The Bald Bible

The ultimate handbook for every man struggling to overcome baldness. 

For over 10 years, we had to deal with the emotional and mental stress

that comes with balding as an adult man!

We took the long and difficult road to finally learning how to live our lives

the best way possible as bald men, and have now decided to save you the time and stress,

and teach you what we have learn't!

Taking the plunge to shave your head when you begin to experience signs of baldness

can be extremely daunting, but it's one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

Does any of the following resonate with you?

1. You are constantly stressing about the fact that you are slowly losing your hair. 

Dealing with hair loss as an adult man can be very stressful. It's something which stays on your mind almost constantly, and can cause a lot of anxiety and unhappiness.

2. You try to cover up your baldness as much as possible.

Whether it's wearing a cap, a hat or trying to get creative with styling your hair, you are always looking at ways to hide your baldness.

3. You often find yourself wondering how you will look when you do lose all of your hair.

It's a thought all of us balding men always had when we still had hair. We always want to know how will we look bald, and if our looks will massively deteriorate once the hair goes.

4. You have thought about taking the plunge and shaving your head, but you just haven't been able to pull the trigger.

Let's be honest, making the decision to shave your head and live life with a fully shaved head is not an easy one.

We have been there, and we understand how you can literally spend years thinking about it before pulling the trigger.

If yes, then you are in the right place!

Instead of spending years stressing about your thinning hair every year,

you can learn to embrace your baldness, shave it all off and look even better!

For years we both watched as our hair slowly but surely began to disappear.

On top of that, we were filled with that dying hope that one day we will wake up and somehow our hair would have grown back.

Sadly, this never seems to be the case, so after countless amounts of time and money spent on ways to prevent the unpreventable, we decided to grab the clippers and get rid of our last bit of hair once and for all!

Now we want to share with you what we have learn't the hard way, and make sure that no other guy needs to go down the stressful and anxious route of losing his hair.

The Bald Bible will help you understand that embracing your baldness is the best opportunity to rebuild yourself in an even better way than before!

After reading it, you will...

  • Completely understand the balding process and why you are losing your hair
  • Be convinced that taking the plunge and shaving your head is, in actual fact, the best decision you could make right this moment
  • Learn what the benefits of being bald are (yes, there are many benefits!)
  • See why this is your best opportunity to start a new fitness routine and get in shape
  • Learn how to look after your newly shaved head

The Bald Bible

The ultimate handbook for every man struggling to overcome baldness.

The Bald Bible is the ultimate pocket guide for every single male who is currently experiencing any sort of male pattern baldness.

So many men believe that all is lost when they discover that they are losing their hair, whereas the truth is you can actually turn this negative into a big positive.

We have gone down the classic, long road of baldness.

From trying to have our hair grow back by using fancy and expensive products and shampoos, styling our hair a certain way to hide our baldness, or by simply wearing caps. We know the feeling.

But we also understand how much time and energy we wasted, and once we finally decided to take the plunge and embrace our baldness, our lives got a whole lot easier.

Here's what's inside The Bald Bible:

Going Bald: The Process

We take you through the process that every single balding man goes through, and show you that you are not alone. 

This section includes:

  • Our personal journey of balding, and how it might just relate to you
  • The science & history behind baldness
  • And why hanging onto your hair is a waste of time

You'll be surprised just how many men experience male pattern baldness. In fact, research has shown that by the age of 35, two thirds of all males will experience some form of hair loss.

Taking The Plunge

The most daunting part of it all is making the decision to actually grab the clippers, and then the razor, and to shave off your last remaining hairs.

If you are filled with fear about taking this next step, then don't worry. We will guide you through it!

This section includes:

  • A few facts about why it's so damn hard to let go of our hair
  • The long term positives that come from taking the plunge right this moment
  • And how to know when it's actually time to shave your head

Although this part seems to always be the hardest for any balding men, it's the most liberating too.

The Benefits of Being Bald

Yes, you read that correctly.

There are, in fact, quite a few benefits that come from being 100% bald.

We even have a few science-backed benefits to prove it!

This section includes:

  • A list of all the benefits that come from being bald
  • Why fitness and baldness go hand in hand
  • A cost comparison showing you just how you end up saving a lot of cash each year by simply shaving your own head

Most men believe that there are zero benefits to being bald. Well, this section will show you otherwise!

How To Groom & Maintain Your Bald Look

Once you decide to grab the razor and start shaving your head on a regular basis, you'll need to start caring for it. 

A cleanly shaven head deserves some loving, so there are a few basic tips and tricks you can use to ensure your scalp is healthy.

This section includes:

  • Our 5 best tips for maintaining a bald head
  • How long it takes to shave your head
  • How often you should be shaving your head
  • And 5 reasons why a beard goes so well with a bald head

Knowing how to look after your scalp is a very important part of being a bald man.

On top of this, we have thrown in a quick and easy checklist for you to go through and decide if it's time to shave your head right now!

But wait, that's not all! You'll also get your hand on two more bonuses.

Bonus #1: Home Bodyweight Workouts

We love doing home bodyweight workouts, and have come up with some pretty awesome workouts which require no equipment.

We have put together a week's worth of workouts which you can do at home.

The beauty about these workouts is that you can mix and match the exercises and create your very own routines based on your preference.

Bonus #2: Join The Bald Community 

We have created a really large, supportive online community that keeps growing and growing.

On this group we share tips and advice about grooming, maintenance, health & fitness and everything else related to being a bald man!

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The guide has been informative and has helped me come to terms with my hair loss over the years. The information in it has helped me learn to embrace my baldness instead of seeing it as a negative aspect of myself.

"For years I have stressed about the day that I finally lose most of my hair. It's been pretty rewarding realizing that you can, and should, look at this from a different perspective. Today I have embraced my baldness 100%. And I love it!" - Michael B, Bald Bible reader

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