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The Bald Boss Moisturiser – Is This The Best Bald Product?

In this article I am going to talk about scalp care, why it’s important to take care of your bald head and why we created the ultimate bald mans daily go to grooming product – The Bald Boss moisturiser.

Bald Boss Moisturiser UK

Grooming and taking care of your scalp is not only important, but 100% necessary.

Trust us, we learnt this the hard way.

And part of the problem was that we could never find a bald head/scalp moisturiser that we could use on our scalp that was non-greasy and 100% awesome.

We always complained that there just aren’t any decent brands out there that produce products exclusively for us bald men.

There are a few million bald men around, yet we always have to use ordinary moisturisers and various other products that we need to share with all the fair haired guys.

A bald scalp is definitely a bit different to the surface of your face skin, so even though normal skincare products can work on your head, they were never designed to actually only look after a bald head.

So what did we do?

We decided to create our own scalp & face moisturiser, The Bald Boss.

In A Hurry?

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The Bald Boss Moisturiser

This seemed to be the hard way of doing things but at least we knew what ingredients were included in our own scalp care moisturiser.

And we could tailor it to a bald man’s needs instead of tailoring it to needs of men with hair.

The criteria for The Bald Boss moisturiser was simple:

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Non-greasy
  • No burning or stinging after applying on a freshly shaved head
  • Not irritating
  • Hydrates and soothes scalp
  • Easy to travel with and carry around
  • For daily face and scalp use

Who Are The Bald Brothers

The Bald Brothers was founded in 2019 as an informative content website for men to overcome hair loss and balding.

When we started The Bald Brothers website, we realised that many men were suffering hair loss and balding emotions and we knew that by journalling our ideas and thoughts, we could resonate with many men and help them to overcome these hair loss and balding emotions.

We wrote countless articles on our experiences of hair loss and balding, and we encouraged men to overcome hair loss and balding by taking the plunge and shaving their heads.

And hence living better lives!

Our vision and mission is simple: Live your best life as a bald man.

Don’t hang onto what you got, shave your head and reinvent yourself and live the rest of your life in freedom from emotional turmoil.

The Bald Boss Review: Scalp Care Taken To The Next Level

I personally like to start my day off with a head shave.

And this is usually followed by applying moisturiser to get my day started.

I also apply a small amount onto my scalp (and sometimes my face) before going to bed at night. This is important when the winter months arrive, as our skin tends to be a lot more dry!

The Bald Boss moisturiser is a thick moisturiser which absorbs into your scalp really quickly.

It also has no scent and fragrance, which is something that is important to us.

What Ingredients Are in It?

Bald Boss Moisturiser Key Ingredients

The Bald Boss contains a few key natural ingredients:

  1. Baobab oil
  2. Jojoba oil
  3. Apricot seed oil
  4. Olive oil
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Shea butter

These all work well together in ensuring a healthy skin!

Is The Bald Boss A Greasy Moisturiser?

Most bald men don’t want to have a greasy head.

It’s not a nice feeling at all, and I am sure you would agree!

So that was our one criteria we wanted to get right!

It had to be non-greasy and we definitely believe we have achieved this.

So in a short simple answer, The Bald Boss is a non-greasy moisturiser but it still hydrates and soothes your scalp very efficiently.

Does It Leave A Shine?

No, it does not leave a shine.

It’s strictly non-shine, which is what 99% of our users want.

Bald Boss Moisturiser Benefits

How Long Does A Jar Of The Bald Boss Last?

We use The Bald Boss everyday, and we have estimated the supply range to last between 60-90 days.

We recommend only using a pea-sized amount on your scalp.

It doubles up as a face moisturiser, too.

Can The Bald Boss Be Used On The Face Too?

Yes it doubles up as a face moisturiser, too.

Does The Bald Boss Contain Any Alcohol And Added Chemicals?

No. The Bald Boss contains no alcohol and is chemical free.

We know how painful alcohol sting can be on the scalp and face, so we have removed alcohol and added chemicals to the list of ingredients in The Bald Boss,.

Customer Reviews

Obviously we are the founders of The Bald Boss and you might be thinking our judgement might be skewed, which is a fair assessment!

Bald Boss Customers reviews don’t lie, and here just a few of them below.

The Bald Boss ships to all over the USA, UK and Europe.

First time customers get 20% OFF their first purchase using the code BALDBROS20.

The Bald Brothers Bald Head Care with Apricot Seed Oil Mattifying, Vegan, No Grease
£16.99 / $21.50
  • Softens and moistens your bald head and face.
  • Hydrates & repairs your dried out skin.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy looking scalp and face.
  • Non shiny and non greasy moisturiser!
  • Free, Fast shipping to the USA & UK!


The Bald Boss was created for bald men by The Bald Brothers to help take care of your scalp after shaving your head and to keep it looking better for longer.

With its combination of natural key ingredients, no alcohol and being non-greasy and not leaving a shine, The Bald Boss really is a scalp care moisturiser like no other for bald men.

Make sure you try it out today!