begin to take care of yourself and your surroundings.

There’s nothing worse than walking into a guy’s home, only to find it’s full of muck and dirty dishes.

Be great.

Be clean!

Start off with these multi purpose cleaning kits, and take it from there!

9. Make Pancakes From Scratch

Who wouldn’t love waking up to the sight and smell of a man cooking them fresh, delicious pancakes?

Pancakes are actually pretty easy to make!

So if you want to impress someone special in the morning, or you have a few mates over that need feeding, then make them pancakes.

Check out this easy video showing you how to make pancakes from scratch.

10. Get Fit; Stay Fit

One of the most important things a man should keep on top of.

I see it so often.

Guys letting go of themselves completely once life starts to get in the way.

We can all easily come up with a million excuses as to why we cannot stay fit. But at the end of the day they are all just that.


Here at Bald Brothers we pride ourselves on keeping fit, whilst living crazy busy lives. So you too can join the party!

Check out these posts to get you started on your fitness journey:

11. Learn To Manage Stress

Stress plays a part in everyone’s life.

That’s just a fact.

However, we all differ in the way we actually deal and manage stress.

If left untreated, stress can cause major physical and mental health issues for us down the line.

Now managing stress isn’t as simple as doing one thing and forgetting about it. Everyone has different methods which work for them.

Some may do a lot of physical exercise or even take up yoga.

Whilst others may turn to meditation or something a little more relaxed.

Check out this really good article on how to deal with stress the best way possible.

12. Set Up A Campsite

Nothing screams “I am man” more than being able to go out into the wild, set up camp, and make a fire that’ll keep you and your friends warm, act as a place to cook food, and scare off any dangerous creatures.

If you want to earn points among your friends or with your other half, then you really need to go camping to show them how it’s done.

Get yourself some camping gear, and start planning a trip right away.

13. Make A Fire

A continuation from the previous point, knowing how to make a fire when you are out camping is a stock standard must for all men.

If you grew up in the city and didn’t spend much time outdoors, then chances are you wouldn’t really know where to start.

Its actually pretty simple if you are a bit prepared.

The most important thing is making sure you have collected enough firewood to keep you going all night long!

Check out this quick tutorial on how to make a fire.

14. Learn How To Jump Start A Car

If you are a car owner, then I am sure you have had a day where your car just doesn’t feel like starting. And this usually has something to do with a dead battery!

Now you could ask around for help, or even call someone.

But better to know how to deal the problem yourself, and jump start your own car!

Check out these instructions on how to jump start a car.

15. Cook On A Barbecue

Every man should have mastered grilling on either an open fire, or on a charcoal or gas grill at some point in his life. Preferrably before the age of 30!

This skill can come in handy when you are camping with friends, or throwing a dinner party at home.

Nothing quite beats the smell of food cooking on a grill!

Check out these 40 healthy grilling recipes!

If you don’t own a grill for your home yet, then make sure to get one ASAP.

16. Know How To Perform Basic First Aid

This skill could literally save lives, so it’s something you should spend some time on!

Knowing basic things such as performing CPR, dealing with bleeding or burns and more, can really be a good skill to have.

Check out these instructions containing the 10 most important first aid procedures, and how to perform each one!

17. Plant & Grow A Garden

Knowing how to build and sustain your very own garden is quite a primitive skill which goes back to the dawn of mankind’s existence.

There’s no better feeling than being able to create a garden and eat the produce which your plants have produced!

And on top of that, gardening is a very relaxing hobby to have. And can definitely help with a bit of stress relief.

Get started with a set of good quality garden tools!

18. Perform The Perfect Push Up

Quite a strange skill to add to the list!

Or is it?

Push ups are probably the most common form of bodyweight exercise people do.

Be it in the military or in sports teams, people seem to always love to discipline each other by demanding more push ups.

Learn to do the perfect push up, then get practicing!

It’s the best way to improve your upper body strength.

If you haven’t done so yet, then check out our 3 month push up challenge!

19. Give A Massage

Nothing has the potential to turn you into mr attractive than being able to give her a really good massage.

It does require a bit of skill, so make sure to learn the basics.

And then get going!

These basic instructions are a good place to start!

20. Know How To Cook A Steak

There’s nothing worse than an overcooked piece of meat.

Especially of it’s a high quality beef steak!

You can easily tell whether a steak is rare, medium, medium rare or well done by following a simple trick.

Below’s a video showing how to easily know when a steak is done.

Can you think of any other skills every man should know that aren’t on the list?

Let us know!


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