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15 Minute Bodyweight Workout For Men That’ll Get You In Shape

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This 15 minute bodyweight workout for men is the perfect workout we can do a few times a week at home.

15 Minute Workout 2

Both my brother and I are obsessed with bodyweight workouts.

We never ever go to the gym, and consider ourselves to definitely be above average when it comes to health and fitness in general.

Over the years we have learn’t how to stay fit and in shape by simply doing workouts that require only our bodies and some flat floor space.

And as men we really need to try and always stay in shape. Well as much as possible, right?

I get that a lot of you are busy people!

Getting up early, going to work, trying to make food, spend time with our loved ones and just relaxing are a few things that can take up almost all of your day.

I often hear so many of my male friends and family members coming up with the same excuse when I bring up fitness, that being: We don’t have the time!

Well, today I am going to share a bodyweight workout with you that requires 15 minutes of your time.

Think you could squeeze that in?

Sure you can!

In A Hurry?

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15 Minute Bodyweight Workout For Men

Today we have a really effective 15 minute workout which you can do at home.

It can be done in your living room, in your garage, on your lawn or even in a hotel room if you are travelling.

The workout is pretty simple.

3 rounds. 5 exercises. Working for 35 seconds. Rest for 25 seconds.

And that’s that!

Before We Start

As with any sort of high intensity training, you must warm up beforehand!

This workout is a high intensity interval workout, so make sure you are loose before starting.

Now you may have your own way of warming up, and that’s fine.

If it works for you, then stick to it.

For those of you who want a really good warm up, check out the warm up below.

It’s 4 minutes long, and will have you well prepared to tackle your workout.

The 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Right, let’s get going!

Today’s workout is brought to you by Mr Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach.

He is really creative when it comes to putting together quick and effective workout routines.

This routine is perfect if you want to do a quick workout 3 times a week.

Good luck!

For some of you this workout might seem difficult, whilst others might find it perfect!

If your body is telling you to take a quick break, then do so.

Eventually you’ll get to the fitness level you want. Just keep working at it.

Final Thoughts

No matter how busy our lives are, we need to start moving health and fitness up the priority list.

No man should get to the point where he has completely given up on himself.

It not only affects you physically, but has a negative impact on your mentality too.