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10 Minute Core Workout For All Men That’ll Actually Make You Stronger

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This 10 minute core workout for all men is an effective and quick ab workout that you can do at home.

10 Minute Core Workout For All Men 2

Having six pack of abs has become closely associated with being the complete male for centuries.

Men associate this with strength and they think that by having a six pack, it makes them more attractive to the opposite sex and gives them the inside lane as per se.

Not all men are gifted with having the perfect genes, and hence not all men will be gifted with having a six pack of flashing abdominals, no matter how hard they train, or how many sit ups they do!

core workout for all men

I have come to realize through many years of exercise that having a strong core is a lot more important than striving for the perfect six pack!

So don’t stress too much about having a visible six pack just yet.

Focus on strengthening your core, getting fit, and that six pack will come your way!

What Does It Mean To Have A Strong Core?

Before we get started on a basic 10 minute core workout for all men, I would like to chat about what comprises core muscles and what function it performs for us on a daily basis.

Your core muscles are made up of your lower back, pelvis, hip and abdomen. And by doing basic core exercises we can train these muscles to work together in harmony.

Having good core stability enables you to stabilize your core and allows you the ability to control the position and movement of the core.

Good strong core muscles create a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet.

Does Having A Six Pack Mean You Have A Strong Core?

Having a six pack just means you have a six pack!

It isn’t necessarily synonymous with having a strong core.

I have a few mates who barely ever train, eat rubbish all day long, and yet they somehow STILL sport a solid six pack.

And then I know guys who train hard, eat clean and count their calories, but still struggle to have anything to show for it.

A six pack is the result of genetics, clean eating, and a body fat percentage that’s low enough for your abs to show, BUT doesn’t mean you have a strong core!

So what would you rather have… a good, strong core OR a six pack?

Trust me, if you want to physically live a better life, then focus on the core!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Strong Core?

  1. Being able to do everyday activities
  2. Good posture
  3. Improved balance
  4. Improved stability
  5. Reduced risk of injury
  6. Protect your organs
  7. Improved output of other muscles such as arms, shoulders and legs
  8. General greater efficiency of movement

Is Warming Up Before Doing A Core Workout Important?

I personally never do core exercises before I have done a basic warmup, or I’ll incorporate it at the end of my workout.

Having your back and leg muscles warmed before doing your core workout is very important as this prevents injuries from happening.

See the below basic 5 minute warmup that I recommend doing before core or any other workout:

10 Minute Core Workout For All Men

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Ok, so now that you are warmed up you are ready to go!


The below video is a great video you can do a few times per week at home from your bedroom, in your office during lunch time, or even when on holiday.

Basically from anywhere, so you have no excuses!

Doing this exercise a few times a week will get your core strong in no time at all!

Take it easy in the beginning and focus on form over repetition.