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Bald Before And After: Unlock Your Boldness The Right Way

Today’s our first day of our bald before and after series where we do a quick interview with guys who have taken the plunge, and hopefully this will inspire you to do the same!

Bald before and after Jamie (1)

The Bald Nation has slowly but surely grown over the last 10 months since The Bald Brothers was started by Richard and myself.

The sole aim of our website here at The Bald Brothers, when we started, was to create a platform for men suffering with hair loss and baldness to feel comfortable with shaving their heads and embracing their baldness. And to then have the resources to be able to take care of your head the proper way!

We feel that we have achieved this and so much more!

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We have seen hundreds of men take the plunge and overcome their emotional stress by shaving their heads, and in turn live better lives, free from worrying about how to hide their baldness.

We have thus decided to interview a few people who have had similar experiences to what most of you are either going through right now, or have gone through in your bald journey.

Bald Before And After: Meet Jamie Newton

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Jamie Newton will be our first Bald Nation member to be interviewed.

Jamie has been a loyal supporter of baldness after suffering the the common emotional turmoil and confidence issues that surround hair loss.

Jamie loves nothing more than family time and music is big passion in life.

See the full interview below!

How would you describe your bald journey?

At age 33 my self esteem and confidence bottomed out. I used to be an outgoing person that was a leader in my community.

I quickly became an introvert and gave up some of my positions that put me in front of people. One of things that certainly didn’t help was my thinning hair.

It was a part of me that I resented every day and thought that it contributed to how ugly I felt on the inside. After years of experiencing this I decided to take advantage of working from home during Covid to test the waters with a new bald look.

Bald before and after Jamie 1

Ever since shaving my head and growing a little facial hair I have felt more like my old self again.

I have regained some confidence and more boldness in my public appearance. So much so that I have considered one day getting back into some of my old positions of leadership once again.

I wish I would have done it sooner but it had to come in the proper time.

How many times per week do you shave your head and how long does it take you to get the job done?

Usually shave twice weekly.

It takes me around 15 minutes while taking a shower.

Do you use a cartridge or safety razor and do you use shaving gel, foam or butter?

I use Schick Extreme 3 Razor Blades and OGX Hair Conditioner that contains coconut milk and tea tree oil.

What would your advice be to anyone that is struggling with the emotional journey of hair loss and balding and is hesitant to pull the trigger?

Since you can always grow it back I would say you should definitely try it out. Maybe try and pick a holiday so you can do it without having to go back to work immediately the next day.

This can give you an opportunity to send out some images you prefer before others see it live for the first time possibly cutting down on the shock factor.

Hypothetically speaking, if your hair could grow back to being of substantial length to what it was in your earlier years, would you grow it back or would you stick with the bald head look?

At my age, 40, I think this look is more becoming for my appearance so I would prefer it.

I am used to people seeing me as the humble quiet type.

Having the shaved head and beard gives me more of a tougher look which I kind of like.

Do you think bald is a good look? And why?

I suppose being bald can be a beautiful thing.

I prefer the term bold.

Boldness is unlocked by choosing to be bald. It seems to gain the right kind of attention from others and much respect.

That can indeed be a beautiful thing!

Bald before and after Jamie

Final Words

I would really like to thanks Jamie for taking the time for doing this interview.

And that he has taken ownership of his hair loss, embraced his baldness and unlocked his boldness.

For this we salute you!

If you would like to be featured in a blog post on The Bald Brothers website, please contact us at [email protected] or alternatively send us an Instagram message!

Keep well.


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