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How To Manage Your Time: Time Management For Men

Want to a few quick tips on how to manage your time? If yes, then this article is just for you!

How To Manage Your Time

Time is the only commodity that every human being on Earth receives the same quantity of every single day.


You can’t buy more time.

You can’t trade it off.

We all have 24 hours a day.

Bill Gates and the peasant living in the slums have both been allocated the same amount of time.

Yet for many of us it always feels like we never have enough time.

You often hear people say things like “I wish I had more time to exercise” or “I wish I had more time to start that business or travel the world”.

Well I’m here to tell you that you do,in fact, have the time.

You just need to stop making excuses, get your priorities in order and learn exactly how to manage your time a bit more efficiently!

How to manage your time

How To Manage Your Time

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Below are a few really good tips on how to manage your time more effectively and efficiently.

1. Have A To-Do List

This is one of the best ways that I have managed to use my time a lot more efficiently.

Everyday when I wake up, one of the first things I do is write down exactly what I plan on achieving for the day. You can even do this the night before.

It’s usually some work stuff, my exercise plan and any other admin that needs to be sorted.

Then as I get through the day, I tick off every item one by one.

It’s a good feeling, and really helps me get everything done on a daily basis.

2. Create A Time Audit

This is a really good idea to be able to see where the hell your time actually goes.

Keep track of everything you do on a daily basis for a few days, and see where it is that you are spending way too much time.

Then adjust and prioritize.

3. Set A Time Limit

Do you often feel like there are certain tasks in a day that just seem to take a bit too long?

I often feel like I can drag out a task for way longer than it should actually take.

By limiting the time I allocate myself for a specific task, I force myself to get it done no matter what.

4. Start With Your Most Important Tasks

Always begin the day with your most important tasks.

This may even be something like working out etc, but I feel that the first few tasks I do in the day are where I can do my best work.

And as the day gets going, most of us begin to get somewhat tired.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get through your important tasks as quickly as possible.

5. One Thing At A Time

You are not superman, so you can’t do everything at once!

Just take it slowly, and get through one item of your to-do list at a time.

6. Learn To Delegate & Outsource

You can’t do everything by yourself, especially if you run a business etc.

Learn to put trust in the right people, and have them help you out with certain things.

You’ll be surprised just how much time this saves you.

This will free up much of your valuable time to focus on more important things.

7. Change Up Your Schedule

Making a few changes is always good when it comes to not only time management, but growing as a human being.

Change things up, like set your alarm clock an hour earlier in the morning which allows you that extra bit of time to get ahead, or get to bed a bit earlier.

Small changes like this can really put you in a good space.

Working on a good morning routine is also another change we can make that’ll benefit us in the long term.

8. Learn To Say “No”

Are you a yes man?

It’s quite possible, as many men are!

We all hate to disappoint, so when people ask us for a favor or two, we will always happily say yes.

But this can often lead to people taking advantage of your kindness and your time, so learn to say no when it’s appropriate.

If you already have a full day filled up with tasks you need to complete, then just say no!

9. Don’t Wait

We all spend a lot of time waiting.

Waiting in line to see someone, wiaiting to board a plane, or waiting to catch a train or bus.

Instead of sitting there wondering what to do, use this time productively.

Read a book, listen to a podcast, or write down your plans for the next few days.

This results in your waiting time not feeling like a total waste of time!

10. Less Is More

Just try and do less.

It’s that simple.

Sounds completely couynter productive, but sometimes less is more.

Slow down whatever it is you are busy doing, and focus only on one thing.

This seems to actually help you be a lot more productive.

How to manage your time

Time Waits For No One

Your relationship with how you value time says a lot about you as an individual character.

Just think about it.

If you considered your time valuable, then why would you waste it?

Why would you spend it doing non productive activities that won’t make you a better version of yourself, and why would you spend time with people who were not going to bring out the best in you?

Those are questions we all need to ask ourselves.

7 Benefits Of Time Management

Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which in turn leads to more free time created by being productive.

Below are 7 of the best benefits that come your way once you learn how to manage your time better!

1. Reduces Stress Levels

Time management will get you to produce better work and make you more productive.

This will ease the stress load on you as you start to tick off items from your to-do list.

2. Provides Focus On The Task At Hand

Learning how to manage your time helps you focus on your goals and the performance of the task at hand.

A focused person becomes a successful person in a shorter period of time than those that struggle to keep their focus on the target or goal at hand.

3. Gain Self Confidence

Good time management will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter time frame, hence increasing your own self confidence about your capabilities and drive to accomplish tasks at hand.

4. Decrease In Procrastination

Management of your time isn’t a skill.

It’s just being dedicated to the task at hand that you have given yourself. This leads to a decrease in procrastination.

5. Time To Relax

Time management allows you more free time to relax and do more leisure activities.

A relaxed life gives motivation to us human beings and directs us on a path to success.

6. Financial Rewards

Chances are you are putting your time management skills to work in your career or business.

This might just lead to better business deals or even new, profitable ventures.

7. Becoming Healthier

Managing your time better allows you to make time for exercise, meditation and preparing healthy meals instead of eating junk food.

Making time for exercise and cooking healthy food is probably one of the best things you can do.


We all have been allocated the same amount of time on a daily basis.

24 Hours.

You get to decide exactly how you want to use that time, which is pretty awesome.

So make sure to use this time as productively as possible as you can never get it back.