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The Best Fitness Youtube Channels For Men

This list of fitness Youtube channels for men contains some of the best fitness related content out there, and are channels that I personally often use to get new fitness ideas.

fitness youtube channels for men

We live in a time where there is so much information available to all of us.

Almost every single guy has access to the internet and a device to watch and read information on, no matter your income.

Whether you only own a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or all of them, you have the ability to gain access to anything online.

And one of the best platforms to consume information about pretty much anything and everything is Youtube.

I don’t know about you, but I somtimes find myslf spending hours on Youtube when I have the time.

Now of course there is tons of absolute shit on the platform, but it’s also filled with information that can better our lives.

The Best Fitness Youtube Channels For Men

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There are quite a few fitness Youtube channels for men that I have used over the years to help get ideas for new workouts, fitness tips and tricks.

Below I have put together the best fitness Youtube channels for men that you all should check out!

Each channel has a slightly different focus, so it’s really good to have a look through them all.

1. Jump Rope Dudes

If you have never used a jump rope to workout, then you really should!

Jumping rope is one of my favorite forms of exercise to do.

It’s a great cardio workout, it’s challenging as hell, and you can literally do it from anywhere on the planet.

No gym membership required!

Jump Rope Dudes is a Youtube channel dedicated to….you guessed it, jumping rope!

Their channel is really well put together, and their content is easy to follow.

They actually make working out a lot funner than other fitness channels seem to do.

On their channel they cover all aspects involved in mastering jumping rope.

Topics such as technique and form, how to adjust the rope size, how to do various workouts, the different types of jumping rope and a whole lot more!

2. The Body Coach TV

I love this Youtube channel, as it’s all to do with working out from home.

The Body Coach TV puts together some of the best at home bodyweight workouts, and he’s often working out from different public places. Showing you that you really can get in good workouts no matter where you are.

He includes fitness challenges, all round workouts, and a few workouts that are more specific.

And these workouts can range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

It’s definitely a channel you want to be subscribed to.

3. Fraser Wilson

Fraser Wilson’s Youtube channel is pretty much an all round fitness channel perfect for all men.

Not only does he include some really effective bodyweight workouts which you can do at home, but he has plenty of videos about topics such as diet, supplements and exercise mistakes.

A lot of functional fitness is also included in his workouts, which I like a lot.


If calisthenics is something that interests you, then this channel is the one you should be following!

For those you who don’t know, calisthenics is a form of exercise consisting of a variety of movements which exercise large muscle groups, such as running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. 

And these usually you don’t require much equipment.

A lot of the workouts will involve a pull up bar or a tricep bar, so that’s about all you need.

Calisthenics will get you shredded, no doubt.

But it requires a lot of discipline!

5. Yoga Dose

If you are interested in starting yoga, or you already practice it frequently, then check out Yoga Dose!

I remember before ever doing yoga, I saw it as something which is only for girls and which doesn’t require much strength.

I mean, how hard can stretching be??

But damn, once I started I realized just how weak I actually was in certain areas.

So if you ever think yoga is for weak people, think again!

Being flexible is such an important part of fitness, so you should definitely get yourself a yoga mat and start following these yoga workouts.

6. Goggins Clips

If you aren’t sure who David Goggins is exactly, then check out this post we have on him.

David Goggins is an ex Navy Seal who has shattered some of the craziest world records around.

The man is the ultimate fitness human being, and his Youtube channel has some pretty awesome content.

He shares workouts and exercise tips, dieting tips, and a ton of motivation.

If he doesn’t get you motivated, then nothing will!

7. Buff Dudes

Buff Dudes (which actually stands for Better Understanding of Food & Fitness) is the all in one fitness channel for all of us busy men.

They don’t just post workouts, they give us everything we need to live healthier and better lives.

From working out and exercise routines, to maintaining a good body hygiene, eating well and more.

They often post various challenges, which is always a good way to learn new things.

8. Wim Hof

I’m sure you have seen some footage of Wim Hof running through the snow in his shorts and without a shirt on.

He is a really unique character, and has a really interesting view on health and fitness.

Both mentally and physically.

If you want to try a different approach to getting healthier and happier, then make sure to start watching his content.

His breathing techniques and the ways he uses the natural element to his advantage are really refreshing.

And they actually work!

9. Calisthenicmovement

I actually often link this channel’s videos to some of our blog posts when I want you to understand how to do things such as push ups and pull ups.

Their content is really impressive, and we love their bodyweight workouts.

Not only do they post tons of exercise routines, but they have a lot of ‘how to’ videos, making sure you never perform any exercise incorrectly.

10. FitnessBlender

Fitness Blender is a husband & wife fitness team, and have so far put together more than 600 workouts!

They literally cover all levels of fitness, and their videos are really well put together and easy to follow.


If you ever though there wasn’t enough information on the internet on how to get fit and stay fit, then think again.

These 10 fitness Youtube channels for men are really good quality content channels, and all will help you get fit and in shape!