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Resistance Band Workouts: Why Men Should Be Doing Them!

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If you haven’t tried resistance band workouts, then you should consider it. They are a really good alternative to traditional exercise.

resistance band workouts

Resistance band training isn’t the most popular form of working out.

If you do go to a gym, you will most likely not see any resistance bands in stock, or maybe you will see a small pile stashed away in the corner, because not people know how to use them.

But resistance bands actually do have many benefits and should be considered by many when working out. They are a good way to build strength and to have total control over your movements.

Why You Should Be Doing Resistance Band Training

If you have been doing bodyweight workouts for a long time but you want to start incorporating new exercise routines into your life, then you should try using resistance bands in your workouts.

Resistance band workouts are especially useful when doing lower body and abdominal workouts. The good thing is that they can be done from home and require no equipment, except for the resistance bands of course!

Having been stationed and working out from home over the last 3 months, I have taken the plunge and incorporated some resistance band training into my workouts.

What Resistance Bands Products Do We Use?

I recently purchased myself a set of Fit Simplify resistance bands, and they work pretty well!

There are loads of options when it comes to resistance bands, so take your pick based on reviews from various customers. But I personally enjoy the Fit Simplify the most.

What Are The Functions of Resistance Band Training?

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There are many uses to resistance band training, a few of which I have mentioned below.

1. Improve mobility: They are a great way to improve joint mobility.

2. Build strength: Each resistance band exerts a certain amount of force on your muscles, which when stretched out builds upper and lower body strength.

3. Rehabilitation: Resistance bands perform an essential aid in recovery and can be highly effective when working on shoulder, hip and knee injuries.

4. Stretching: Doing static stretches with resistance bands is a highly effective way of getting a deep stretch, which will in turn prevent injuries.

resistance band workouts

The Top 4 Benefits of Doing Resistance Band Workouts

There are quite a few benefits that come from doing resistance band exercises.

Below are just a few!

1. Improves the quality of your exercise: When doing resistance band training, your muscles are under constant tension. This means the quality the repetition is significantly improved.

With your muscles having to work much harder, you’ve got much better contraction, which is the key to getting stronger.

2. Build core stabilizing muscles: Resistance band training makes it more difficult to maintain your form, which means you will be targeting your stabilizing muscles and core muscles all at the same time.

3. Light and easy to travel with: They are super light and can be easily packed into your bag when you go travelling, so that you can continue working out while either on vacation or on a business trip.

4. Can do all resistance band workouts from home: That’s the beauty of doing resistance band training: it can all be done from home! All you need is a surface area to cover your bodyweight area and preferably a workout mat.

The 3 Best Resistance Band Workouts

I personally use these three different resistance band workouts routines and depending on what muscle group I am working on, I usually alternate between them.

Please note that routine 1 and 3 do not include a warm up or cool down.

Routine #1

Time taken: 10 Minutes.

Focus area: Lower body.

How does this routine work? 10 Sets. 50 Seconds on and 10 seconds rest between each set.

Routine #2

Time taken: 30 Minutes.

Focus area: Lower body, core and abdominals.

How does this routine work? The routine includes a warm up. The focus area is legs and abdominals. Turn up the volume to listen to instructions on how many reps you need to do on every exercise in the workout.

Routine #3

Time taken: 19 Minutes.

Focus area: Full body workout. High intensity training workout which focusses on upper body, lower body and abdominals.

How does this routine work? 10 Exercises. 60 Seconds on with a 30 seconds rest in between sets.


Resistance band training is not only highly beneficial because of the contraction and release of muscles, but they also provide your body with alternative stimuli to help it grow and adapt.

It’s a great way to change things up, as only doing one style of exercise can get kind of boring at times!

Stay strong,